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Published: 18 years ago
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Obviously I want help or I wouldn't be here! I am a mother of 5 beautiful children and was told from a doctor if I don't get this treated that I will DIE! So how the heck do you think I feel. I have, next to no energy..enough to get me to this dang computer, sever memory loss and have trouble with remembering things that are posted you'll EXCUSE me if I've asked the same question in the past. OR perhaps I've asked similar yet different questions trying to get the exact heart of what I can and can't have.

This is supposed to be a "support" forum. So I excpected to get just that...."support"...not to get beat up and kicked when I'm down and asked ridiculous questions like "WHICH IS BETTER TO CUT OFF...THE RIGHT LEG OR THE LEFT"....Now, had I of wanted an answer like that, I'd of directed my questions to Jim Carey!
(Had the pleasure of working with him and that is definately something he'd say)!

when you give a Smart A-- answer then it can become hurtful ESPECIALLY to someone who is as severly ill as I. I have eaten just about EVERYTHING you all have suggested...I've lost 22 pounds in 5 weeks. I have said REPEATEDLY that I cannot take probiotics because my body can not tolerate them and yet I STILL get answers of "oh...well you should take a probiotic!" GOODNESS!

SO I am trying to find an alternative way to treat myself. How much do you think my children CRIED AND OUTRIGHT BALLED when "Mom" was basically given a life sentence. BIG TIME. So I'm an absolute MESS right now and in absolute TERROR!

What I DON'T NEED is sarcasm and smart A--sy answers (excuse my french but I am Livid over this right now...and am crying because for such a SUPPORTIVE FORUM to which I recommend to TONS of people....THESE are certainly NOT the responses I had expected.) SOOOOOOO It is not that I am "IGNORING IT OR PASSING IT OFF" is that my LIFE is at stake and I CAN NOT TAKE ANY OF THE MEDICATIONS SUGGESTED HERE! I have a BAD heart that can't take it! Do you understand????? I'm grasping at straws here and it was my last resort.....looks like I have NONE now. I don't think that "ganging" up on someone who voices their opinion here is being supportive and quite frankly....could be the one thing that sends someone over the edge...SO the future...perhaps you can be a little kinder, gentler in your postings so as not to hurt anyone.

Although it is quite true that a lot of you here have been quite helpful (ESPECIALLY LAPIS) is ALSO true that some here have been quite RUDE and down right ridiculous in the handling of peoples postings. People don't come here because their feeling good....they come here because they are essentially DYING (LITTERALLY) and need help and "O P T I O N S" you weigh them all and use what works for you.

I NEVER SAID THAT LAPIS WAS NEVER HELPFUL OR LACKING INFORMATION! I didn't bash him or other wise...I was taken aback by the "tone of his post" and surprised it came off the way it did ....HOWEVER...if it was such a problem in answering my post, he could have skipped over it. I'd of rather he DIDNT answer my post then to put it the way he did. Can you understand where I'm coming from????? I just feel that if you can't say something positive to fill someone up with hope, love and help...then you just shouldn't say anything at all.

And finally...If I didn't have to worry about putting food into 5 childrens mouths...I'd be out there buying all the books you've suggested...BUT since I'm so ill and can't work anymore, and my hubby has to stay home to take care of me and the children, working hasn't been an the mean time we're 2 months behind on rent and facing eviction now and just trying to find "FOOD" in general has been a real task! SO we try to buy things that we all can eat. I can't afford to get specialty foods and at the same time...if I don't....I it basically looks like.... I die.

I have spent my entire life helping other people....protecting them for violence, homelesses, and hunger. And here i am now in a situation that not ONLY can I not help my self...but my children either! How do you THINK this makes me feel.

I'll try not to burdon you with more postings.

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