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Published: 18 years ago
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I just read through all your posts in this current forum.

In your first post, you talk about the trouble with finding all the correct ingredients, so you settled for Grade A maple syrup (not enough vitamins) and non organic lemons (not getting the extra Vitamin C from the pith and peel; and could possibly have toxins in it from the fertilizer on the tree).
In your next posts, you were being a help to those with questions and even showed concern for others.

Later you wrote about your routine, and then wrote...
"if some one thinks they can just jump into this clease i think they would be fooling them selves. die off would be increadible."
I have read about many first-timers on this forum who didn't go through painful die-off or withdrawals (I didn't). I think the severity of a person's pain during the first few days has to do with the amount of toxins in their body (how many years of junkfood) and what addictions they have (coffee, smoking, chocolate, sugar, etc...).

Then you wrote...
"its a good idea to prep for as long as ya want. Liver Flushes are good."
Have you done a liver flush? I have done 3 so far and it has really made me calm down. I have much more patience with my 2 year old now than I did before.
"and Colon Cleanses are even better. good luck, and dont expect it to change over night." That is good advice.

In your next post, you wrote...
"today i skipped lemonade and syrup. i started to notice my skin was getting a little dry so i only had 1 drink. i had 2.5L of distilled water tho, and now i feel good again. i think it might be that i dont get enough excersize to matabolize all the sugar. will this be not as effective as about 8 a day? if i could get more excersize i think i would need the lemonade if ya know what i mean. thanks"
Even if you don't do any exercise, your body still has to keep you alive. In the Master-Cleanse summary at:

the author writes about doing a water fast, but he has to stay in bed for about 3 weeks, and that it was painful. I don't know anyone who would choose to stay in bed to drink water, when you could drink enough lemonade and do just about everything else they could before.
Your lungs are still working, your brain, heart, and especially your digestive is now detoxing. You need that energy from the vitamins.
About your skin getting dry...I don't know how much you weigh but you should be drinking at least 1/2 your body weight (pounds) in ounces. And that's not including the 10 oz. in each lemonade or B&P. And what kind of soap are you using? Most soaps are drying. Try ones that only have plant oils in them (at health food stores and some grocery stores).

Then you posted a rating for the MC. Well, if you haven't followed the recipe, and you didn't drink enough water, then I expected you to not like it.

If juice fasting has really helped you (you gave it a 10), then stick to that...but then why would you have tried the MC? Did you hear that it was some miracle cure that the juice fasting didn't cure for you? If you do juice fasting, then I would expect you to not have a bad die-off or addiction problem at the beginning of the Master-Cleanse because you were already eating healthier foods, right?
I think the Master-Cleanse is very helpful for breaking cravings because it lasts at least 10 days. And cravings for bad food is probably the main reason "diets" fail.

You wrote about getting dizzy on Day 5...well, if you aren't going to drink the lemonades, you aren't on the MC. And if Skittles are in your diet (artificial flavors, colors and sugar) then maybe you do have candida (so check out that forum).

So up until this point, you discussed some of the problems you have and were trying to be helpful to others... Then you wrote "its stupid. id like to smack this stanley guy and ask him why he recomends this stupid fast." Well, you attempted something close to the MC (grade A syrup...which has lots of Sugar and not much vitamins, and the non-organic lemons). And somehow smacking a dead guy would make you feel better (temporarily). This "stupid" fast did for me what nothing else could. Cleaned me out (with the help of the B&Ps), broke my cravings for unhealthy foods (white flour, sugar, too much meat and dairy), made me want veggies and whole grains, and gluttony. After reading some posts of others who broke the fast too soon with fatty meals, I am still wary of being FULL after a meal. There is no pill or diet shake or medical operation that could do all that for me.

Beetlejuice, I don't know you. I don't know where you live or what you look like. That's something great about these forums. You can be honest about so many things and not be embarrassed.

Really, I'm not kidding...go to the Liver Flush Forum and start reading about doing a liver flush.

And pray for strength from God to get you through this time.

You ended your posts a few times with "Peace". So it was surprising that you would threaten others with violence.

But I bid you peace also. I hope you find it.

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