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Re: Put that in your pipe and zap it! Everyone please Read
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Put that in your pipe and zap it! Everyone please Read

>- your overall sleazy method of attempting to lead sick people to your product in a forum where they should be able to get many opinions and not one that is clearly biased and suspect in the opinion of many on these forums

First of all, the very thing that my product is made for is the really sick people, but my presence here is not to sell our particular product although I am certainly going to plug it but not by spamming like getwisdom. The main reason that I am here is that I have more experience with zapping than most on here and with that experience has come knowlege that others do not have. "Clearly biased", well, I might just be, but for good reason. At the very least, I have tried many different zappers and have not sat in judgement over something that I had not tried ( with one exception where I was misled). "Suspect", I am sure because from what I have seen is that many on this forum are very biased against anyone who makes money. If you have any doubt, read back over the posts in this forum. Especially over the last 6 months. I have been criticized dozens of times because I "make money" and it is specifically stated that way.

I am not attempting to lead the sick people to our product but more away from a product that is likely to be far less beneficial. Sorry, but people that are in serious trouble and who are dying do not want "cheap transportation". Certainly, I like for people to buy our products, but not if they do not need it. I have even told some customers that they probably did not need a zapper but I would be glad to sell them one if they wanted it.

>- “We tell them what other customers tell us about what does work and what does not work when it comes to zapping.”
>- Not according to any independent studies but “according to our users” even though you just stated that testimonials are unreliable.

I should have said "according to quantified survey results". A survey is not a testimonial. A survey has both positive and negative aspects included and can be evaluated in terms of percentages. There are no independent studies anywhere except for the Thiel study that is posted several places on the internet, including our site. It was done years ago with earlier models of zappers. You may complain about the surveys, but we are the only company that has the courage to do it. We are the only company who posts statistical data. The survey is not a simple anecdotal response. It is an attempt to quantify " what is the difference between this and that". If you wear eyeglasses then you would understand. Which is better? A or B?

>- Now, either you don’t except testimonials as reliable or you base your statements on them, which is it?

We do not go by testimonials. We do accept survey data that has both positive and negative aspects and that can be compiled to produce a discernable value on a scale of 0 to 100. While this is not perfect, if is better than nothing.

>- I know the site inside and out because I always read your statements and wanted to learn about the parazapper and it seems I have learned quite enough to know that it is nothing special.

Well, then this is just a lack in my ability to present the data in a convincing manner or it may be that you just do not understand the material presented or possibly you aversion has obscured your perception, but you are mistaken in your conclusion. The real proof is in the actual product. It however may not be of any additional benefit to you. I can not say. It does not appear that you have any serious illness and actually not even any minor malady has been mentioned. You zapper may be sufficient for what you have. Most but not all of our customers who have tried other zappers and have tried ParaZapper CCa say that the CCa produces the best results for them.

You also do not seem to understand that we not only compare user feedback on other products, we compare it on our own. We have models that are not as good as our other models. Our standard zapper while it produces better results than the original, it is not as good as the CCa which is not as good as the MX which is not as good as the MX2.

>- The only ignorance you are protecting people from is the ignorance of where provide there credit card numbers to purchase the parazapper.

Well, here you are definitely a liar and do not know what you are talking about. We ship many zappers for free. We also turn down orders and we also suggest that some customers buy cheaper zappers than what they were asking for. We do anything that we can to help those in need who do not have the resources.

>- Because that is the only product you provided such valuable info on.

Yes, we do not have the customer lists of other zapper manufacturers to include them in our surveys. We do have a number of customers who own two or more zappers, some own as may as 20. We ask them which zapper that they own produces the best results. Over 80 percent say that ParaZapper CCa produces the best results. Runners up are Ken Pressner's Ultimate zapper and Super Zapper Deluxe 2004. None has ever claimed that the ZP zapper is any where near the best.

>- You say that you have tried a “dozen other zappers” as well… wow that’s an amazing coincidence that you just happen to work for the company of the best zapper you’ve ever tried.

First, I am sure that you would choose a company that made inferior products to work for. Otherwise, I started out with an original Hulda Clark Zapper and this is what we made for several months. The problem that we found is that customers did not get as good of results as either we or they expected. After researching, I found that it was the original 555 that Dr. Clark recommended was not as good as some other chips. After several months of research, we selected the chip that we now use because it produces a better signal and the batteries las longer.

We offered to upgrade any customer that wanted it for free. We had a large number of takers and after a couple of months, we surveyed again. Their response was that the effectiveness of the new zapper was almost twice as good as the original. This was the start of several improvements.

Actually, ParaZapper has several of the best zappers that I have ever tried and most of them we actually turn away customers. We turn away over 90 percent of the requests that we receive for 2 of the models that we manufacture. We tell those customers to buy a cheaper model because they do not need the extra power.

I do not have any objections to giving good references for many other zapper manufacturers but I also will not hesitate to voice my opinion about products that may have particular flaws. This is nothing to do with selling zappers. I am going to give my honest opinion even if it hurts business. This is what I apparantly have done with the ZP zapper. I have nothing against the company, their people, or the people that use it. I have tried it and checked it out. I am sorry if it bothers you that I say so, but it is not as good as any other zapper that I have seen.

>- Why would one need to adjust the current if the device is able to adjust to apply “correct level” automatically?

This is plain and simple, there is not one perfect level for every one because some people are more sensitive than others. We find that the best results are produced by approx. 8 ma but this level is too strong for some users. So we offer the ability to turn it down although 95 percent of users do not need this function. So while the "CC" part works and is very beneficial, the "a" or adjustment part is not necessary for most. Most of them want it anyhow.

>- Footpads may be more effective but that is still not a reason to buy the parazapper, as footpads can be connected to ANY GOOD ZAPPER, can they not?

Actually, it is an excellent reason to buy ParaZapper! ParaZapper is the only company that offers Augmentation footpads. Otherwise, with reasonable care they can be connected to most any zapper but ... The zapper must have sufficient power. The only zapper that I have seen that can not do this is the ZP zapper. It has been posted on this forum by someone else that using the augmentation footpads with the ZP zapper does not make a difference. I have not tried them with a terminator because there is no way to connect them. Also, it is not just the footpads, it is the augmentation mode that they are used in.

>- If a zapper outputs the correct current in the first place then this is a pretty meaningless feature and in the contradicting statements just noted it makes one wonder if it even works as advertised.

Actually, it really appears that you are biased against it working. But what really matters is that our customers tell us that it works exceptionally well.

>- This is not a advanced technological advance it is a smoke and mirrors technique to attempt to make the zapper standout in the croud, kind of like Crofts use of pennies for electrodes.

Sorry, feel whatever you want but you are wrong. At least I have tried them and can see and feel the difference. The same is true of over 96 percent of our customers who use them. BTW, this is just the opposite of Don's used of pennies. One of the main premises that we have arrived at in zapper effectiveness, is that the larger the contact area, the better the results. While this is not an absolute it is a definite trend.

>- What if I came out with a zapper that had an entire copper suit that one could wear, would that be a technological advancement because it is a ble to apply the signal to more areas of the body?

According to our research, yes! and No. The idea is great because it maximizes contact area but it would not work well because electricity seeks the shortest path. Almost all of the signal would go through the part of the suit nearest the ground electrode. This is exactly why we place electrodes at the 4 extremities of the body. Also, the footpads have a larger area than the copper handles because the electricity from the feet has further to travel.

>- I have also never seen any customers praising your products either, so that is blatantly false/ flawed argument.

You need to look back because you have missed a couple. But the main reason why you do not see this is because our customers are not on here. Most are professionals who do not have time to sit around debating over zappers.

>- You said “Even our shoebox zapper produces better results than the standard Clark zapper.”
>- According to whom? I have not seen any competent independent lab studies showing this to be the case

You know as well as I do that there are not any independent studies available and probably will not be. They take time and cost money.

That aside, you forget again that we used to make the original Clark zapper and that many of our customers bought them from us and from other zapper makers. These same people are the ones who tell us that it is better.

>- In the same sentence as saying you have not complained about it you come out and complain about it.

You are good at twisting words, but I did not complain about his zapper. As for plugguing it into the wall, I would not do it unless the adapter was UL rated for patient use. My opinion and I will stick by it. The zapper is good, but don't ask me to condone plugging it into the wall. These are 2 separate subjects. This applies to any and all devices that are electrically attached to the body.

>- . In fact as far as I know she does not have a line of zappers that she profits from.

You are correct, she can not legally do so from what I have read.

>- You can not be so certain of its superiority as there is still the debate about what the mechanism is that is causing the positive effects on user’s health.

Actually, I can. But do not rely on me. That particular chip has been recommended several times on this forum by several other posters. As far as the effects of the zapper goes, there may be many, but it definitely works as a disruptor for many bacteria, protozoans, and viri. That is it literally bursts their cells open and causes them to distintigrate.

Again, you can argue all that you want and you may say that you have read the material and you are not convinced, but ... you have not tried it so you do not know. Also, I have to agree with one thing. If you do not have a serious illness, it probably will not make any difference to you.

>- Well if you are spending that much time trying to find improvements then it truly has not been a very fruitful search because their have not been any major improvements as I’ve said.

Well, thank god that I do not have to rely on you because, our customers call and thank us almost every day. Again, many of them have bough other zappers prior to buying ours.

>- Are you saying that no one who has used a parazapper product has sent it back or been dissatisfied with the results?

Nope, never said such. Even Mercedes gets returns. Ours is less than 1 percent.

The most common reason? The customer died before it arrived.

Some people do not get the results that they want. Sometimes a husband tells his wife to return it. Sometimes the customers can not afford it.

But this is a perfect support for our improvements. When we produced the original Clark zapper, our return rate was higher even though it was cheaper.

>- So to say that no one who ever used the product would ever write anything critical is an absolute fallacy.

Never said any such thing. Again, you are twisting words.

>- I had to write this because it sickens me to see people who are sick and frightened, looking for help having to deal with people with vested interests.

Sorry that you feel that way. The main reason that I started speaking out is that people were being herded to a zapper that is questionable in its effectiveness. People would come to the forum stating that they had a zapper but wanted the best and some overzealous beginner recommends the ZP zapper as being the best.

It is not that I do not understand their enthusiasm. But some of these people are trying to represent themselves as oldtimers and experienced. Having used 1 zapper is not experienced enough to be guiding decisions that may cost a life.

I Am sorry that you view me in the way that you do. I will tell you to your face, I am not on this forum to sell zappers but to offer the best support that I can based on the knowlege that I have. If I have not convinced you, that is my failing but for you to claim that I would provide anything but the best information available is wrong on your part. As for my posts on the curezone in regards to sales or even visits to our website, less than 1 percent of total. Over 50 percent of our business is by word of mouth.

I started producing zappers because I was completely impressed with them. However, I have found improvements that are of tremendous help to thousands. It is a good thing that they were more open to the information than you are.

Additionally, I want to make a statement about one other issue. I am honest enough to proudly post who I am on every thing that I write in this forum and any other. I also frequently state that I am a manufacturer of zappers and that I might be prejudiced.

But when I modify a couple hundred zappers for free and then the almost all of the customers tell me that it works almost twice as well, I do not have any reason not to believe them. When I send out notices to several hundred customers that using footpads may produced better results and they buy them and later respond back that the effectiveness of the zapper has doubled, I have to believe that they are in earnest. This is especially apparant when they report problems being alleviated that they could not reduce before the footpads were used.

When customer satisfaction with a product climbs from 80 percent to 96 percent, somebody is doing something right.

I also feel that I have at least as much right as anyone else to present my views here. There have been a number of people who have directly contacted me and thanked me for my posts but who did not post on this forum so because they felt that they would be ganged up on by opponents. There is a definite gang here supporting one product. I find it very odd though because this product has been around a good while and then suddenly 6 months ago the forum suddenly became dominated by this handful of people. I did notice that several of the oldtimers left though.

I do see a lot of narrow mindedness present. An example from another forum was from an individual who bluntly told me to follow the line or get off of the forum.

To the best of my knowlege, this forum is for the discussion of pro's and con's of zapping and for ways of improving its effectiveness. It is also here for potential users to hear about the range of features and functions available. I just want to know how any progress can ever be made as long as the people present sit and argue about their favorites without having tried anything else. Granted they may feel like they do not need any more, but they are certainly not in a position of authority and are not providing very sound advice.

I do not have a problem with some one saying that this zapper has completely eliminated colds from their life but when someone comes on board looking for the best available, really, be fair to them. Tell them that you are using it for colds, acne, skin rashes, etc and how it works for you. But do not recommend it for Strongyloides or Helicobacter or Entamoeba or Ascaris unless it has worked for you your you have someone that you know that it worked for.

I do know that ParaZapper CCa with copper paddles and footpads works often when others do not. I have potential customers call up and ask, they already have a zapper but it is not helping and they have read about ParaZapper being more effective. I will give them actual percentages of customers who get positive results when it is available and otherwise, I will tell them that I do not have that actual data but will tell them of what has been reported back to me. It is all that I have but I am going to be fair and honest about it.

I also do not claim that the ZP zapper does not work at all. But I do seriously doubt that it would be very effective for many serious illnesses. Yes, you can mob every poster that comes on this forum but if they say that they are in need of help, I am going to give them the best information that I have.

If you want me to promote something else, prove to me that it really works. BTW, I have promoted several products on this forum that are not ours. Only the ones that I have experienced and have first hand knowlege of.

While you freely blast me because you do not accept my data as it is not independently produced, you completly fail to provide even anecdotal data to refute it. I suggest that you go out and perform an independent study on zapper effectiveness.

I will wager the following:

ParaZapper CCa with copper paddles and footpads will produce results faster than any zapper sold to date ( excluding ParaZapper MX, MX2, and AV ).

The same combination will have a greater effect on any parasites in the blood or in internal organs than any zapper sold to date.

Actually, I am boasting as I know that there are a couple that will give us a run for the money I am sure but I can guarantee that 1 zapper will not be in the running.

I admit that I do present a hard line but the point is that I have more data and support than you or anyone else does. It is only fair for you to present data that proves me wrong. The truth is that this is definitely not an open forum. Anyone who appears to go against the mainstream in this forum is severly and sharply criticised by the mob. If you want to say that my information is not correct, good, start that independent study and when the data is presented if it shows that I am not correct, I will politely bow and apologize. But for you to deny the information that I present without offering something to show otherwise is not very helpful. It is the only data available at this time and we have worked hard to make it as accurate and reliable as we can.

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