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Re: Copper clarification
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Copper clarification

Copper is an essential mineral for the body, regardless of what Clark might have had to say about things. If you suck out too much copper from the body, you will have an aneuryism.

The problem w/ copper is Wilson's Disease, and that of another genetic disorder that's name I fail to remember right now.

New Zealand researchers have been chelating copper from the bodies of Type 2 Diabetics, and they've been cured. There are many references on the web that you can look into on this topic, if need be.

But that doesn't mean that copper is a bad thing-the problem is that copper HAS TO BE taken with protein. It needs protein to bind to in order to be absorbed properly. 10:1 odds says that the majority of those with copper problems have been popping their Centrums when they get up or go to bed-ALL supplements have to be taken with a meal.

If it's not that, than it's a situation where one might well have Wilson's Disease or the other genetic condition that's involved with the copper problems.

I'll tell you this much though-before I would ever even begin to think about zapping myself with something that's bound to put off a positive frequency in the body, I would sure as hell want to know where my copper serum level was sitting, I can you that much- Yes, regardless of what Clarke might have to say about it.

If so many here are absolutely convinced that they're harboring a parasite, why don't you people insist on a stool culture? The retail for one is $100. It is your right to demand any test that you want done by your doc. If he adimately disagrees, it's still your right to have any test done that you want, the only difference is that you'll have to pay for it out of pocket.

A three day stool culture for parasites is 90-95% accurate. I bet you didn't hear that from Clarke, did you. The only thing you heard from her is to purchase $500 worth of products, those that include zapping yourself with an electrical device of all things that nobody knows anything about, truly. The culture won't pick up on everything (It would fail to detect for , Leishmanias Donavus, T. Cruzi, Toxplasmosis-they are circulatory infections, but it will certainly catch the vast majority of them.

If you want to go against medicine, if you're one of them that has truly gone off into no man's land and are of the belief that your doctor won't tell you the truth about the results, than order one directly from those labs that specialize in such testing, such as Great Plains or Meridian Valley. You can purchase one outright from them for about $200, 250, I believe.

I'm not trying to be nasty about this, folks. It's just that anyone that knows anything about this stuff would be a little bit alarmed about some of the personal behaviors that you might pick up on around here. Case in point- About a month ago, some lunatic was talking about the fact that the "Only strange thing I observed after zapping was that my arms began to flap and I started to squak at a high pitch like a bird." That was either the guy that was doing the zapper, or the one taking about 1500% of the daily recommended allowance of Magnesium, I forget.

Anyway, so here you have a guy that's sitting there putting electrical currents into his body, most likely giving himself a moderate to major seizure of all things, "But that's just part of it!" "It's working!"

Let me see that guy's EKG readings five years from now. Perhaps he'll have taken care of the single celled organism that he's convinced himself is living in his bowels, sure, but he'll have probably fried his heart in the process.

About five years ago, there was a nutritional company based out of Japan that was shut down that had jumped into this entire parasite madness. You know what they were doing? They had literally found a way to give a person a pinworm infection by taking these pills so that consumers were convinced they were harboring worms and parasites, etc.

Now I'm not any more of a fan of mainstream medicine than I am alternative medicine, trust me. But at least I know that this or that medication has been inspected by the gov't. What assurances do some of you have that that parasite formula that you're buying online from Argentina or Chile, wherever, might not be involved in the same type of stuff? I know, I know-unfair of me to label the entire industry for the wrongs of one, but it's just a case in point.

In one of Clarke's books, folks, those whose livers actually managed to survive the OTC protocol that she suggests and were apparently cured of their ailments, you will notice one statement she makes thereafter-"Sometimes they come back."

Clarke nails many areas down to a T, don't get me wrong. But the entire LDH/Parathyroid pathway has been observed for a very, very long time in medicine. The only thing that she did was rather than say that cancer is what lies at the end of that pathway, she merely substituted parasites in for cancer.

Could she be right? Sure. But the fact still remains that if any person here would go out and have a $100 stool culture run, you would be able to either confirm or unconfirm her suspicions with 90% probablility. That's my only point on the issue.

Always remember this-After consideration is given to the types of unheard OTC protocols that she's engaged in at that point, maybe, just maybe, some of this might be something that we wouldn't ever begin to understand, either.

In other words, might it ever be possible that God Himself might just still be in control of a few things.


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