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The body's electric field - here: the body at a certain electrical polarity during sleep
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Published: 16 years ago

The body's electric field - here: the body at a certain electrical polarity during sleep

Dear Group,

Dr. Zimmerman called me to a meeting with Dr. Oschman and Clint Ober, who were investigating the effect of sleeping while grounded. They left me with a grounding pad and grounding cord to try out. I pushed the grounding rod into the lawn and connected it to the pad which I put on my mattress and over that the bed sheet. I was sleeping already with a grounded screen (aluminum fly screen) but that was underneath the mattress. I disconnected that screen which was previously grounded to an AC outlet.

I didn't sleep that well, since the pad was for a twin-size mattress and I have a queen-size mattress, so half of the time I ended up sleeping only half on that pad. My guess is that's why I didn't sleep well. So I got up and plugged my own screen back into the AC outlet. Then I slept fine. The next night I tied both the pad and my screen together to the grounding wire and slept fine.

Now comes the interesting part:

Dr. Oschman's theory was that we are not anymore grounded and therefore we develop, e.g., arthritis or other forms of inflamation. Apparently, he and Mr. Ober have observed that people got better with various conditions when sleeping grounded. They theorized that they lost negative charge. Well, I thought, if loosing negative charge is bad, how about giving some extra negative charge?

So I cut the grounding wire and inserted three nine-volt batteries such that the negative end was connected to the grounding pad while the positive pole was connected to the ground. I slept therefore with a negative 27 V with respect to ground.

I slept awful! I had to get out of bed at night and take the batteries off. Then I could sleep fine again. The next night I switched the polarity to positive and it was fine - no difference to being grounded.

A friend of mine verified my experiment with an old fashion high voltage flash lamp battery. The voltage was somewhere between 250 - 300 Volts! First he tried the negative pole. He didn't have the pad that I got but used some fabric that was conducting. He had the most disgusting nightmares in his life! He also had to get out of bed and switch the polarity and slept no different then being grounded.

So here is a hint that just the potential alone can have a tremendous effect on one's sleep (or aura?). If you are using synthetic materials you can easily charge yourself up in bed.

Mr. Clint Ober and Dr. James Oschman have made 'ground'-braking discoveries regarding the benefit of sleeping grounded. Still I am puzzled about the polarity effect to the extent that it turned out to be the exact opposite of what I had expected. I now slept for several weeks with a positive 9V and slept fine, however I think my tinnitus became worse but I am not sure if it related to the positive 9V. I found somewhere else on curezone that magnesium is supposed to help tinnitus since it might help relax the jaw muscles (TMJ). I am trying that right now and I disconnected the battery as well.

I wanted to throw this into the discussion about fields (or potentials) and how they might affect your own 'field'.

Especially read the pdf presentation by Dr. Oschman (second link) - it is really interesting!





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