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Published: 14 years ago
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Some info for you!

parasites are only around because of the sick body my friend! Now think about this how they use maggots to increase healing dramatically on wounds. parasites are not the foe we have been led to believe same with the bacterias and viruses. Even the bio-lab mycoplasmas etc. They can only take hold when the body has been damaged and polluted. You find once the body is clean and nourished properly you can eat raw meats and all sorts without any symptoms and greater health than ever.

Sorry my friend but all thise frequency nonsense is exactly that nonsense and it works magnetically which effects Iron now bare in mind how important organic/real iron is in the body. Bacteria and alike feed off Iron and when the magnetic field disrupts this iron Bacteria etc die. The real reason people think they've got herxheimer reactions from killing bacteria with zappers is because most times their tired. Well when your pulling the iron for the time the zapper is on then you will get fatigue just look at enemics etc. The Blood Electrification does this big time! Now my friend there was a doctor who used these methods for helping people with Malaria and explained it alot. Infact many moons ago I placed an article on this site about it. MH/Barefoot knows this knowledge and I attacked him for it but he was right all along and zappers are 80% scam! Why would anyone want to lessen a cold etc when its doing you a favour is beyond me. Either do health protocols correctly or in my book dont bother. Everyone wants a magic pill and it just isnt the case. Even when you do a whole body approach with natural methods this is the time frame for proper 100% success:-

Blood - 7 Weeks
Glands - 12.5 Years
Arteries - 22.5 years
Intestines & Tendons - 25 years
Cartlidge - 30 years
Bone - 37.5 years

The above is 5 generations as its called! Normally after 1-2 generations pain will ease which is the above figures divided by 5 of course. This is only going to happen with strict health lifestyles of enzymes, probiotics, Vitamins and Minerals from Raw foods along with Water & Salt! Zappers cannot give you water if your subclinically dehydrated or dehydrated. Zappers cannot give you Vitamin C if you have scurvy or Subclinical Scurvy?!?!?

When the body has what it needs it will suffer no problems from any parasite etc. Its the lack of nourishment and all this pollution which causes the problems and if you think hard about the rest of Huldas work shes bascially saying that!


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