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Published: 17 years ago


These letters to Wayne come from Pastor Michael Maixner, of Norwich Worship Center! There are protracted meetings going on Right NOW! Jesus is visiting Norwich, Connecticut! Stay tuned. I'll keep putting the latest updates on the top of this page.


Dear Wayne,

Well here goes, as near as I can tell. It has it's beginnings in the manner in which the meetings were first set up. While my wife and I were on vacation in late June, Charles Ndifon called the Norwich Worship Center. The reason he called it that he was looking for a place to come in Connecticut. Charles was looking on the internet for churches in Connecticut and he says he was directed by the Spirit to check out Norwich. He knew nothing about Norwich but while looking found the name of the church. Called and talked to the secretary Carol. He discovered that we were a fellowship that seemed open to the things of God and the present move of God. They had a good conversation. He called several times but we kept missing one another. I would return calls and he would be away, then one day after I returned from Honduras we were able to talk by phone. There was a sense of bond in the spirit. Charles was invited to come for a 3 day meeting, November 7, 8, & 9, 1997. We agreed to set out a little bite on faith and called the meetings "Miracle Healing Crusade" and encourage the community to bring the sick. May I tell you this was a first for us. There was that "mocking spirit" ministering to me that you talk about. You know the spirit that says, "yaa right, a miracle healing crusade" etc.

Charles came in on a Friday afternoon, he brought a small ministry team with him. They all stayed in the homes of the members. The first night, Friday the 7th, there was a fairly good crowd. Approx. 175-180 people. This was great! We had our Worship team do our Worship which you know about, high praises and up-beat music, dancing and all. There were quite a few visitors so I was a little concerned as how they might react to our Worship. The Lord soon got me over that.

Charles began to preach. The message was so simple! It was just the telling of the Good News! Jesus came to save, heal and deliver ... and the fact He is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever. When time came for the altar call, to my surprise more than half the people came forward. We had nothing in place to deal with this response. That first night there we 2-3 people born again, several who were healed of different things, mostly back problems. What Charles tells people is that they need to have the healer in them so that they may walk in healing. If they do not know Him to invite Him in through repentance and believing. He states. "Why would God heal you so you can go and sin all the more?"

Well here I was looking at all these people who came to the altar. I began to weep. We stayed to about 11:30pm that first night ministering to people. Saturday night, WOW! the place was standing room only! 3-4 more people were born again, a man who was confined to a wheelchair for 9 years walked, assisted, for the first time. There were folks healed of asthma, who would begin to run around the room, no problems with breathing. There was a lady who had not been to church in years she had developed chronic back problems she went down in the spirit and came up tears flowing and laughing running up and down the isle. A man who had been homeless, but taken in by one of our member had his knees healed to where who could now jump and run, he could not do that because of a war injury from Veitnam. Then came Sunday ...

The place was standing room only. More healings 3-4 more born again, Sunday a lady with MS came for prayer she was never in our building before, went down in the spirit got up and all pain gone and picked up a young man who was a friends son, literally picked him up - a man about 180lbs. She was healed of MS, called the church the next day and reported it as well.

There was such a response we felt we needed to extend the meetings. I had for months planted the seeds of what would we do if God chose to extend meetings would we be willing to pay the price etc. Monday morning we prayed for favor and sent our events person to the local radio station just to make an announcement that the meeting were continuing. That ended up being a 30 min talk show and people calling and asking questions and directions to the building. All morning long the local radio station received calls and they gave out the information about the meetings, something they have not done before. Well Monday night was a blow-out. My daughter's eyes were healed of a condition, I don't remember the name, but nothing could be done. There was no surgery or medication to help. She had been to all the specialists even the one in Boston. Well Monday night, the Lord wonderfully restored her vision. She was able to pluck her eyebrows for the first time in 2 years where before she could not distinguish a person's face from 3-4 feet. 2-4 more people were born again.

Then after Monday night things begin to blur a little. It's hard remembering all the things that happen. There are so many healings that you begin to remember the more astounding ones. Like people who have their hearing restored which are more than 15 now. Like the man who had his inner ear and ear drum removed by surgery who began to hear speech from across the room. The reports of people who call back during the day and report their healings. People who have called to report that while looking for the building have driving past us and experienced a warmth coming upon them and then realize they are healed. After Tuesday that radio was flooded with calls. There was one man who called and suggested that there be meetings to help some seniors who don't or can't get out at nights. He complained that he could not sit for more that 1/2 hour because of the pain in his back etc. We prayed and it was agreed to have afternoon meetings at 2:00pm. This same man came and was healed and called the station again and gave testimony to that affect.

So now here we are we are meeting 2:00pm & 7:00pm the after noon meetings are less attended about 35-50 but what is so amazing is that most of the salvations have come from these afternoon meetings. These are folks that are 40 to 85 years old. Coming like school children and trusting in the Lord of Glory. They are being Saved, Healed, and set Free. There has been a cry from the body of Christ for teaching on the ministry to the hurting...So we were cleared by the Lord and now we are meeting daily 10:00 am, 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm daily. The FELLOWSHIP has been great, they have counted and have been willing to pay the price. We had to cancel our Thanksgiving dinner, we have had to adjust drastically our class room space for the College we conduct, Sandra and I have had to release a Vacation given to us for 5 days in Williamsburg Va. People are helping, and coming alongside one another while God is moving. We have continued to hold our home group meetings for fellowship and etc. But the church people have been great!! We are now into our 15th day. To date. including last night, there have been 91 people born again that we have names for the majority are in the 50's-60's. Several in their 80's, there are some young folks too being saved. And all ages being healed. of almost every thing I have heard of and alot of stuff I haven't. Last night Thursday 20 Nov. one of our ushers counted and could only come up with 15-20 of our own people in the meeting, the place was full, most of the time that's the ways it's been people coming form the community that I have never seen before, and have never come to our building before. It's a HOOOOOT! We have decided to keep going taking only Thanksgiving Day off. We are planning a Baptism service on Friday the 28th. I left so much out there are salvations at every meeting, over 300 hundred healing by now. Thank you for your support! - Michael G. Maixner


From: Pastor Michael G. Maixner 11/28/97


I have been giving thanks now for the last 22 days. I have never experienced the wonder of the goodness of God's grace as I have since this all started on the 7th of November. We took Thanksgiving Day off. I mean Sandra & I took it off! We will start up the meeting once again on Friday.

As near as I am able to tell by those who have given us their names 121 people have been Born Again. Well over 350 healings. I am learning that The Lord does not play to the "Crowd."

One afternoon meeting there were about 20 people present, there were a group of elderly ladies that came in together. As they talked spoke in terms of hopeful expectancy I sensed that there was faith present to believe. Out of that group of ladies 4 of the six were born again! I believe the Lord told me, "I'm bringing My daughters home." Wow! I was blown away. That same afternoon a young man in his 30's was troubled by head-aches that are similar to mygraines but not the same, there are rare and so few people have them that medical Science does not see it profitable to research the problem because too few people suffer from this condition. Doctor Jesus took care of business!

Out of these experiences I am learning and am so thankful that The Father's passion is toward each individual. I'm learning that the most important person, is the person standing in front of me at the time. The Father is showing me that His love goes to that individual and that His whole hearts' desires is for that individual to come to the fullness of Life in Christ Jesus. Regardless of the person's background or present condition the Father wants them Saved, Healed, Delivered and Filled with the Holy Ghost! He has but one desire: That all people be made whole. I know it sounds kind of "Preachy" but I am finding myself weeping at times looking into the eyes of the individual coming, those who are hurting, and think they are hopeless. Day after day we are seeing people come the attendance is varied from night to night and day to day. About the time I think we may need to cut back on a meeting because the crowd is so small, 12-16 people, half of them get Born Again, and always those who are hurting are being healed.

Like the elderly gentleman (81 yrs) who came with an ankle that was stiff due to arthritis. It pained him greatly to walk. He received prayer and the ankle loosened and the pain left and he was born again. As he was giving us his name I noticed he had hearing aids in both ears, I asked, "Would you like the Lord to take care of that too?" He responded, we prayed and the man left the meeting with hearing restored!

To date there are at least 30 people who have had their hearing restored! There have been several with scoliosis, curved backs, that have been healed. A young lady, in her mid-teens, just the other night, could not stand up straight due to this back problem, the Lord touched her, down she went, got up later and could stand straight as an arrow.

The expressions on peoples faces when they realize they are free of pain and the healing has been affected is priceless. There was this elderly lady who was arthritic so as to just shuffle along with a cane. She came for prayer, she was so fearful we prayed for the casting off of the spirit of fear, she began to receive the healing grace as she walked with me assisting her without the cane her step kept improving, she walked stronger and faster and her hearing came back that had been deminished. WOW! is about all I can say any more. A man who was in an accident 15 years ago, who had to wear a neck brace, was touched by the Lord and now his neck is as limber and flexible as a school boys. A young woman in her late twenties with MS came in with a walker her speech was slurring some. She received the Lord Jesus into her life and was Born Again and then since the Healer came in the MS had to go. She walked without the walker for the first time in a year, and declared that she had not felt so good in a long, long time.

We are seeing broken hearts healed as folks receive a fresh touch from God. Young children are being born again also, in our children's church time as they worship and have times of ministry they too are responding to the Good News. There are healings in children's church! A young boy who had severe "Bells Palsy" was instantly healed. His grandmother was so blessed when she saw him after the service. I'm discovering God has a time...and it seems to always be NOW!...I've tried to justify my unbelief with neat little catch phrases like, "well must not be God's timing." I'm learning His time is Now! Now is the day of your salvation behold now is the acceptable time. He is the same always. I'm not getting theological I'm getting free!

I have witnessed my theology shift some what. My Father absolutely Loves people, and He wants us whole. On and on I could go about the people that are being helped.

We are planning to keep going until....... Sandra is doing wonderfully. She is such a joy. Carrie, my daughter, just sets and grins most of the time. I'm so pumped, I can't even begin to think about doing anything other than this for the rest of my life. I'm learning that this is the NORMAL from heaven's point of view. Jack Taylor once said, "We've been so subnormal for so long that when we get normal we think we are excellent." All I know now is that if this is normal, daily seeing people saved, healed, delievered, filled, then I want to stay normal growing on into maturity in Christ.

Let It Rain some more Lord! Let Your Goodness Flow! I'll keep you up to date as much as I can.

- Michael G. Maixner-



Psychic Saved in Norwich!


I just had a call from Pastor Michael Maixner describing the testimony of woman, dying of cancer, who came to the meetings last week and after prayer, the tumor completely disintegrated! She brought her daughter with her and a friend who was an unsaved psychic. The woman healed of the cancer immediately gave here life to Jesus Christ the fear came upon her psychic friend and the friend would not return to any of the meetings - until last night. In last night's meeting she quickly responded to the call for Christ and told Pastor Maixner that she had been a psychic for some time and when Charles prayed for her friend and took authority of the spirit of cancer, she saw the spirit materialize beside her friend. As Charles adjured the spirit by Christ's name she saw the spirit cowl. Charles then blew on the woman and she saw the spirit dematerialize and blow away in the wind of his breath. This was so traumatic to the women that she did not want to come back, but, seeing that the cancer was healed and that the name of Jesus was so much more powerful than she had known, she came and devoted her life the Jesus Christ in last nights meeting! Glory to God for His great display of His awesome power!



Since November 7th, 1997, Norwich Worship Center, in Norwich, Connecticut, has been experiencing the wonderful manifestation of the ministry of Jesus through many miracles of healing and deliverance, as well as the salvation of nearly 200 people who were born again for the very first time! I was with them for several days in December and can attest to the wonderful healing anointing that is very present in the ministry of the Church. Please read the following reports and be blessed! I talked to Pastor Michael Maixner on the phone, yesterday. The meetings were postponed for the Christmas Holiday. They will resume on Friday, December 26th, and continue nightly through December 30th, again resuming, in the evening. on January 2nd, 1998. I'll keep you posted on the happenings, right here. Tell some friends about it. Give praise to God for His wonderful works among men! After all, wise men still seek HIM! Blessings! - Wayne



Dear Wayne,

I am Chris Colter the Children's Pastor at the Norwich Worship Center, Pastor Max has asked me to send you an update of what is happening here in Norwich. Wayne it is absolutely wonderful what God is doing in our midst we have seen over 240 people receive Jesus as their Savior since these meetings began. We have also seen well over 2000 people receive healing. This is a very conservative estimate. We have seen over 50 people healed of cancer! God's power has not diminished!

Jesus is showing Himself alive in our midst with many infallible proofs, the deaf hear, (hundreds have received the restoration of their hearing including a 73 year old woman who had her ear drum removed in 1969) the blind see, (their have been those who have had their vision restored) the lame are walking, (Friday an elderly man who shuffled in on a walker with wheels, was instantly healed and left having no need for his walker, ever again)! When we began we were excited when people would arrive from the other side of the state, now we have folks coming from the nations! We have had folks visit from Kenya, Barbados, and as far away as Trinidad!

I am having the time of my life as hurting people meet my loving heavenly Father. Wayne be blessed and tell the World how good our Father is.




We are living in exciting times. Every day we are seeing miracles in our midst. We rejoice with all of you for what God is doing in Dover. Fire fall yahoo. We have seen some exciting miracles this last week. We have seen 342 people receive Jesus as their Savior up to this point. We
also had a group of beautiful and precious people come from British Columbia to soak in the anointing for a week, they are fully saturated and are heading back home to release that anointing into the lives of their community. We are continuing to see so many folks healed of
cancer. It seemed like everyday this week their was another Doctor's report concerning someone who's cancer had suddenly and definitely disappeared. Wayne be blessed brother!

Pastor Michael G. Maixner:



Dear Wayne,
What an awesome time we are having as we watch Jesus continue to pour forth in our midst. We just sent a team of 10 ministers up to Vermont, that state will never be the same again. The power of God flowed like a mighty river and healings were taking place all over the congregation. In those 3 days of meetings we saw over 30 people saved as well as hundreds of people healed. We are having Pastors come from other states to receive an impartation of what God is doing in our midst, Wayne without fail everyone of these Pastors goes back to his home church and they begin to see miracles and healings as God pours out in their midst. I will share one quick testimony of a young woman in our Church in Norwich. She was on her way home from Church last week and she came upon a horrible car accident. There was a woman lying on the ground with paramedics working on her. They said that she did not have a pulse. This young woman walked up and laid hands on her and the anointing flowed the woman on the groung opened her eyes and began to speak. That makes nearly 400 people saved over 3000 people healed and one resurrection from the dead. BE BLESSED WE WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED.

Updated 11/22/97 - Saturday 4:30 pm.

that we have seen so far....

Over 100 Salvations since crusade began, as of this update.

Woman with Macular Degeneration healed.

Man with 2 hearing aids, removes them and hears.

Man hears from ear where the drum and inner ear had been surgically removed.

Over 25 people with hearing restored.

Man with stroke walks without cane for first time in over 9 years.

Many with Asthma healed

Child with Pneumonia healed.

Back Pain removed.

People healed of Allergies

Woman with Multiple Sclerosis healed,.htm


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