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Re: Here's What I'd Do
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Here's What I'd Do

Lapis, thanks so much for your response! In fact, I just ordered Cellfood, and should be getting it next week. My current diet approximately consists of:

Three scoops of Primal Defense in approx. 12 oz. of water, then plain yogurt, either mixed with black cherry concentrate, or else with apple-pear-sauce, or else with unsulphured molasses.
Then Vitamin D3 together with Magnesium Citrate (since my D3 levels are very low, while my blood calcium is very high)

Salmon patties consisting of a can of salmon, a 6 oz. can of tuna, some peeled sauteed pepper, 3 eggs, & a very small amount of bread crumbs to hold it together, sauteed in olive oil. Accompanied by raw veggies such as snowpeas.
Followed by Vitamin B6 plus E-softgel with mixed tocopherols.
Sometimes I take a cup of coffee, or else I wouldn't get cleaned out sufficiently. But the coffee helps clean me out (sometimes feeling like a weight was removed from inside me).

Soup made of a base of olive oil, with onions, turnips, celery, & pepper sauteed in it. Then buckwheat, water, and salt added.
I eat that soup, then I eat a turkey burger (from white turkey) wrapped in a kelp leaf. Plus some raw pepper.

Also, at intervals, I drink alot of water.

This has been more or less my menu this past week, with some variations and some cheating, such as munching on Sunbird Snacks oat bran sesame sticks. But mostly, I'd take that together with snow peas and washed down with hot water. Also, today, I indulged on Tahini mixed with yogurt, lemon juice & salt, smeared on salted whole-grain rice cakes - plus snowpeas.

Speak of acid/alkaline foods, I came across this site, but don't know if it's accurate. If it isn't, do you know of a site which has a similar listing by numbers in order of highest to lowest, but that *is* accurate? For example, this site lists whole wheat as more acidic than white bread. Is this true? Also, cantalope causes me an acidic mouth, yet it's listed as very alkaline.

I dunno, I'm not into juicing. I might try chicory tea. As for liver cleansing, I already tried the **grueling** sensiblehealth regimen, and also tried the deep breathing exercises. I couldn't handle the alcohol in th Bitters & Coptis (even though I'd add it to an oz. of boiled water so as to let the alcohol evaporate, nevertheless I still felt "gnawingness" inside me). And the 1/2 hour of jogging as a way to get oxygenated, took too much a toll on my painful legs. Also my breasts would hurt when I'd jog. And deep breathing is also painful to me. What works for others does *not* work for me.

An example, is the Rebounder. The point of the bounce back chair, is for people with painful legs to get oxygen without taking a toll on the legs. But the photo of the bonuce back chair depicts a woman who has to lift her arms to grasp two handles. I don't think I could handle that with my painful arms. Also, it costs over $400.

As for InfraRed, this past Sept., when I'd asked a local NAET/LAc/Naturopath whether he thinks NAET would helped me, he evaded my question, & instead suggested I try InfraRed. Well, I lay there for an hour of InfraRed "massage" treatment, but felt absolutely no relief. And I was charged $90 plus bucks for it. That's besides the more than a thousand dollars I spent on health in vain. I don't know about the sauna, but if it's anything like that InfraRed massage, goodbye charlie.

Anyway, thanks alot for your info, especially about Cellfood, because that reassures me that I was right for ordering it. See, I recently ordered two jars of IntestiNew in addition to Primal Defense. But when I muscle tested, the P.D. tested strong, but the IntestiNew tested as "neither here nor there". And I can't keep muscle testing everything I order because naturopaths don't come cheap! There's such a need for someone to invent a muscle-testing gadget allowing everyone to self-test, even if they lack dowsing ability. It would have to be *very* accurate though, because, let me tell you, every one of those naturopaths I visited, contradicted each other. Which shows there's just no consistency, and too much quackery. It's like so many PR's convince themselves that they know what they're doing, but they really don't.

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