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Re: i have no idea what that means
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: i have no idea what that means

those instances where mh is accused of treating people badly are simply blown all out of porportion. people make an anonymous forum personal. that is their first mistake. then they take top notch info and poopoo it because they dont like what it says about them. if they dont like that, they can change themselves or not ask the questions.

i dont want mh to pussy foot around, pull punches, backpeddle, or play any other mind games that people like the continual farce excell in. if i post something stupid and he says that was a stupid post then bingo! i am happy because i have the truth. at least i have what MH thinks is the truth. and i have checked out as much(over 80% in my estimation) of what he has had to say and found it worthy enough to give serious consideration to anything he says, even chewing on my foot! its because I have done MY homework. so now i can see the words of others and KNOW they havent done theirs. i am sure it is even more so for MH.

i have just the opposite opinion of how MH handles people. i have seen him show extreme restraint and patience. yes i have seen him be baited. and i have seen him spit the bait out in a disgusted manner sometimes. but who can blame him. the most glaring fact in all of this is that CF really did want a peice of MH. his motives were not altruistic. they were selfish as hell. he is a master of illusion. so if this is the best anyone can come up with against MH then i say hurray, because that means he has not taken the kind of bait that would get him in real trouble with the feds or worse. you dont seem to understand these things. instead, you take what you need and want and then criticize when its convenient. i am not impressed with that at all. but i am thoroughly impressed with MH, as anyone who has been paying attention and really checking him out should be.

and as far as the first schooling book goes, CF did nothing but cause trouble. CF said the exact opposite of what MH was saying. many people agree with CF because they feel they should get as much as they can for free and that they really dont need MH, just the sources that he learned from. they are wrong. the schooling book is to be purchased with highlighted passages and a workbook which has to be filled out completely. this is not just buying an old out of print book on the cheap and putting it on your shelf or reading it for free on line, this is a focused and comprehensive study that brings out the lessons and truthfullness and usefulness of the things contained in this book as if the reader had discovered it on his own after looking among the thousands upon thousands of such works out there and studied it thoroughly bringing all of the rest of the knowledge that reading many more books inherently entails. and it has a lab where you experience the lessons in the book. MH has said go and discover for yourself and read all the books you want for free or at a great price, he doesnt care. but his school runs like he wants and costs what he says. who has the right to tell him otherwise? what possible criticism can be leveled at such a stance? who is being forced to participate? and who is so great that MH should be their own personal slave?

MH has been judged unjustly. its not the lead he has been working with for years that is the problem, it is the leadheads who come to him like sheep in need and then try rending him like wolves when they are not satisfied with what they find. these are the things which are obvious to me. as for the rest of his detractors? the usual suspects with the same old lame motives that have been with us since creation.

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