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My 58 Day MC Journey
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Published: 18 years ago
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My 58 Day MC Journey

I hope this gives insight to those considering the Master-Cleanse (and other procedures on this website) from someone who did them.

I am a 36 year old female. I was pretty active as a teenager, played lots of sports in high school. I wasn't too concerned about my weight or health for that matter because I hardly ever ate veggies (only french fries). I wasn't completely happy with my body's composition (my upper arms, waist and thighs were thicker than what I wanted). I am 5'8". I didn't really keep up with my weight then, but I think I was around 135-140.
I continued working out after high school, and got pretty strong. My thighs and arms got bigger, but never defined.
Then I got married at 26. I guess the mainly-rice diet I ate for 3 months while planning for the big day slimmed me down, because my dress was pretty loose by the wedding day (Size 10). But I wasn't working out so I had weakened some too. Then the honeymoon...we pigged out. Every meal was huge (appetizers, main courses and of course...desserts)! I couldn't fit into most of my clothes by the end of the week. That began my uphill struggle with gaining weight for the past 10 years. Since I found the perfect mate (he really is perfect...for me) and was spoiled by having him in my life, we spoiled ourselves with food. And along with that, I didn't workout anymore...too tired, too boring. When I got pregnant almost 3 years ago, I was around 198. When I gave birth, I was about 250 and felt miserable. Even though 10+ pounds of that was baby, I was still way too heavy. Breastfeeding was very beneficial for both of us (that lasted 14.5 months) and I got down to 190. Being responsible for another living soul made me change our dietary habits. I slowly started switching to organic. At the beginning of this year (New Year's Resolutions), I was determined something was going to change, so I took lots of vitamins. Hardly any change (except my bank account). Then I started reading the bible. Many fasted then, even Jesus, and sometimes without even water for 40+ days. I even did 2 two-day water fasts, just to see what I could handle, but nothing really changed. Then, one of my sister's emailed me the MC. I did a search and found I am so glad I did. After reading alot on the site, I decided to try it for at least 10 days. Two days after Easter, my journey began...

The MC
I began at 192 pounds. Every morning (after my first bathroom trip) I would weigh myself and do a self assessment in front of the mirror...naked. This was my peprally time. "I am worth this effort. I have been treating you (my body) so poorly for so long, you deserve a break. I promise to treat you better from now on. God please give me the strength to heal my body, naturally."
I started the Master-Cleanse as it is written, but I took the laxative tea for 3 nights and it never did anything for me so I quit that. The first week I lost 9 pounds. And I noticed something, my arms and thighs weren't as chubby (the skin was loose), and my butt 'where is it going?'. My knees and elbows were much more flexable. (I guess since some of the fat under my skin was going away, I could bend more easily.) Once a week I would try on a pair of jeans that were too tight before. Now, I could button them. Hooray!
I didn't really have any problems getting off food, just a mild headache sometimes during the first 3 days. (I had gotten off caffiene and chocolate a while ago.) Since things were going well, I started researching more things I could do to clear my body of toxins and restore my organs to "like-new" condition.
So the 2nd week, I did a liver flush. (More about that below) And I quit adding the cayenne (too painful to my liver after the flush and I read on a post that it is mainly for getting rid of mucous and mine was gone by day 10). I lost only 2 pounds.
The 3rd week, I lost 5 pounds.
The 4th week, I started taking the B&Ps (3 a day for the rest of the fast). And did another liver flush. And I had reached my limit on the salt-water flushes. I just couldn't drink anymore every morning. Sometimes my anus would get so chapped and dry, even with drinking alot of water, so I switched to prune juice. 1 cup straight with nothing else withing 30 minutes before or after. The next day after the 2nd Liver Flush (see below), I drank almost a quart of it and lost 5 pounds in 24 hours. I got alot of tangled ropes out. Lost 8 pounds total that week.
The 5th week, I only lost 2 pounds. I believe it was because the B&Ps were loosening up alot in there and the flushes weren't as productive (even the saltwater ones). My waist would grow, yet my butt, arms and legs were still shrinking. The loose ropes were blocking alot of the waste inside, yet I didn't feel sick or achey, so I marched on.
The 6th week, I did a 3rd liver flush. Same as the week before, I only lost 2 pounds.
The 7th week, I lost 3 pounds.
The 8th week, I lost 6 pounds.
I ended the Master-Cleanse 3 days into the 9th week and lost 2 more pounds.
So during the 58 days I lost 39 pounds.

Sense of smell - As the fast began, the lemonades were satisfying my hunger, but I could smell better (from a farther distance) than before. I could smell a slightly dirty diaper from another room. After I did my first liver flush, it became even more acute. It is still strong after 10 days off the MC.
Tongue - Before I had fasted at all, my tongue would sometimes have a light coating on it (now I know why...TOXINS). It got very thick during the first week (along with my breath) but started flaking off way in the back around week 6 (felt like soft plastic, I wanted to spit alot). All throughout the fast, I would brush my tongue, gargle with apple cider vinegar/water or hydrogen peroxide/water and nothing was working. Then I read in a post that cotton discs (like flat cottonballs) worked, so I tried it. YES, it worked! (of course, I learned this on my last week) I couldn't reach the very back without gagging, but the front and sides got a good rubbing. The very back (thickest coating) is still flaking off now.
Body Odor - At the end of the first week, I noticed it was stronger, thinking "This really wasn't that bad." Then during the 2nd week, it hit me as I reached out for something. "Was that ME?" OHHHH, it was me. And with my much improved sense of smell I could barely stand it. I don't know how my husband could stand being in the same room. (I know he needs his first liver flush.) I showered once a day, but that wasn't enough. I had to wash my armpits about every 6 hours, with a strong soap (my Dr. Bronner's wasn't strong enough with just plant oils in it). Since I stay at home with my child, I was able to go without deodorant much of the time (I didn't want anything blocking my pores from getting those toxins out.) More info below.
Cravings - The first week really wasn't bad. The lemonades really did satisfy me. I still cooked for my family while drinking a lemonade. When I rarely tasted the food I was cooking, I would spit it out and rinse my mouth with water. More info below.

Teeth - My teeth felt very soft after a week, and I didn't really want to gargle with Baking Soda/water after every lemonade, so I would just swish a mouthful of plain water after each one. My teeth were fine within a few days.
Organic lemons - The first 10 days I bought regular lemons, because the organic ones were more expensive. WRONG! I was hand juicing them and not getting much juice per lemon. Come to find out, the organic lemons were 20 cents cheaper per pound than the regular ones at Krogers. I finally pulled out my electric whole food juicer (Juiceman Jr.) and started using the whole fruit. I would wash each lemon with a sprinkle of baking soda, rubbing it well and rinsing it under the faucet (I have well water). I could get 2 cups of juice from 5 tennis ball-sized lemons (Much more per lemon!)
Menstrual period - Unlike several other women who would get their periods early on the MC, my first during it was 11 days late. No cramping and the typical 5-6 days, but a little brighter red. I wonder if the uterine fibroid that grew during my pregnancy is still there. (I guess I'll find out during my next pregnancy.) My next period during the MC was right on time (28 days).
Exercise - I didn't push it during the MC. I would have highs and a few lows (energywise) during the MC. I hadn't been working out much within a few months of the beginning so I didn't think this was a good time to start something rigorous. I chased my 2 year old around, climbed stairs alot, and mowed the lawn about every 10 days. The last 2 weeks I did BODY FLEX (holding deep breaths and stretches). I felt stronger and more energetic then.

My first on Day 11 is at :

My 2nd on Day 24 is at :

My 3rd on Day 38, was only 1/2c. olive oil and 1/4c. lemon juice. I got alot more tangled ropes out but I didn't see anymore gallstones.

I didn't tell any of my extended family what I was doing until close to the end. My mother and mother-in-law have never mentioned fasting to me before so I doubt they know much about it. Besides, they are from the old school that food (desserts) is a reward and 'no one leaves my home hungry'. They would have tried hard to sabatoge my efforts. I saw my sister (the one that emailed me the MC) during my last week and I found out she had tried the MC for 15 days and our mom was begging her to eat! Now both that sister and my youngest sister are now on it after hearing how well it went for me. My husband was a little concerned in the beginning (since he wasn't raised with this concept, like I wasn't), and as the days started adding up, he became more and more amazed at the results. And that I wasn't hungry. He is now sold on the MC and is now mentally preparing for an attempt in a few weeks.

My daughter was a good cover for me whenever we went out to eat. I would order a small something and feed it to her. No one ever noticed.

Around the 7th week, something happened inside me. My breath no longer stunk. My body didn't reek anymore (in fact, I could go more than a day without a shower and no deodorant and I didn't smell!) My tongue had already started flaking off in the back, but now the coating on the front and sides was fading. I had started gathering healthy recipes and converting old ones, and now they were starting to make me hungry. As I cooked food, the smells were starting to get to me. I became obsessed with food, living vicariously through my daughter as I spoon-fed her, wanting to taste. At first, I craved good food, like beans, salads, rice. By the 9th week, I wanted anything...meat, chicken, cheese.
In the beginning, I had planned to stay on the MC until I had gotten back down to 140, but my body had other plans. I had a dull pain develop every once in a while on my left side below my ribcage. It started during week 8. I don't know if it was another organ (Pancreas) or a muscle? The pain has now gone away.

The 1st day off the MC, I drank apple juice and very slowly ate 3 oranges and still drank alot of water.
The 2nd day, I had 2 oranges (ate slowly) and made my soup: I cleaned out the fridge.
1 c. baby carrots (diced)
1 c. potato (diced)
1 can corn
1 small yellow summer squash (no seeds, diced)
1/2 onion (diced)
1 1/2 c. cooked rice w/mushrooms (leftovers)
1 T diced garlic
2 c. water
I put all in a crockpot for 90 minutes on high.
At lunchtime, I spooned out 3/4c. of just the broth in a bowl and garnished it with Mrs. Dash (no salt, 17 seasonings), freeze-dried chives and 1 rye cracker. I savored every bite, taking 10 minutes to eat it.
2 hours later, I had another bowl. Then I put the remaining soup in the blender for 5 seconds (to cut up any big chunks). Then for dinner, I had the thicker soup. IT WAS SO GOOD.
The 3rd day, (I lost 1 pound) I had an orange for breakfast, that Great soup for 2 more meals. Then we went out for an early dinner. I had a chicken salad. Actually I had about 6 bites of chicken and alot of lettuce, eating it very slowly (saved most of it for lunch the next day) and about 4 potato skins (No Bacon!).
No problems with cramping or headaches or anything. Since I wrote down everything I did on the MC, it was a good reminder to drink water. Now that I don't journal anymore, I just drink a big glass of water on the even numbered hours of the day.

My attitude about food has definately changed.
All the feasts of white flour, sugar, shortening, margarine, colas...JUNK FOOD...all that is over. My body will never be that out of balance again.
I will never gulp down food again. I now savor my food, wanting to nurish my body, not just rush through a meal.
Holidays will certainly be different from now on. No more pigout feasts.
And just because the food is there doesn't mean I have to eat it. I might still give a taste to my mom's and mother-in-law's home-cookin' but I can fill up on the good stuff (salads, steamed veggies, etc.)
I have gained back about 6 pounds, but I expected that with my bowels filling with food (which would retain some water).
My BMs sink to the bottom of the bowl, so that's good.
My Cholesterol - I got my first cholesterol test around age 28. It was 241. (Way too many donuts every Saturday morning at that time!) This year I started donating blood (a great way to get your cholesterol checked...without a doctor's office visit).
In Jan. it was 256 (after eating some healthier foods for a year).
In March it was 240 (I had been taking alot of vitamins and still trying to eat healthier).
Yesterday (10 days after ending the MC), I donated a pint. 190!!!! I tried to donate 5 days before but my Iron was too low. So I had a few boiled eggs, some lentil soup and beef. We'll see in 2 months if it stays below 200.

I would start on the B&Ps on Day 1. The quicker those ropes get out, the better.
I would try harder to do Body Flex, or some kind of stretching or walking for 30 minutes everyday.
I would have ended the fast after the Body Odor left and my cravings kicked back in (probably 2 weeks earlier). I can be pretty stubborn to sticking to my plan of losing every unwanted pound, but I can't imagine how hard I would have been to live with if I had gone another week or 2.

The bible is our owner's manual. God has specified what foods we can eat and what food are unclean and we shouldn't touch. He didn't do that to tempt us. He knows what is best. I know that Jesus said the new testament replaces the old testament and yes you will be saved by his blood, but wouldn't you rather live your life to its fullest (by eating the right foods), instead of getting sick (spending most of your final years battling with drugs, doctors, insurance companies) just because you want to eat what you want to eat. The devil loves suffering, early death, evil and lost souls. Don't give him the satisfaction. Jesus has been waiting for everyone to call to him. He is always there; he is everywhere. I plan on making it to 120 years. I will do my best to live the fullest life I can. This world is a battleground for Good (GOD) and Evil (Devil). When humans do evil to themselves, each other or this planet the devil claims victory. But think of the truly beautiful things you see (a mountain range, a sunset, a child being born) we cannot make these on our own. God is the only creator. And he made you, perfectly. And man's idea of perfect is not what God sees. Don't spend the rest of your life trying to look like models in the magazines (No one looks like that with all the retouching they do to those photos.)
I wish I hadn't wasted so much time obsessing about my weight for the past 10 years. I should have been alot more concerned with my health and my weight would have improved automatically.
I will not take this temple for granted again.
I am very thankful every night for the glorious day I was blessed with and every morning that I wake up to spend another one with my family. I am much calmer now. I don't get uptight about things I can't change. Whatever happens on earth, I know there is something much bigger than me or my weight or the problems of this world. There are only two choices for Eternity.
One is much more glorious than your best day on earth. And the other...well, it is much worse than your worst day. And if you don't choose before your time is up, you have made a choice.
Don't ignore this chance for salvation.
I would love to meet you up there, we could chat for an eternity.
In the meantime, I will

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