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Re: Zapping alone, without any other help B.S.???
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Zapping alone, without any other help B.S.???

>- Dr. Clark & Dr. Sutherland have both, on occassion, suggested a HARD LOOK at "plate zapping" and use it themselves. Hmmm. They are medical research scientists, or would "the right words" (gee, what culture, level of initiation, etc. am I dealing with here? Global? ;) be "PH'D researchers" - one having worked with the CANADIAN GOVERNMENT on parasite testing for YEARS, and the latter having been with the U.S. National Institutes of HEALTH for over 11 years, having MULTIMILLION DOLLAR GRANTS to do research in finding CURES FOR CANCER!!!!

Great, so where are these great cures?

>- but where's your HARD STATISTICAL EVIDENCE that plate zapping DOESN'T WORK???

I stated before that I do not have any on this but I guess that you have problems reading or something. I do post sufficient data on zapping without plates and slides.


Since I am not trying to prove that plate zapping is better, it is up to the proponents of such to provide the statistical evidence.

>- You see, the intent in your "words" and speech is to ONLY SELL ZAPPERS, and ZAPPERS ALONE!

No, I also support many other products and therapies. All you do is look at the zapper site which is about zappers and that is all that you see.

>- forget about more effective plate zapping methods (if necessary),

OK, until someone provides actual statistical data showing that it works better.

>- forget about syncrometer testing,

Same here.

>- and now that allegedly, the F.D.A. has stopped you from doing that (Criminal case?),

You know that you are a hypocrit because M.F. of Jaguar Enterprises was busted for selling Beck and Rife, yes you never bashed him for such. You are also as bad as the FDA as you have me convicted before the FDA has even pressed any charges.

The truth is that I am sure that they will file charges for something. They are digging as hard as they can. They are looking for anything and everything that they can dig up. They are trying to find any excuse possible to prevent me or anyone else from selling zapper, beck, rife, or any other un-approved device. Your attitude is definitely not productive unless you are a part of the FDA and their support group.

>- you have to SELL a MANUAL to keep afloat and pay legal fees???

No, but at least I am making it available to those who are interested. I also do not have any legal fees whatsoever this far. Where can I download the "Cure for HIV and AIDS" for free? Or the "Synchrometer Science Manual"?

>- you just might mislead a lot of folks on the subject of parasite REMOVAL giving the CLEAR IMPRESSION that the ALMIGHTY ZAPPER and ALMIGHTY ZAPPER ALONE can REMOVE ALL or NEARLY ALL PARASITES.

Might, but again, we can only disagree because this is the natural path that you choose. I am not the first here to experience your sharp tongue and sadly will probably not be the last. While I find that properly used, the right zapper will produce good results, adding the cleanses and herbs is definitely beneficial. I have frequently stated, "Leave no stone unturned".

I expound on the virtues and the capabilities of the zapper but I do not say that it is the end to all in regards to any use that may be found for it. I provide more solid data on its effectiveness and its weaknesses than anyone else that I have seen. My posted data states very plainly that it is not perfect. On the other hand, you run on and on about other options but have never posted any statistical data showing anything that works (or doesn't work for that matter).

The statement "works for me" is posted frequently by you and others. This is anecdotal. It does not mean that just because you used it and you see positive results that everyone does or will. This is the reason for having a large enough group to work with and the need for a control group. Show me something that states that it works 77 percent of the time or 53 percent of the time with a group of 40 or more users. Then we will have something to discuss. Otherwise, it is just anecdotal and as I have said before "Even the worst product can have good testimonials". Nothing works 100 prcent of the time.

>- that's what we walk away with - either wasted time on the net, or having helped someone

My phone still frequently rings with supporting calls from people who see these discussions on the internet.

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