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Calculating total volume of gallstones

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Published: 19 years ago

Calculating total volume of gallstones

Have you wondered how to tell whether youíve gotten all your stones out? I donít know whether I can answer that critical question, but I think Iím on the way to figuring it out.

Iíve done 14 gallbladder purges over the last six months and have kept a pretty good record of the number and size of the stones (mostly dark green and leathery). If my arithmetic is correct, Iíve produced a total volume of 7 cubic inches. That would fill a cylinder an inch and half in diameter and 4 inches long, roughly the size of my gallbladder.

Iím speculating about the size of my gallbladder, of course, and I know it's pear shaped, not cylindrical. But I think Iím in the ballpark. The super accurate way to measure the stones would be to drop them into a calibrated cylinder half full of water and watch the level rise. I knew I should have saved them. Darn!

Here are some numbers that will help you calculate the volume of your stones in cubic inches. They are derived from the formula for determining the volume of spheres (volume = 4/3 x 3.1416 x radius cubed). In the table below, the first number on each line is the stoneís diameter. Multiply the cubic inch number by the number of stones of that size. Then add them all up.

1 .5236 cubic inch
7/8 .3508 cubic inch
3/4 .2209 cubic inch
5/8 .1278 cubic inch
1/2 .0655 cubic inch
3/8 .0276 cubic inch
1/4 .0082 cubic inch
1/8 .0010 cubic inch

To convert your total volume to cylindrical shape, use one and a half inches as the diameter (radius equals .75 inch) with the formula for cylindrical volume (volume = 3.1416 x radius squared x height). To get the cylinderís height, divide the total volume by 3.1416 x radius squared.

Despite overall good results with my purges (some skimpy, some prodigious), Iíve still had quite a bit of pain, discomfort and bloating in the abdomen, especially the gallbladder area, even after getting rid of 7 cubic inches of hardened cholesterol. But for the last week my spirits are up, Iíve had very little pain and I haven't had to unbutton my pants to sit down, all of which is something new. I hope itís a sign that maybe Iím finally getting this thing under control.

Iím thinking that the pain (generally low grade) might be due to the gallbladderís difficulty in adjusting to its new, relatively empty condition. Itís free to contract to expel bile now, whereas the accumulated stones have kept it from doing so, probably for decades.

Incidentally, if you have been wondering whether you should try Gold Coin Grass, Iíd recommend it. It has made a clear improvement in my last few purges.



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