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Image Embedded Re: Help - stones stuck in bile duct.

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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: Help - stones stuck in bile duct.


All stones inside liver and inside bile ducts are "stuck stones".  With or without ultrasound, before or after the flush, with or without you knowing about that.

Before those stones entered common bile ducts, they were inside liver, inside intrahepatic bile ducts, and they were just as dangerous then, as they are now - there was no danger.

There was no danger then, and there is no danger NOW.

I understand that you are afraid of 7 mm stone, but look at those stones. If this person visited the same doc, the doc would scare him to death by telling him that there is a stone 4.5cm long, inside his ducts. 

gallstone 4.5cm long result of liver cleanse liver flush

Lucky for him, he didn't go to doctor, he just continued flushing, and it took him 18 flushes to get those rocks out..

So, please use your brain and think!

All stones inside liver and inside bile ducts are "stuck stones".  They are stuck because they are occupying some parts of the ducts, preventing free bile flow, causing bile stagnation and are responsible for the creation of new stones. Those stones will stay at the same position until they totally move out - into intestines, while doing flush - or until they move down the tubes - down the bile ducts - and take some other position - "new position".  

That is what happened to you, and that is what happened to at least 1000 people on this web site, but, the main difference is that you got to know about that from your doc, and they just knew that stones are inside, without being scared by the doc, and without worring too much where exactly those stones are.

Every person doing liver flush, EVERY SINGLE PERSON, is facing the same risk - risk of the stone blocking pancreatic duct and causing pancreatitis or even death.  EVERY SINGLE PERSON!

And EVERY SINGLE PERSON that will do liver lush in the future, will face the same risk! That is nothing new!  BUT how big is the risk?

As far as I know, that never happened!

At least 5000 people, many of them with much larger stones, at least 5000 people are doing flushes, and not a single person reported pancreatitis.

Don't you find it strange?

If pancreatitis is so easy to encounter when doing this flush, why nobody ever reported it?

Your chances are much higher to get involved into traffic accident, then to experience stone blocking pancreatic duct.

Do you drive? Do you ever use train? Metro? Bus? Taxi? Boat? Plane? Submarine? Yacht? Bike?

If you do,  you are taking much higher risk! 

Most of us are using busses, cars and trains, and are aware that it might be dangerous, but most of us will never experience any serious traffic accident, just like most of us will never experience pancreatitis.

As I said, stones are already "stuck inside" your ducts, and those stones were stuck even before you started flushing, just that time it was another part of the biliary system, they were inside your liver, and there was no way of discovering them by ultrasound (lucky for you).

And, now, for the end, you also have to know that if stone anyway blocks pancreatic duct, all it takes to remove that stone is another flush, flush you could take the very next day!

And, in case that flush fail to remove the stone, you can do another one, the next day.

 Here is one experience recorded where stuck stone caused pain (not pancreatitis): 

Julia  suffered pain after flush, but, as she reports: 

"I tried the bath and also had some of Dr. Schulze's Detox tea. Both seemed to help a lot! I don't know if it was the effects of the tea itself or the heat but what little pain was left after the bath, disappeared after the tea."

Look at those stones, all of them were inside someone's bile ducts, and all of them exited without causing any troubles or pain:

Longest Cholesterol Stone on this photo was 2.6 cm across

Look at the bottom of this page to find links to different recipes for cleansing Liver & gallbladder

Click Here To See the NEXT image ( 8 ) (Liver Stones and Gallstones - Results of Liver Cleanse - Flush and Gallbladder Cleanse<br>Look at the bottom of this page to find links to different recipes for cleansing Liver & gallbladder)

Just keep flushing, until all stones are out!




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