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Re: time stands still
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: time stands still

I love your energy, Rudy:-) I laughed along with you there! As I've said before all the information you require can be found right here, go on just click. Start at the beginning and keep on trucking. I try not to get into explanations of what reiki "is" or what attunement does as I find it irrelevant.

My salvation when it comes to trying to make sense of energetic/mystical things to the mind/ego is Zen. I remember that words only lead to more words. Direct experience counts for all the words ever spoken. Let go of the need to understand - some thing's are not for the limits of mind;-)

I understand your desire to break this stuff down and understand it as I also have a similar desire most of the time. I feel we need to do this because the unknown terrifies us, yet we are a mystery. Live in the mystery as much as possible I reckon.

You ask for my take on angels and the like. To be honest my opinion varies depending which head I have on. Sometimes I'm happy to believe in non-corporeal beings of whatever origin and at other times I'm more inclined to see it as a construction. I'll clarify that a little.

I think the major challenge to our evolutionary growth is the realisation of nonduel reality - the connectedness of all as demonstrated in quantum mechanics and talked about by every sage from Buddha to Jesus. When you realise to illusion of separateness these things take on new meaning.

Think of universe in terms of information and us as bio-computers interpreting information. Studies have demonstrated we tune out a huge percentage of the available information that hits us - maybe as much as 95% of it. This is probably a survival technique so we can get on with our lives (e.g. watch a cat when it's eating, it'll be completely unaware of most other things - they're tuned out, or simple not there in the cats universe).

It's possible that as we work on ourselves, raise our energetic levels and resonate at different frequencies, we tune in to more of these signals. Like everything we tune into we have to organise it to fit models we can use and understand. These are the reality tunnels we live in and constantly co-create with those around us and universe. That's why we all tend to agree the space-time event you sit on "is" a chair ;-). Now if you're tuning into new frequencies and letting in another 10%, for arguments sake, of the information sloshing around your brain will try and organise this into patterns you can understand.

I think this is why 200 years age strange apparitions in the night were seen as ghosts, demons or angels and these days they're more likely to be seen as little green men or the classic "Grays".

Phew, opened up a can of worms here!

Love and light,


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