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here is a helpfulread/ it is a genetically modified oil.
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Published: 16 years ago
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here is a helpfulread/ it is a genetically modified oil.

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Subject: Soy
From: Lapis
Date: 10/23/2003 10:21:00 AM ( 5 mon ago)


The World's Most Vicious MACC Attack

MACC - multinational agriculture and chemical corporations)
Up until now I never dreamed there could be anything worse than the chemical catastrophes we have experienced in this century, but I was wrong, for at least with chemical sensitivity you can find evidence for it's bioacumulation in the body, and get rid of it. On the other hand there is a newer plague that is nearly impossible to detect and it is irreversible. Worse, it causes an unmistakable, inescapable domino effect. GENETIC ENGINEERING is the culprit. You probably were first aware of genetic engineering when I told you about Monsanto inserting genes from plants of unrelated species into the soybean plant to make it resistant to the potent herbicide, Roundup glyphosate]. The Roundup resistant soybean seed can now be heavily sprayed with Roundup to kill weeds, and never damage the soybean. However, the beans do pack quite a wallop for those who ingest them because they are heavily contaminated with the toxic herbicide, Roundup. These genetically modified soybean products, which comprise
about 80% of the beans available, have been found in most baby formulas including Carnation, Similac, Enfamil, Isomil, and Neocare as well as Doritos, Fritos, vegetable oils, soybean oil, margarine, and much more. As well, one of the genes is from the petunia plant which is a nightshade.That means folks with nightshade-induced Arthritis can now get Arthritis from soybean products. When Monsanto inserted the Brazil nut gene into soy, folks allergic to Brazil nuts were suddenly anaphylaxis [serious life threatening reaction where one is not able to breathe] from soybean. They quickly removed the gene
because the symptom was so dramatic. Unfortunately, genetic engineering is not limited to a simple matter
of trying to improve upon a few species of plant food. For when a gene from one species is placed in a wholly different animal or plant, you need a vector, or something that will carry that gene into the genetic factory of the unrelated organism. Oftentimes a VIRUS is used, since a virus is merely a piece of genetic material with a protein coat that is so small that it can easily "infect"
other genetic material.

Inserted Into Your Food

Cancer in chickens, often results from infection with the Rous Sarcoma virus. Hold your seat, for you'll probably find this as difficult to believe as I did. Scientists who make money for companies through genetic engineering have decided there is no problem with using this chicken cancer virus as a vector or carrier to implant the growth hormone gene into farmed fish so they will grow faster.
The problem is that once inside the fish, this virus can persist and infect the next host, you, that eats that fish. Scientists glibly say that there is no danger here and can get away with it because the U.S Government does not require any testing or proof of the safety of genetically engineered foods. And the scary part is far
from over. Leukemia virus in chicken has been used as a vector to carry genes, many of which are human, into developing poultry. In addition, a retrovirus was used as a virus vector in pigs to insert human fetal cells to grow aortas for transplantation into humans. These have led
to infections in humans with the pig's retrovirus. Have they lost their minds and all ethics?
These viruses can also combine with one another to create new plant and animal diseases. And more important, foreign genetic material from these viruses can be absorbed through our intestines and become incorporated into the cells of our own bodies creating new diseases in us. Wow! What a sci-fi nightmare!
Genes inserted into plants are put there to make them resistant to certain pests, pesticides, herbicides or Antibiotics . But these vectors or gene transporters can also infect the bacteria and other organisms in our intestinal tracts. Creating a new Antibiotic resistance in them. How would you like to be harboring Klebsiella or
Candida in your gut that is resistant to all treatments?
If that weren't enough of a problem, one of the most common genes inserted into plants is the Bt gene. Bt stands for Bacillus thuringiensis, a particular bacteria that secretes a toxin that kills many types of pests that infect plants. The problem is that this toxin, once inside some people makes them extremely ill. It can mimic the symptoms of night- shades where you seemingly overnight
have to crawl to the bathroom for days because of such sore body muscles and joints. As with a nightshade attack [November 1999 issue] days or weeks later it can end as precipitously as it began, baffling every physician. The Bt gene has been put in potatoes, corn and not only
have soybeans become Roundup resistant but so has the Sugar beet from which vitamin C powder can be made.
Genes have been put into tomatoes to change their ripening time, into cotton [used in junk food oil called vegetable oil, as on roasted nuts given out on airlines] to make that plant resistant to pesticides. Canola oil is another product of genetic engineering and should never be ingested.
In 1994 the U.S FDA approved the genetically engineered hormone rBGH which is a growth hormone designed to increase milk production in cows. This growth hormone caused increased mastitis and need for Antibiotics [which go into the milk] and as well over 800 farmers using it reported adverse health problems in their cows. Monsanto,
the developer, tried to bribe Health Canada Govt. officials with several million dollars to approve this hormone which is used by about a third of U.S. farmers.
The prestigious medical journal, Lancet [May 9,1998], shows that Breast Cancer is SEVEN times higher in women with tiny increases in growth hormone, Insulin like Growth Factor [IGF-1], which comes from cows injected with BGH. In January 1996 the International Journal of Health Sciences reported that IGF-1 concentrations are ten times
higher in BGH milk and can be absorbed through our intestines and increase our risk of cancer.
As well, there is evidence that it has caused abnormal cysts on the thyroid gland and in the prostate gland and a myriad of other symptoms. There is no turning back. By forcing genes from one species to another entirely unrelated species, we are creating new entities. This is another example of the arrogance and ignorance of man when he thinks that he can one-up God and create an improved
organism. There are so many fallacies with this reasoning that over a dozen books have already been written to begin to collate much of the evidence against genetically modified organisms. The difficulty is that there are not enough people even aware of the problem to make a
significant impact. By the time the damage is done it will be to late. It's not like cleaning up a lake from decades of pollution. Once we have [1] lost thousands of species of plants, [2] driven all small farmers out of
business, [3] created Frankenstein foods, [4] super weeds resistant to all herbicides, [5] plants resistant to pesticides, [6] new viruses and new illnesses in humans, there will be no turning back. You might be surprised as I was to find that there is no testing required even after these and many more facts have come to light. Genetically modified foods are already unavoidable and there is absolutely no labeling required. We are already eating genetically modified foods, as 60% of processed foods now contain at least one genetically modified food. A common snack might be chips with firefly gene or potato chips with
chicken gene [watch out for leukemia and sarcoma, muscle cancer, virus genes]. Or perhaps you like salsa with tomato having a flounder gene. A common meal might include creamy broccoli soup with a bacteria gene and a salad made with canola oil, vegetable oil or soybean oil, all Genetically-Modified-Organisms products. People like myself who are nightshade sensitive are really out of luck because the tobacco gene is used in lettuce and cucumbers and the petunia gene is used in soybeans and carrots. Folks with celiac disease might be fooled because walnuts can have the barley gene in
them. And some foods like strawberries have "undisclosed genes" so all bets are off. Would we expect anything different from an industry that has carte blanche regulation-free control over our total food supply? You
might think cheese is a safe food but they've genetically engineered bacterial rennet. Apple juice can have the silkworm gene and grapes can contain a virus gene. Well including trout, salmon, catfish, bass and even shrimp. In May of 1999, three giant multinational food companies announced they would no longer market genetically engineered foods or their ingredients in England, because the Limeys were smart enough to protest, so guess who will get the leftovers? U.S. Proponents of Genetically-Modified-Organisms foods say they will lessen the amount of pesticides that must be used, but that is not true. Didn't we already fall for this line with the promise that new pesticides would reduce the need for others? First of all many of the toxins that plants have been genetically manipulated or forced to produce also kill beneficial things like ladybugs so that even more pesticides are needed to do the job that they would have done. These genes can also spread from the crops to
the weeds making the weeds more resistant and stronger than ever, creating an epidemic of super weeds.
Also disturbing is a report that Monsanto's Roundup ready resistant GE soybeans have higher than normal levels of estrogen. Is this something we want for male babies growing up on soybean formula? As well, some of the viruses used as vectors for genes and inserted into plants to make them virus resistant can be combined with genetic material from another invading virus [as from a cold]
forming a brand new more virulent virus and creating a new fatal epidemic that has never before been seen.
Clearly NAFTA has allowed our illegal "recycled" pesticides access to us, while our FDA and USDA cannot police what they already have on their plates, much less handle the billion dollar graft associated with genetic engineering that is so carefully documented in BEYOND EVOLUTION. The FDA has allowed Olestra into your foods, which has no proven ability to decrease the rampant obesity. But it does decrease you absorption of priceless nutrients like vitamin E, D, and K that are absolutely crucial in inhibiting the top two most common causes of
death and disease, arteriosclerosis and cancer.
In the past we have talked about how many people are not "Better Through Chemistry" as DuPont's old motto suggested. Because many have lost loved ones to cancer and other diseases caused by environmental chemicals, they have become "bitter through chemistry". These chemicals are allowed in our air, food and water so that multinational corporations can make huge profits. Now with
the wildfire spread of genetic engineering, small farms will fade into extinction as multinational agriculture and chemical corporations [MACC] gain control over all of your food. Are you ready for the greatest MACC attack in the history of the world? Worse than chemical pollution ever thought of being, genetic pollution has the irreversible potential and probability of changing the very nature of all of or food and even our own genetics. As veterinarian, Michael W Fox, warns in his excellent and highly recommended book, BEYOND EVOLUTION [which details and references the dangers of Genetically-Modified-Organisms foods], our only chance to save ourselves and the future is with people power.
But uninformed people are powerless. Multinational corporations are changing our food and animals and they have free reign. They're not accountable to anyone since they do not have to label their foods and they are not required to do any safety testing. It is irreversible, unstoppable and has the capability of snowballing us
into a veritable Jurassic Park. You vote with your shopping basket and can make your voice heard by
letting your legislators know that you want all genetically
engineered food labeled and all engineering stopped until there are appropriate studies done on the long range human side effects and safety.

Alyssa Hinton


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