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Atrial fib and bowel cleansing
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Published: 19 years ago

Atrial fib and bowel cleansing

This is long, so I apologize for it in advance, and please bear with me.

I have been diagnosed with Lone Atrial Fibrillation, which is a heart arrhythmia. I had heart palpitations for years but after hysterectomy surgery in February, I have had two episodes of LAF that have landed me in the hospital where they used drugs to convert my heart back to its normal sinus rhythm. I don't do well with the side effects of the medication and I don't want to go through that again!

I believe this problem and others are all related to poor digestion and clogged colon, which affects the heart and the hormone imbalances and the leg edema and all the rest of it. I believe my "estrogen dominance" was caused early on in life by my mother putting me on dairy products and a past lifelong addiction to ice cream.

I did a Jensen 7-day cleanse last year and began to get what I think was a little mucoid plaque but didn't stay on the cleanse afterward in a regular fashion. It's hard to do that rigorous a regime with having to work full time.

I tried the cleanse again a couple weeks ago and couldn't continue because hemorrhoids were so painful I had to quit. I also got very constipated on the P&B. I have also noticed that when I do a colema things get so stirred up in my gut and there's so much gas and bloating that it feels like my heart is going to go into afib again (a common occurrence with afib caused by gastric upset) and I can't sleep. I haven't been back to bed since my last episode July 25. I have to sleep in the recliner because lying down brings gas up to my heart and feels like it's going into afib.

Yesterday I bought a bottle of Primal Defense and took my first cap this morning. I am hoping this will get out the mucoid plaque without having to do P&B. I will continue to do the colemas as needed.

I have several questions because I am confused by some of the info on this board that seems to contradict some of the info in the books.

Some people say that probiotics won't implant in a clogged colon, but Primal Defense claims to. Comments on that?

Some people with LAF claim they healed their afib by giving up all dairy, soy, grain, potatoes, beans and other fermented foods and eating basically the "paleo" diet. Rubin says fermented foods are good for you, and includes tamari among them. He also says goat dairy is good for you.

Some afib people claim that foods high in tyramine, like tomatoes and avocados, are bad news for afib. Yet Rubin says avocados are healthy.

There is also some question about whether the "phytoestrogens" found in plant foods are "good" estrogens or not, especially for someone with past estrogen dominance.

I'm so confused about what to believe!

Does anyone else on this board have afib, and what has helped you? I "feel it in my gut" that cleaning out my digestive tract is the key to solving this and other health problems.

Please help if you have ANY information that might shed light on this! And any experiences, positive or negative, with Primal Defense, would be appreciated.


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