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Re: Just got my zapper... a little disappointed...
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Just got my zapper... a little disappointed...

Hello Selini,

>- Have been using your machine - actually I don't even limit the time anymore such as today - I do perhaps 20 minutes on and 20-30 off -

We advise that 14 minutes or more split between both frequencies produces the best results. 7 minutes appears to be the minimum time to kill 98 percent of parasites that are succeptible to any particular frequency. 14 minutes appears to get 98 percent of what is left. The remainder appear to be in a protected state and resist coming out of that state until the electrical signal disappears for a while. This is the reason for the 20 minute rest between zappings.

>- I have it on 30,000 mghz - is it not better on the higher frequency?

The 30 kHz signal appears to be good for colds, flu, and some pathogens that are not hidden deep within the body. Based on customer feedback, The 2.5 kHz appears to work much better with internal pathogens such as intestinal parasites, lymphatic infection, liver conditions, etc.

>- Also, how many volts on this machine - I have the Cca model.

The CCa has the same 9.6 volt drive on a fresh batter that the other ParaZapper models have, but it has additional electronics to adapt to variations in skin resistance and body capacitance, thereby insuring that the body gets the correct amount of the signal needed.

>- Should I just do it several times a day when I have the time to sit ???

Once the initial zapping session has been completed, individual zappings may be used throughout the day provided that they are less than 8 hours apart.

>- I did not have heart palpatations last night

I did not see this mentioned before: Is this something that you have had before or only after zapping? How extensive has it been?

This is something of major concern as it can indicate several problems. If it continues, I would seek a good knowlegeable cardiologist who is capable of looking beyond the end of his nose. Zapping itself is rarely the cause of such but it is a possible side effect or zapping.

#1, If your heart is infested with parasites such as trichina ( which loves heart muscle ), then it may react to the zapping.

#2, If there are parasites in the blood stream which are killed, the bodies antigens can cause them to clump together possibly causing a temporary blockage.

#3. It could be a simple reaction to the materials dumped into the circualtory system by dying parasites.

### these are only a few of the possibilities. Please keep us posted.

>- today I woke up with very much less pain in my left leg than normal - normally, I cannot even walk from the pain.

Do you know the actual cause of the pain? Is it muscular, nerves, osteopathic, ...?

>- Should I not be feeling the current?

This is not a requirement and many users do not feel the current from the red wire source. Feeling is more often reported in the green wire electrode when using the copper footpads in conjunction with the copper handles. This is because the electricity is coming in through 3 sources and is divided between the 3, but all of it comes back through the green wire electrode.

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