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What I know from experience, and other DO NOT want to hear.

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Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse
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Published: 15 years ago

What I know from experience, and other DO NOT want to hear.

What I know from experience, and what others on this forum do NOT want to hear (and nearly none ask about) is why general zapping alone, will FAIL some of you. There are several factors involved, some of which I just reposted in the response to the IMPORTANT NOTICE FIRST TIME ZAPPING thread below from

I had a general zapping experience for months. It failed. It failed for many reasons, there were some successes with general cold and flu assist, etc. However, that was far from the advanced and "insider" knowledge and techniques, that by experience, and hard won experience (ongoing), and connecting with a few good people, have taught me. However, you'll be hard pressed to find this out from any webpage, or any "one" doctor, researcher, etc.

In my path to health, I have noted and deal with reinfection issues, from weaponized lyme, to the borna virus (cold, flu like, yet regular zapping at one frequency alone WILL NOT eliminate this borna virus, I KNOW this from my PERSONAL experience), and viral tb (not clear on reinfection issues with this one).

What I know from experience: I know that the borna virus can be treated with an APBA from a distance, or remotely by ABPA transmission with Specific frequencies at specific wobbles or scalar wave parameters, etc. via F165 electrodes in the witness well targeting me via a 5 megapixel digital tiff file photograph taken correctly with a very VERY still camera on a tripod (not being still can affect results by some 25x or so, so see Doc Sutherland's notes on that - remember, he's a medical research scientist PH'd and formerly with the National Institutes of Health) (sometimes Clark, Sutherland, Loyd, and Back, etc. all get together at the same INTERNATIONAL RIFE CONFERENCE and teach/share/research together... and sometimes agree and agree to disagree... and I will get to that in a moment).

I KNOW this from over 2 years now of HARD WON trial and error, and research and testing. TRUST ME, I know. I also know that Dr. Sutherland's testing method is NOT perfect, and did NOT detect (to my knowledge) the viral tb that a later (thanks God) radionics saliva test DID detect (Dr. Richard Loyd), and subsequent treatment of that allievated all symptomology related to that. I learned later, through trial and error, and subsequent success, that with that particular pathogen/infection, I have to treat DAILY for over a year (it's been over a year, but a documented attempt at police extortion in a foreign country interrupted my treatment and access to equipment for over 45 days - and my subsequent reliance on ONLY the F165 transmissions via APBA per Dr. Sutherland's services/consult while I was touring New Zealand back in September).

The radionics test is not thorough enough - it doesn't pick up the borna virus, to my knowledge. I tried to get Bioreliance out of MA to do a PCR borna virus test to either confirm or prove wrong Dr. Sutherland's photoanalysis on this, and although they had done this testing before, and I had my local medical doctor and lab technicians calling them with the request, they REFUSED to render a PCR borna virus blood test. However, I note (and it's noted on this forum in years old posts) that the first experience in "zapping" using SPECIFIC FREQUENCIES targeting the BORNA VIRUS was an unforgettable experience and a very noticeable effect. However, Sutherland didn't detect or notify me about the viral tb - failing or whatever to have picked that up. Vice a versa with the radionics saliva test in regards to the borna virus. They are two seperate approaches, and two seperate creatures/methods/pathogens/SCIENCES (yes SCIENCE... and I can BLOW YOUR MIND with way more than mention of kirlian photography regarding "some" of that Science from both documented studies, to my "personal" experiences before I ever got into "electronic" medicine, etc.

However, it took BOTH in my experience, to get it right... to STAY out of the sick bed, out of the hospital, and out of a toxic sesspool of chemicals with super harmful side effects.

Experience and ongoing consultation and research participation has shown me that Lyme's is a current issue, and the stupidity of my slacking off on Transfer Factor as a part of my overall protocol... etc. etc. I have done beck for months now, and have some comments on that, which, strangely, those connected with beck equipment, have remained quiet on these forums about, largely.

What I have to share is a true gift to the world, it's my experience, and it's my experience that through the maze of disinformation artists, propagandists, detractors, and angry profiteers off of various alternative medicine machines, devices, pills, etc. (yes, I will become one of them now, why not?) that play on these internet forums on the ignorance, confusion, and sincerity of those truly SEEKING a WAY to improve, cure, treat, or better their health problems or issues.

I learned the hard way that NO doctor has all the answers, and that NO test, machine, or device is perfect. I have learned that blood tests, and those big pharma whores that back them are either refused to be given for the P.C.R. borna virus test, or will not detect ? the viral form of TB (thank god, I can travel the world and never be noted for that, after all, it's not a "licensed" test - though I KNOW it makes ALL the difference in the world in treating it). I have learned that viruses are being weaponized, escaping military labs, and changing in response to the radioactive Depleted Uranium that is giving the U.S. 6x increase in lung cancers last year, and Canada a stated official 1 in 2 chance of DYING of cancer now... Jeepers, what a way to go folks...

And now we face the BIRD FLU. I thought of running down to some infected country, and grabbing an infected chicken, after dosing up for a month on Transfer Factor Advanced and sending a saliva sample to Dr. Richard Loyd and a photo to Dr. Sutherland for analysis and testing on the "virus" that it's infected with... :)))) I jest, but am dead serious, if it was legal, and ethical to do so, I would - but what we learn that the "offed" or suicided or murdered 78 microbiologists/virologist scientists were learning WORLDWIDE in the last few years??? We would learn that these, like the borna virus, and Lyme's disease are WEAPONIZED, that they are evolving in response to radioactive DU dust thanks to Uncle Sam and his war efforts just directly south of where I sit right now (cough cough - just kidding).

This means frequencies are changing, that specific frequencies used to treat and or target specific viruses must be updated, adapted, and ACCURATE to take out these viral monsters who are threatening so many millions of you. It means that, along with Transfer Factor and maybe nanosilver, and cleansing, and ALL IMMUNE boosting things you can do are VITALLY important, and so is the issue of bioelectronics or electromedicine, or frequency research, remote healing, contact devices, and so on...

Meanwhile, Vtool has been "access denied" for incorrect speech or for some other reason (jeepers, it took a LONG time for Curezone to "decide" to BAN ole' vtool for some comments allegedy made about ISLAM WEEKS back - )

Vtool has been derided, attacked (Garlic anyone), and so on -
What's new? And Vtool, being an Indigo adult (so they told him based on aura video in Kiev, as in people holding a degree in psychology, energy, and medicine) and having nearly all 25 characteristics of that, is OUTRAGED and ANGRY at the disinformation artists on these forums, the detractors, and the zapper salesmen who have spouted out misleading statements, and largely ignored the more important aspects of zapping research, namely TESTING (which Clark, Sutherland, and Loyd all DO and USE and PROMOTE TEST TEST TEST), plate zapping, USING SPECIFIC FREQUENCIES not just "one" general frequency (unless doing just "general parasite maintenance") etc. etc. etc.

Gee, I have to run now... time's up, and I have work and research to do, believe it or not, and anyone knows with eyes to see that I've been around for a LONG LONG time on Curezone, with a great break of many months between postings, having traveled the world, and lived a VERY adventorous life thanks to Docs Loyd, Sutherland, and pioneering original research of Clark, Shulze, and others who's work is continuing to be innovated, improved, added to, and helping numbers of people to better health in an increasingly HOSTILE world (virally speaking ;) that is responding (pathogens) to more pollution, radioactivity in du dust being spread, and irresponsible scientists mistakes, etc. etc.

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