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Update on cancer
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Published: 15 years ago
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Update on cancer

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I am sending an updated version of PCa history over last 14 months.
I can send the full history to anyone who would like to see it.

Cliff Beckwith

For 2002:

The PSA on Jan 21 was 7.1
The PSA on March 4 was 9.2
The PSA on April 15 was 11.4
The PSA on JUly 15 was 12.7
The PSA on Sept 3 was 14.4
The PSA on Oct 28 was 20.3

In early August I added Artemisinin to the mix.
Sept 4 I began the use of Elagic Acid. We will see what happens.

Most Prostate Cancers are slow gowing. Mine was not the most aggressive at
diagnosis but was not slow. If a Gleason score had been done then
indications are it would have been a 7 to 8. My Oncologist feels that is
likely more aggessive than that by now but it isn't worth a biopsy to find

That was eleven years and ten months ago.

There are at least 30 different strains of PCa,
none of which respond exactly the same to any approach. When Prostectomies
are done the average number of strains present in the removed gland is 7.

I will go with 3000 mgs of Beta Glucan a day with 9000 mgs of Vitamin C with
a bioflavinoid, Querciten added for maximum effect.

I will continue the use of the rebounder to keep the lymphatic system going
and flush the lymph nodes where the killer T cells are.

I visited my original Urologist last year for the last Lupron shot. I
stopped in again Oct 31, 2002 for another Lupron shot. I don't know how
much good it will do. In Aug the testosterone level was only 27 and at
least part of that is from the Adrenal gland.

A DRE indicated a hardness one one side of the Prostate Gland but the other
side was soft.

He told me that to that I was doing wonderfully well and looked great for
one close to 81 and he could not argue with what I was doing.


After an October 28 2002 of 20.3 I took a 90 day Lupron shot to see if it
would help reduce the PSA and conctinued with the FO/CC, 3000 mgs of Beta
Glucansee plus 8-9000 mgs of vitamin C and a source of ellagic acid. Part
of the purpose was to see whether the supplements could later keep it down
if the PCa would still respond to the Lupron.

PSA Oct. 28 2002 20.3
PSA Dec 9 2002 10.7
PSA Jan 20 2003 5.7 testosterone 16 I was 81 Jan 5 2003
PSA Mar 3 2003 5.4 testosterone 27

I am beginning the thirteenth year since being dxd with a semi aggrssive PCa
with a PSA of 75 and metastasis to the lymph nodes.
There was no Gleason score done in St. Mary's in Knoxville when my original
biopsy was done. All that is known is that it was not the most aggessive
but was not slow growing.

I am realizing the supplements are big business and quality is being cut in
a lot of places. I finally was told of a source of ellagic acid that I
believe is excellent quality. I am just starting that one.

I have not yet tried Graviola. Here again, quality varies. I do know that
a major drug company saw enough potential in it that they buried it for 7
years while they tried to make a synthetic copy in order to patent it but
couldn't get it done.

I don't believe all the hype about coral calcium but I believe it is very
good and I am using that as a calcium source.

For those interested, this is where I am at present. I believe that 5.4 is
close to normal for an 81 year old man.

My only standard treatment since October of 1995 has been:

Sept. 21 and Oct. 2000 two 30 day Lupron shots
Dec 8 2001 one 30 eay Lupron shot
Oct 31 20o2 one 90 day Lupron shot


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