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Re: The F-Scan2 - a critical evaluation
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: The F-Scan2 - a critical evaluation

Dear Dave,

Thank you for your post! I became a member on the F-Scan forum at Yahoo, so I already saw your Excel spreadsheet. Funny, 'banana people'!

Yes, you are absolutely right - people that own and/or used the F-Scan2 and got well confuse their health improvement with the (possibly) useless DIRP function!

I am reading through all 2,100 postings on the F-Scan forum, I am halfway through. I am thankful for Dr. Loyd to post some interesting information on that forum regarding chelation therapy. The compound called 'NDF', which is derived from spirulina ($79 per 1 oz.), seems to give good results although not cheap.

I ordered it and want to try it out. I did electronics since I was in high school and I possibly have elevated levels of lead and tin in my body.

By the way, your second link was dead!

Now I am still interested in a device that CAN scan the body and find resonances. The problem with the approach that the manufacturer of the F-Scan2 device used is that the DIRP only gives a positive reading. I would like to see a device that is similar to an EAV (electro acupunktur according to Voll) device that would give you both a positive and a negative feedback. So you know which frequencies would be good for you and which won't. And the scan should be so subtle that it would not be as strong as in therapy mode. So you don't screw up your system by scanning, which I think happened to me.

I guess I have to try to develop my own scanner after all! The other problem that I see in the F-Scan2 DIRP function is that it uses a DC-offset of 6 Volts during the scan. I think the body's feedback system immediately gets too polarized (or tired if you will) that it is not able to give a response at all. I would like to know how the EAV machines work and how that could be implemented to do a scan. I will have to experiment with this a little. I also would like to separate the bio-feedback from the exposure to the frequencies. In the F-Scan they go together - the frequencies are scanned by an AC signal with a DC offset. The AC provides the frequency to be tested and the DC is there to test the body's response. Unfortunately a small portion of the AC leaks into the pick-up electrode and causes aliasing-type of behavior during digitization. That's why you see these periodical peaks in the scan. Those become smaller at higher frequencies due to a 0.1 uF capacitor that is attached at the pick-up line against ground. I added a low-pass filter to just allow the DC component through with the right time-constant so it would still allow a slow change in the DC level to pass through to the ADC. But then the DIRPs were just flat-lined, no peaks at all!

For information on aliasing, here is a nice java-applet that you can play with. Start with a low frequency, like 200 Hz and then enter high and higher frequencies. This applet simulates an ADC that samples 8000 times per second. If you enter frequencies higher than the Niquest-frequency (=4000 Hz, half the sampling frequency) then you get funny results. That is how the DIRP ends up having these periodic peaks that everyone that uses the F-Scan, even the 'banana-people' (scanning a banana) see:

Dr. Loyd had some scans posted on the F-Scan forum. One of the scans looked interesting. That test subject showed a strong variation in the CV (conductivity value) during the scan. The body must have acted by increased perspiration when a resonant frequency was approached. But there is still the question on whether that is repeatable, since he did this scan only once. So that is not very scientific but that type of body response is what I would have expected!

My homoeopathic doctor uses the RM 10S and the MORA device from MedTronik. She studied homoeopathy in Germany and she always helped my son and myself when we get sick. I think a device like the RM 10S could measure a biofeedback on frequencies. It will tell you whether that frequency is beneficial/therapeutic or not!

Then the other bad side effect of the F-Scan2 is that since it uses a 6-Volt DC offset, metal ions are driven into your body. The F-Scan2 that I bought came with stainless steel electrodes - most all stainless steel contains the carcinogen nickel! Beware of nickel; my son got a bad reaction from a spacer that he had to wear in his mouth. I asked the dentist when he wanted to put the spacer in my son's mouth whether there was nickel in the wire - he answered 'no'. But then my son developed problems swallowing and it turned out that there was nickel in the wire. I asked for a sample of the wire and they gave me the packaging that had a warning label on it that said, in all languages, 'do not use in patients with nickel allergies'. I suppose dentists don't read labels, that's why the AMA still thinks mercury is fine in your mouth! My homoeopathic doctor tested my son and me on this wire with the RM 10S and sure enough it showed a toxic reaction!! After taking the nickel wire out and after treating my son against the nickel wire it was amazing to see how fast he recovered! Homoeopathy does work.

While reading through the posts on the F-Scan forum, it becomes clear that this DC offset is a problem. A lot of people report darkened skin where the hand electrodes were held in their hands. Sometimes it was pinkish, due to gold forming salts when the electrode was gold coated.

However, in the therapy mode the DC might be of benefit. I think it was Robert Becker that promoted electrifying the blood using electrodes close to the blood vessels to 'electrify' the blood. But the metal electrodes may not be so good, or does one would get colloidal gold this way?



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