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Day 7 begins!
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Published: 20 years ago

Day 7 begins!

Hi All,

I thought I'd check in now that I'm starting Day 7 of my first MC.

I've lost about 4 pounds (yay, only 56 more to go). My clothes are feeling quite a bit looser, though. I can
actually see a difference in my face. (Oh great - with my luck, I'll lose all 60 pounds in the face! lol) Starting
today, I am cutting the Maple Syrup in 1/2 to help with the weight loss.

I started on Thursday so that the dreaded 3rd and 4th days would fall on the weekend and I could just lay low.
But I had none of the symptoms that I half expected. No headaches, no pains, no nausea, no fatigue. Now, I wasn't exactly
a bundle of energy, but I haven't been for a lonnnnng time. This may sound strange, but I was almost disappointed
to not feel the nasty symptoms, as proof that this thing is working.

But I must say that I'm already feeling better than I have in years. My chronic diarrhea has let up. At least now I just
"go" (and go and go and go....) right after the salt water flush! It used to be totally unpredicatable, and I'd have
moments to find a rest room. NOT a good way to live! I've been sleeping like a rock. My fingernails are growing -
even this problem one that I've had that kept chipping to the point where there's been no "white" showing for months!
A scratch that I've had on my knee for months has even finally healed. No lie!

I feel almost guilty reporting that even drinking the salt water cocktail is not difficult for me. Not pleasant to drink,
for sure, but I've had no problem getting it down (or back out, lol).

I've been mixing the lemon juice and maple syrup together at home in a 1/2 gallon jug in the morning, then adding
the hot filtered (reverse osmosis) water when at work. Drinking lots of filtered water at work. At home, I've used
only tap water, but I'm going to stock up at the HF store today and will buy some distilled stuff.

I've been doing the B&P shakes - like 2 - 3 a day since Saturday. No drama from that yet, though. I do have a question
about B&P, but I'll post that separately.

I've had no problem avoiding food. But I cannot imagine doing this if I had to prepare food for a family - or even
be around other people who are eating. Those of you who live with people who are eating have my utmost respect!
And geez, whoever posted here recently about working in a restaurant.....yikes! I've yet to test the waters of
going out with friends (only my 2 best pals know I'm doing this), though I may try it tonight. I've been invited
to step out with one of the two pals and a friend of hers. We'll see how strong I'm feeling when the time comes.

Feeling lots better mentally, too, though no high drama in that department, either. But I've been at the lowest of lows emotionally
over the last few months.

One of the most helpful things has been reading this forum - almost obsessively - at work and at home. Thanks
all for the information, inspiration and support!

Maybe I should also mention here that I've had THE WORST eating and drinking habits of anyone on the planet right up until
I started this thing last week. This was no small hop" from a healthy Diet by any means! More thanks go to Robin Quivers of the Howard Stern show for mentioning the Master
Cleanse on the air a month or so ago. While she didn't mention it by name, she listed the ingredients that led to her dramatic
weight loss and the end to her health issues. A few google searches later, and I found the Master-Cleanse information! It only took
a couple of weeks of researching and thinking about it before I decided that this might be the resolution to my problems. And, danged, if it doesn't seem to be!

Wow, I've really carried on here, eh? I feel like an infomercial! Not bad for a shy and quiet person. The new me,
perhaps? haha. I'll close now, it's time for another lemonade. :-)


~~Shirley L.

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