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Re: ParaZapper - Zapping alone, without any other help

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: ParaZapper - Zapping alone, without any other help

>- NOT REACHING LIVER...." Well, first of all, if you know anything about the body that is incorrect, a misnomer

Yes, I do know about the body, I think that it is you who fails to realize that not all herbals work as well as they should. As I stated in my prior response, my post is based on information provided by customers who did not get the expected results even over a period as long as 6 months when using herbal remedies.

If someone is using a herbal for liver flukes for a period of 6 months and does not receive good results, the herbals are not working. Period. When this is reported repeatedly, it is an indication of a problem. Finally, when the customer calls up after zapping only 3 days and reports expelling a strainer full of liver flukes, it vindicates the remainder of the statement.

You fail to recognize that the zappers in question are more effective at reaching internal parasites than the standard clark zappers. The evidence supporting this is posted on other webpages of the same site discussing the CCa and the footpads.

>- When consuming nutrients, herbs or whatever the intestines breaks down items so that it can be carried off BY BLOOD cells, enzymes to various other parts of the body (I'm trying to make this simple).

Yes, assuming that the intestines and the herbals are working as expected. This does not always happen. I can not say why. It could be poor quality control, improper selection of herbs, possibly loss of potency during shipment or storage, or alterantively, the users intestines may not be functioning properly thereby reducing the effectiveness.

>- obvious to me that you don't understand what you're implying, given the limited knowledge that you have.

I am sorry that my 6 years of college are not enough. Perhaps I should sue the universities for failure to provide the top biology, chemistry, and graduate studies in biomedical engineering that I was supposed to receive.

>- Why do you think that people stress eating proper foods, supplements or whatever? -- they affect other organs!

No one stresses this more than I do. You can see many of my posts on other forums in this regard.

>- Everything that goes into the mouth and down the esophagus, stomach, and through the intestinal tract affects the entire body!

This is not correct, the intestines selectively absorb or reject certain compounds, with the efficiency of this absorbtion or rejection based on the general health of the intestine. There are many things that are not digested or absorbed and those that are digested may be absorbed with varying levels of efficiency, again depending on the condition of the intestines.

According to Bob Beck and others, garlic is poisonous to the human body. This is very biased due to the fact that these individuals are working mostly with those whose health is impared, this includes the health of the intestine which affects the rate of absorbtion of certain surfur based compounds present in garlic. While many people can eat extensive amounts of garlic without negative effects other than odor, others are extremely sensitive to this because of their bodies failure to properly limit the compounds crossing into the blood. Many of these people suffer from damaged intestines, often experiencing microporosity.

While I stand by my statements because they are based on true and valid information, I will look at updating the page in the next few weeks.

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