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Published: 18 years ago
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I think you should do some kind of fast to clean out your pipes.

I too was overweight, low energy and tried alot of different things to feel and look better for about 10 years.
At the beginning of the year, I was determined that something was going to change so I started taking ALOT of vitamins.
I had been changing my diet with organic food for the past 2 years, and trying to work out (but I would find excuses not to).
Nothing was really helping much.
Then my sister emailed me the MC.
I did a search on the internet and found this website.

These forums give a fly-on-the-wall perspective to newbies looking for insight (with usernames, people can be very open about bodily functions) and those on the Master-Cleanse can get their questions answered quickly.

You can learn so much by just using the SEARCH box in the upper right-hand corner.

I don't know why doctors (if they really want to heal) don't tell EVERYONE to clean out their digestive systems.

I just ended a 58 Day Master-Cleanse and lost 40 pounds. I did 3 Liver Flushes (during the MC) and got alot out.

For the first 20 days, I did not take any B&Ps (removes mucoid plaque or ropes), so my BMs were like bile (yellow liquid).
I had read here that hardly any people get out ropes just doing the Master-Cleanse as it is written. So I started researching. I cannot imagine doing the MC for 58 days and not getting that stuff out of me. If you have ever eaten shortening, margarine, white flour, JUNK FOOD... you most likely have it inside you now.
It is blocking your intestines from absorbing everything healthy that you are eating. (It is still aggrivating to look at all the vitamin bottles I bought a few months ago. What a waste!)
I know I lost at least 5 pounds of ropes.

There are lots of different fasts (apple, pear, grape, MC, etc.) that will clear out the recent waste from your system (even a laxative can do that), but I needed to go to the cellular level and clean house! And that included the very old toxic glue (mucoid plaque) that had been clogging up my system for many years.
You probably could get ropes out VERY SLOWLY by eating healthy, but you would still be fighting with your cravings. The MC with B&Ps solved these problems for me.

I feel much better now (even better than when I was an athlete teenager because I didn't eat the right foods then).
I am a 36 year old female. (I have read that men lose more quickly on the you could do even better than I.)

But losing weight is should not be the main reason for a flush or fast. The weight you gained is a symptom of something that has been out-of-balance in your body (probably for a long time). The flush or fast is giving your digestive system a break from digesting and improving your immune system. And your cravings for unhealthy foods should be broken if you fast long enough. Once your immunity is up to the level it should be, your body can absorb every bit of nutrition from the healthy food you will want. And your energy level will rise, because you have removed the toxins clogging all your systems up. So you will continue to lose weight after the MC.

Be informed. Read, read, read. (This website is like a detailed Biology class.) Then make an informed decision about your health. Another thing I love about all this is that you can get most of the ingredients required at a local store. And not have to get a doctor's permission to heal your own body (HMOs).

God has given us an owner's manual (Bible) and Jesus gave instruction on fasting so this is nothing new.
Don't be afraid. You've skipped breakfast before and you didn't die. And you won't be hungry because the lemonades do fill you up.

Do a search on MUCOID PLAQUE. or ROPES. You will learn alot.

Good luck on your path to wellness.
Pray for the strength to heal this temple for your soul and the Holy Spirit.

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