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Re: My story. After the first flush - with some questions.
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: My story. After the first flush - with some questions.

Hi, Iím on my 3rd cleanse and I found this site while looking for more info. I had that feeling of fullness and slight pain in my gallbladder/liver area and didnít want to wait another week before cleansing. After reading some posts I decided to go ahead and do a 3rd cleanse. I am having insomnia due to the pain. I am also having some general cleanse symptoms like increased acne, tongue sores, kidney pain, headaches and nausea. My massage therapist told me it was due to toxins bing released from the liver along with the stones. I would imagine if your liver/gallbladder system works better after the cleanse you would start to eliminate backed up waste that you werenít efficiently eliminating before the cleanse, as well.

I learned of the cleanse by searching on ďcleanseĒ while doing a general toxin herb cleanse a former massage therapist and naturapath student recommended. I found this Ebook ďThe Amazing Liver CleanseĒ which was well worth the $4.95 price to me. It described his theory of how ALL diseases are linked to an unclean liver, true or not, I canít tell you. His cleanse called for 1T Epsom Salt in 3/4 c water 4 hours before bed, ten again 2 hours before bed and then Ĺ c olive oil with 3/4 c grapefruit juice. Then 1 T Epsom Salt upon arising in the morning and another 1T 2 hours later. It is extremely accurate procedure, but I searched on some other procedures to figure out what was important and what wasnít. I was also worried about using more salt than recommended on the package so I searched on that. Turns out Epsom Salt draws in liquid from your body into your intestines. Not too scary. I tried larger and larger doses first to see how I would react to it. I didnít fast at all or change my eating habits, other than using the apple juice as my sole carbohydrate source for the first week, since I have mild hypoglycemia, It did not affect the cleanse as far as I could tell. The food was all liquified by the salts the night of the cleanse. I used 4c per day of apple juice for a week the first cleanse, but it gave me the hypoglycemic shakes. The second time I bought Malic Acid tabs at the Vitamin World at the mall. I ground up 2 tabs in a kitchen mortar and pestle and added it too about 1 c of water, between meals 2 times a day, as recommended in the book. Just a spoon full of Sugar helped this medicine go down. It worked just as well. I used organic apricot kernel oil the second time and it tasted 10x better. Another trick in the book is to take 1t of honey after the salts to get rid of that awful taste. Lime or lemon added helps as well. The book also recommends doing a Colon Cleanse after or taking 1t of Epsom salt after rising for 3 weeks or until your next cleanse whichever comes first. It said the sicker you are, the more cleanses you will have to do until you are done.

I am so happy I found this cleanse. I am part Scandinavian, part Northern German descent, female, and have taken birth control pills and been pregnant, so according to my searches, I am highly likely to have stones. I used to cough up white stones when I was a kid, and my mom took an especially large one to my doctor, but she did not know what it was. I always imagined it was some kind of slow pancreas cancer or something. At 30 I began having pains in my gallbladder/liver area and went again to the doctor, got an ultrasound and still no help. They told me to cut back on fat, but did not explain why, even though I was getting a PhD in Molecular Biology at a medical school. I put 2 and 2 together myself and realized that someday I would probably have a serious gall bladder attack. After the birth of my child at 35 my pain got bad again, but what could I do. Iíve had 2 surgeries and both were bad. I was also involved in a potential malpractice case, with my attorney husband, for a woman whose doctor cut the wrong duct when removing her gallbladder. Turns out other doctors said it was not negligence, because it happens so often and is a common mistake!!!!! The case had to be dropped.

After the first cleanse, I was cured of painful nightly edema in my feet. I also think my hypoglycemia was significantly diminished, since when I ate foods with flour in it, it did not give me the usual problems, like bloating and tiredness. I passed about 300 small white stones the first time and about 30 or so 1" round or oblong green stones the second time. I felt an overwhelming feeling of disgust the second days of the cleanses and was weak and did not feel like driving. I did enjoy walking however. I also felt the way you do when you throw up and feel better only your stomach is still trying to throw up, only in the gall/liver area instead of in the stomach. Not pleasant, but it was worth it. I did feel some stomach nausea, but I found some fiber and a green drink helped that. I also did the parasite herb cleanse between the cleanses, but did not really notice any benefit to it, although it was hard to tell with so much going on at once.
I hope Dr. Weil tries the cleanse, changes his position and gets the word out. He can do it if no one else can.

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