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Re: Zapping alone, without any other help B.S.???
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Zapping alone, without any other help B.S.???

Parazapper - good luck buddy. Where's all the "hard statistical evidence" of half the things we use and trust in this world? - have you SEEN it all?

Dr. Clark & Dr. Sutherland have both, on occassion, suggested a HARD LOOK at "plate zapping" and use it themselves. Hmmm. They are medical research scientists, or would "the right words" (gee, what culture, level of initiation, etc. am I dealing with here? Global? ;) be "PH'D researchers" - one having worked with the CANADIAN GOVERNMENT on parasite testing for YEARS, and the latter having been with the U.S. National Institutes of HEALTH for over 11 years, having MULTIMILLION DOLLAR GRANTS to do research in finding CURES FOR CANCER!!!!

So Mr. Parazapper - how much money have YOU spent on parasite research? Let me see the HARD STATISTICAL BANK RECORDS! ;) (ha). Come on! So Mr. Parazapper - you question Dr. Clark - great! Good researchers would, but where's your HARD STATISTICAL EVIDENCE that plate zapping DOESN'T WORK??? I see it, I have an Fscan II, and also on occassion, use the anatomy slides to DIRP specific tissues (more focused scan ie. specific tissue sample on the 'plate' or imprinter). I have spent a number of HOURS posting images, explanations, links, and leads, and catalysts for further thought and consideration for FREE. I am not PROFITING like you are, err... or WHERE ;) (and STILL TRY to with your little zapper manual).

You see, the intent in your "words" and speech is to ONLY SELL ZAPPERS, and ZAPPERS ALONE! It's even in your POST SUBJECT TITLE HERE. Lovely. That says it all. Forget about herbs, forget about more effective plate zapping methods (if necessary), forget about syncrometer testing, and so on... just SELL ZAPPERS, and now that allegedly, the F.D.A. has stopped you from doing that (Criminal case?), you have to SELL a MANUAL to keep afloat and pay legal fees??? If you want to truly "help" people but charge to defray publishing costs - that's B.S. in my opinion (yes, I have a few) - ebooks are FREE to publish (internet connection costs, that's it) and FREE to email. What a scary thought - you just might mislead a lot of folks on the subject of parasite REMOVAL giving the CLEAR IMPRESSION that the ALMIGHTY ZAPPER and ALMIGHTY ZAPPER ALONE can REMOVE ALL or NEARLY ALL PARASITES.

Why do the docs suggest ZAPPING is only a part of a PROTOCOL, not ALONE, to be used against PARAsites??? - - - WHY THE HADES does CLARK go into PAGES and PAGES in her books explaining PLATE ZAPPING, with diagrams, photographs, and instructions?


SHOW US PARAZAPPER, how much $$$ have you spent on the hard statistical research? Will the Jury ask you this one? Will there be a Jury? Is there a criminal case?

Rabbit Ears said:
"I do understand Vtool's reaction, but I personally think he could have used a better choice of words to get his point across." -

True. But sometimes, I choose not too ;) I am not here to win friends and influence people - I am here to share and receive information, experience. At the end of the day, that's what we walk away with - either wasted time on the net, or having helped someone, or ourselves. Or learned something NEW ;) Just my opinion.

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