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Thanks, Vtool..nt
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Published: 17 years ago
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Thanks, Vtool..nt

Hi #14655,

I have a son whose breathing heath went downhill all summer which cumulated in an asthma attack in the middle of October. Our high humidity house and high mold count no doubt was the reason for this and taking the humidity levels down along with removing mold areas and pumping in fresh air has improved his health greatly. We are suppose to be on a steriod and Singulair, but we only used the Singulair and have now even dropped that. He is breathing fine so far...

I have tried everything under the sun to find help for my son all year. Conventional medicine is a total joke. They did not care about our house, they only cared that he was on drugs. The asthma specialist had drug company posters all over the walls, pens on the desks, and writing notebooks with the drug companies name on it all over. While we waited a man who looked like a salesman with a big box stopped in and sure enough that is what he was, a drug company representative with a box full of free goodies.

Dr. Clark is another stop in a long journey of would be cures I have embarked upon. Even if all this zapper thing turns out to be quackery, I do agree with many things she has, like removing all chemicals from our house(cleaners, old paint, etc.),especially since the fresh air intake did take away the nightly coughs and constant stuffy nose.

So, this is the reason I bought the zapper, it was for him. But my wife and I use it regularly and I use it on my son often, though it has not been everyday(he moves around too much). He is too young to take paragon for kids and it is impossible to mask the taste of an opened capsule, let me tell you. My wife and I have been on paragon.

I don't know if we are out of the woods with my son or not. He still has dark circles under his eyes, but we have not had wheezing or problems with breathing like this summer since the attack. I look back at some logs we kept and wonder how we ever got along. I implore everyone to get an air to air heat exchanger and leave it run to put new, fresh air into your home at all times.

My wife has done a liver cleanse and it went perfectly and she had a lot of green stones the next day and was not tired, in fact she really liked the $30 dollar bottle of olive oil(with cork) I bought from Grain&Salt Society and fresh grapefruit from Sam's club.

I have not worked up the nerve to do it yet. Our family now eats a high fat diet now which includes coconut oil, cream, meats, ghee,cod liver oil, etc. so I am sure my bile is moving right along, but I will try to do a flush soon.

When I zap, I put the copper tubes wrapped in wet paper towels in the inside of my socks on the inside of my ankles. I had noticed three red spots which I passed off as an injury that I did not know about, but it was also very itchy in that area. But today I noticed a big spot on the other side and realized it might be the zapper since these two places are where I stick the copper tubes. I can feel the electicity sometimes but it is weak, but this bruise is enough that it can be felt with my eyes shut. I can not imagine where I might have gotten hurt in those areas. My boots are high tops, so I have protection most of the time. Perhaps the zapper is making this. If so, it is more powerful than I thought. If it is parasites gathering to the contact point, wow too. Interesting to say the least. My wife holds them in her hands mostly.

Since I am not and rarely are too sick, I don't know if the zapper works. I had a cold coming on not long ago and zapped a lot one evening and it went away, but who is to say it would not have anyway? My throat was getting sore and I put the zapper on each side of my throat. I took extra vitamin C too.

I don't know if it works. I want to make a food zapper and buy bread which molds easily and zap on loaf and leave the other and see if mold is reduced. This would give me visible,now, and known results. Good Science fair!

In one of these threads, I did see a guy who claimed to have asthma cured with a zapper, but did not see him too much after that.

Sorry I can not help you. I spent the 100+ dollars with the idea if it don't work, I am out only that, if it works great.


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