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Bittersweet Fscan2 story, mental illness
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Published: 17 years ago

Bittersweet Fscan2 story, mental illness

I have a friend who has severe mental problems, and all the symptons I have found for "neurocysticercosis" based off the taenia pisiformis Tapeworm infection, and dirp finding on him.

I know that plate zapping would be particularly useful in this situation to confirm what I suspect, in that this is probably in his brain, as well as other organs. The dirp showed a spike at MV83, for depression, which was extremely accurate. His situation has been severe and extreme. I continue to be amazed at the Fscan's capabilities, and findings with friends and family. I know I have much more to learn.

How this came about was that he came over Friday night, and we ran a Dirp on him. The frequencies came up for the taenia psisiformis Tapeworm (cysticercus) & eggs.

I then found the CDC website after running google on "taenia psisiformis" and "cysticercus" and "psychosis", which has been a part of his problem. Upon questioning him, I confirmed that he has the following symptoms listed from the CDC site -

Neurocysticercosis (cysticerci in the brain, spinal cord):

Symptoms of neurocysticercosis depend upon where and how many cysticerci (often called lesions) are found in the brain. Seizures, and headaches are the most common symptoms. However, confusion, lack of attention to people and surroundings, difficulty with balance, swelling of the brain (called hydrocephalus) may also occur. Death can occur suddenly with heavy infections.

This explains my friend very accurately, as he affirmed all of the above symptomology. I hope to master plate zapping in the near future, and the insights on how to test each organ for these particular parasites, or any for that matter, and other toxins, and so on.

I am no doctor, but in this case, from my research, it appears that it is highly possible and likely that my friend has this Tapeworm infection in his brain, and perhaps other areas.

The sweet part is how quickly, painlessly, and easy this assumption has come about, or "find" if you will. The bitter part is, I think that he still has a hard time, as even I do, in overcoming the "wow" factor, or significance of what this means. The sweet part is, it can be delt with, and eradicated with work and application. The bitter part is, I am not sure that he understands or believes the seriousness of this issue.

This is so "new" to most people, and so "unbelievable" and so few "understand" it, or how this works, that it is likened unto the realms of "magic" or "myth" or pure bunkum. However, each experience with the Fscan2 provides startling insights and extremely accurate findings. I gave a print out of the Rife frequency list to a friend's daughter, and her boyfriend come back after some research of all of them, and affirmed that every single finding was accurate and applicable to her health or condition.

So, I am still learning, and I will continue on with what we discover this week. I have been advised to stop writing and posting about these things, due to potential persecution. I don't know if that is a valid concern or not, but I do understand the history of persecution of those in the healing arts, and medical feilds who come up with such astounding discoveries and sometimes "cures" or new treatments. This area of research as pioneered by Dr. Clark, Dr. Jeffery Sutherland, Dr. Richard Loyd, and others out there seems to me to be wide open, and full of possibility, as I am beginning to see first hand.

The current medical paradigm ignores largely or completely in many cases, the parasite issue. I am seeing that that "ignorance" may leave you in a living hell, or to an early, agonizing death.

We pulled up pictures and photographs of the taenia psififormis cysts on the brain, liver, and small intestines. I explained to him the issue at hand. I am showing him options that he can take to empower himself, and have at the very least, the option to pursue or reclaim his health. I also introduced him to True Hope for nutritional and emotional support via their program, which has been on Discovery Health channel at least 3 times now as "Impossible Cure?". They have an 88% success rate in treating Bipolar Disorder with the Empower product. They know, as I do, that parasites must be delt with, and are a limiting factor to success on their program.

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