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Re: Explanation
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Explanation

I believe if moderators are level headed in their quest to moderate and do not make up rules to apply providentially to others that they may not like...because their friends think they said this or that

Then all questions would be unecessary!

But Ok

I think when I find stuff missing that I posted...or my blog hidden because it reveals some nonsense that has gone on (without names)..that was directed at me

And let me stop here to say..there has been stuff directed to me and at me, and some I ignore some I do not

Mostly I stay civil - look at yoga Path and Thorn's comments-
I don't mind them staying- I on the other hand I said "New Agers do good"
or "energy vampires" are a projection and my God you'd think I accused someone mother of sleeping around..I ate the Hindu cow..So much is harmless -if this is the worst that befalls you at Curezone...look to would that be if it were YOU?

1. apply rules when there are rules, if there are none in existance maybe get clarity by asking Spirit before a blog is bit into or hidden or flamed...
Get clarity on the intention- if you wnat mine I will always share them honestly

this is how people understand one another not by assuming everything that is a differing opinion is personal, it 's 99.9% not. As for poetry nothing was changed about the poem in question adn I believe only 2 have Curezone connotations-AFTER my blog has been hit...and anyone not following the fray wouldn't have a clue!

2. Not everyone is gonna fit into the mold of curezone buddies, not everyone is interested in that, but it is the message not the messanger

3. Are Blog Rules different than forums either debates or supports?

My feeling was any differing opinion is treated with personal offense and especially on blog comments.

4. There are many that have nice exchanges with me..and they don't read the blogs or if they do they are not interested in the inner workings of curezone

5. If everyone is so sensitive then hide them both...if something needs to be "hidden" do it on both sides- First make the rules then be equal in application..and if some mod has made a mistake say so...what is everyone protecting- their screen image? It's a blog...for God's sakes!

6. If names of curezone popular personalities can not be mentioned on blogs there should be a rule stating such-in writing- and how silly will that sound?
But at lest we will know the deal...If you can post that in the rules up front ...well...

7. If any of the "named" parties were treated the way I have been they would've never tolerted it-

They have the *power* so whether it is used for their own agenda too bad

At my private e-mail I have gotten several message to this effect..but , unlike me, these people are not interested in the hassle caused by airing this dirty linen that most acknowledge

I wonder if anyone has the guts to say they have experienced this, alos

If not , why do you think that is?

Because they do not want to be banned from Curezone

And to set the record straight- Most of my blogs are not about Curezone Mods- you canbe sure if you see all over 1100 postings on my blogs under 10 are about incidents on Curezone, and of those maybe 5 mention any names at all-

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