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Re: Hives - Candida die off?
Gary Views: 19,517
Published: 21 years ago
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Re: Hives - Candida die off?

Hello again CB,

First of all, I need to say that I'm not a doctor and I'm not trying to diagnose or treat anyone for anything. In fact, you may have noticed in my last post that I'm not a big fan of doctors, or the medical profession. Now, whether or not hypothyroidism is connected to candida, I don't know. It is possible that candida has attacked the thyroid causing it to malfunction, its hard to be sure. But one thing that I'm sure of is that sometimes doctors will label a condition simply because they have exhausted every other explanation. I have seen women who were overweight go to their doctor for help and answers. And believe it or not, most of the time they target the thyroid since it is responsible for our metabolism. Some have even had it cut out and sentenced to take thyroid medication for the rest of their life when it may not have been necessary. And to make matters worse, these medications carry with them a whole new set of problems with their side-effects. Candida, however, can attack any organ and cause it to malfunction. It is believed to be a factor in heart disease, diabetes (pancreatic dysfunction), and M.S. (nerve disorder). But since I have found this website, I am beginning to lean toward the thinking that the liver may be a factor as well, or should I say, dysfunction of the liver due to candida involvement. The liver is the main filtering system of the body. Over the course of our lifetime, it can become clogged or 'constipated', and knowing how candida creates it's mucous everywhere it goes, it makes sense that this mucous could be a factor in the constipating of the liver, along with stones.

One thing I want to mention about taking Calcium. I believe it was from Dr. Wallach that I learned this, but all the calcium that doctors tell women to take for the prevention of osteoporosis, is probably doing more harm than good. Calcium needs magnesium for the body to absorb it. Without this, it builds up in the form of kidney stones, gallstones, Arthritis (in your joints), and can cause other problems as well. So too much calcium is actually a bad thing.

I can't explain why the candida would break out when you were following such a healthy diet. One explanation could be the environment you either live in or work in. Do you live or work in a place that is damp? A place that has mildew, mold, and is damp alot of the time. Or has it ever been flooded, and then remodeled? I lived in a house with a damp basement with lots of molds and mildew, so thats how my condition worsened over the course of the 10 yrs I lived there. These mold spores can be breathed in and begin in your sinuses and spread from there. It causes sinus infections, and when your sinus drainage reaches your stomach..voila! It has a perfect environment to get started and it spreads from there. Have you experienced this? Its the only thing I can think of since you were doing everything right.

The inability to retain water could be from a sodium deficiency. If you don't eat table salt (sodium chloride), this could be part of the problem. I'm not sure what 'sea salt' consists of, but if its not sodium chloride this could be the answer.

Thats about all I can think of. I hope this has helped a little. If you'd like to write my e-mail is .

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