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Electrolytes & Zeta Potential
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Published: 16 years ago

Electrolytes & Zeta Potential

Dear Group,

Once in a while I read discussions that revolve around the issue about drinking proper amounts of water and taking proper amounts of salt for 'zapping' to function effectively. I need to comment on this issue.

If you drink too little water and eat too much salty foods, then you overload your body with these disolved solids that the blood has to carry and the kidneys have to try to excreet.

If you drink enough water but you don't get proper amounts of electrolytes you are better off than with too little water and too much salt - but you will also not fell well.

If you take a lot of anti-acids because of stomach problems that contain aluminum then all hell can brake loose!

And this has to do with the Zeta Potential.

Read about this fascinating interplay of electrolytes and water to keep coloidal particles suspended in a liquid - and most important - such a blood!

I am posting here a message that I sent to WDDTY (What Doctors Don't Tell You) in the UK:

1) I have been reading the revolutionary discoveries by Dr. Gilbert Ling ( that there are no so-called sodium & potassium pumps in the cells. Rather, the protein in the cells holds on to the cations and the potassium is favored over the sodium due to molecular kinetics. Furthermore, all the water in the cells is structured due to interaction of its electric dipole with the periodic charge structures along protein chains and is therefore not ‘free’. If the cell wall is compromised or even removed then the cell won’t loose its potassium and the sodium can’t get into the cell interior either. It is so obvious that I wonder why the scientific community has ousted Ling in favor for these hypothetical but non-existent pumps? Read Ling’s book ‘Life at the Cell and Below-Cell Level’ and ‘Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life’ by Gerald H. Pollack (this is a better introductory to Ling’s work).

2) I am reading up on Dr. Thomas Riddick’s book on the Zeta potential (Control of Colloid Stability Through Zeta Potential with a Closing Chapter on Its Relationship to Cardiovascular Disease, Volume I) and ‘Disease Reprieve’ by T.C. McDaniel, D.O. These books deal with the Zeta Potential, which is responsible for keeping colloidal particles in suspension. E.g., small amounts of aluminum at the ppm-level will cause the Zeta Potential to diminish such that coagulation occurs. This fact is used widely in industry and also in water treatment plants. That is why home reverse-osmosis water filtration systems are such a blessing. In our body aluminum will cause the blood to coagulate and that finally can lead to arterial blockage and also to kidney stone formation. Similarly, heavy loads of salt and other electrolytes can adversely affect the Zeta Potential such that coagulation can also occur. I think that McDaniel and Riddick are on the right track with regard to the prevention and treatment of coronary heart diseases and kidney stones. Aluminum is found in deodorant sticks, baking leavening agents and anti-acids (and probably in many more products, including over-the-counter drugs, also vaccines). Most bakery goods found in grocery stores in the US have leavening agents that contain aluminum. See, e.g.,, Aluminum is also linked to Alzheimer’s disease and I have read somewhere that aluminum may prevent the body to rid itself from mercury , which is also linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Here is what the American Water Works Association has to say about aluminum exposure

“Based on studies conducted by the US Food and Drug Administration, total dietary intake of aluminum is related to total food intake. It is estimated the average adult American consumes 20 to 40 mg of aluminum per day. Assuming concentrations of aluminum typically found in drinking water, this source contributes approximately 1 percent of total daily consumption. In contrast, 90 percent of dietary aluminum exposure comes from FDA-approved food additives found in baked goods, desserts, and cheeses. Medicines, including antacids and buffered aspirin, can contribute up to 5,000 mg of aluminum. Individuals on antacid therapy commonly consume up to 3,000 mg of aluminum per day and may do so for many years.” (My emphasis added)

For a short-course about the Zeta potential go to the web site of Zeta Meter, Inc.:

3)  Dr. F. Batmanghelidj in his book ‘Water: For Health, For Healing, For Life: You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty!’ emphasizes the importance of drinking proper amounts of water and ingestion of proper amounts of electrolytes to stay healthy. He finds that most distress to the body is due to dehydration. But water alone will not do the job. Athletes know that they also have to watch their electrolyte levels to keep their body in balance.

4)  Dr. Samuel C. West in his book ‘The Golden Seven Plus One’ teaches about the importance of the lymphatic system, which is a passive drainage system for our body. We need to exercise and breathe deeply to keep this drainage system active.

So we have two oceans in our body: The potassium-rich ocean of structured water in our cells and the sodium-rich extra-cellular fluid, which according to West has to be kept in its ‘dry state’. I.e. maintaining a minimum (optimum) of fluid level between the cells; this can be achieved by exercising the lymphatic system and not overloading the body with harmful doses of electrolytes (according to McDaniel).

We have also two rivers in our body: The sodium-rich cardio vascular and the lymphatic system.

From the Gerson Therapy I have heard that some people that enter the Gerson Clinic look like the ‘Michelin Man’. They start with lots of raw vegetable juices and supplements of potassium. They find themselves spending most of their time in the bathroom, passing large amounts of water and salts. Dr. Gerson had observed that the combined elimination of protein, administration of vegetable juices with the addition of potassium supplements will help the body to rid itself of excess sodium and water that has been stored in the interstitial (extra-cellular) space. This helps the body to heal itself even in the case of cancer! Watch the incredible movie ‘The Gerson Miracle’ online: There is also a great acknowledgement of Dr. Lings work at the Gerson Institute, e.g.:

Between these four topics it is possible to understand the role of water and electrolytes in our system and how to keep the body in good health. In addition, chelation therapy will allow the reversal of these dangerous conditions. Most elderly people ‘forget’ to drink; they have lost the sense of thirst, causing their body great harm. Sometimes we feel hungry but in fact we are dehydrated. Before reaching for a snack we should drink a glass of water and maybe add some good electrolytes (proper amounts) only to observe our hunger to disappear.



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