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Re: Some info for you!

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Some info for you!

> Sorry my friend but all thise frequency nonsense is exactly that nonsense and it works magnetically which effects Iron now bare in mind how important organic/real iron is in the body.

Sorry, but this is not right. Many bacteria are not dependant on iron as they will easily grow on iron free media. I have spent a lot of time with zapping microbes while viewing them under the microscope. Zapping disrupts the cell wall of bacteria as well as the cell membrane of many protozoa.

> The real reason people think they've got herxheimer reactions from killing bacteria with zappers is because most times their tired. Well when your pulling the iron for the time the zapper is on then you will get fatigue just look at enemics etc.

This is not correct or you would have the same response every time that you zapped, not just for the first couple of days. As a mater of point, most people feel their energy increase significantly after a few days of zapping.

> Why would anyone want to lessen a cold etc when its doing you a favour is beyond me.

What favor? I have never had a cold do anything good for me except for when it finally went away. Colds can be physically devastating and many die from complications of colds. People who have parasites and whose health is otherwise impaired are more likely to suffer from colds and more likely to have complications from colds than those who have good health.

> Zappers cannot give you Vitamin C if you have scurvy or Subclinical Scurvy?!?!?

Right, but they can stop parasites from stealing vitamins and other nutrients from you.

> Its the lack of nourishment and all this pollution which causes the problems and if you think hard about the rest of Huldas work shes bascially saying that!

This is what she is saying and the zapper is only a tool to get rid of the parasites that show up. The zapper, however, is not a scam at all. It works quite well to get rid of parasites when properly used.

> Cartlidge - 30 years

I have heard that there is a new zapper type device out now that is FDA approved and will completely regenerate damaged cartilage in 1 to 2 years. I have not tried it myself but spoke with someone who has seen it used with impressive results.

BTW, I have had exchanges with MH in the past and while MH may have sold some zappers, ( his total sales were less than we can ship in a single month from what I recall. ) MH is no expert on zappers.

As a last point, I do not see anyone here suggesting that the zapper is a substitute for good nutrition or for living a healthy lifestyle. Using a zapper will, however, put you back on track much quicker than not using it.


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