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Re: [mscured] Juicing & Gerson Therapy
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Published: 19 years ago

Re: [mscured] Juicing & Gerson Therapy

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From: Duncan
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 23:01:55 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: [mscured] juicing & Gerson Therapy

--- Brad Mitchell wrote:
When we were getting everything
> together to have my wife start the Gerson therapy, I
> called and spoke with the clinic. When I asked them
> about their results with MS patients, they told me
> that not one person has healed from MS through the
> Gerson therapy.

Hi Brad,
I don't think there is any one thing that is a cure
for MS. I think there are a lot of things that a
person with MS can do that will help improve their
health. This includes the Gerson therapy, amalgam
removal (in some cases, because some MS patients have
little or no amalgam), special diets (the Gerson diet
eliminates dairy, gluten, and other things that are
bad for MS), detoxification,anti-oxidants, vitamin and
mineral supplementation, various cleanses, and many

None of these things individually are a cure-all when
used alone, but when used in combination they will all
help move the person toward at least a partial
recovery. The more a person does to improve their
overall health the better they will feel.

Janie used the Gerson therapy in combination with
amalgam removal and a few other things to recover from
MS. She is not cured. She still has MS. But she has
her life back and now leading a more normal lifestyle.
The two single most important things that she did
that helped her the most were the Gerson therapy and
amalgam removal and detox. Before we started the
Gerson therapy we spoke with a couple of people who
had MS and used the G.T. to recover, but they didn't
claim that it cured them.

However, I don't know why the person at the Gerson
clinic told you that. If you go to the Gerson website
at and click on "Case Studies",
then click on "Multiple Sclerosis" you can read a
testimonial from someone other than Janie who used the
G.T. to recover from MS.

Also, the Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine
describes the Gerson Therapy in detail at this

Here is one paragraph I have quoted:

"Gerson therapy has had many successes with the
following: cancer, migraine, ulcers, asthma, glaucoma,
edemas, eczema, diabetes, schizophrenia, emphysema,
epilepsy, allergies, psoriasis, tuberculosis,
arteriosclerosis, heart diseases, rheumatoid
arthritis, kidney diseases, lupus erythematosus,
multiple sclerosis, and high blood pressure; all of
them common degenerative diseases. Gerson demonstrated
that dramatic initial improvements can be expected
within one week of starting his therapy, which
involves taking nothing but absolutely fresh fruit and
vegetable juices, coffee, chamomile and castor oil
enemas, and additional nutrients according to the
prescription of a practitioner who is conversant with
the principles of the Gerson therapy."

Maybe you can tell I am a big supporter of the G.T.,
as it helped Janie so much I almost can't believe it.

Before this, I did not believe in alternatives at all,
now I am convinced.


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