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I am very happy with my results so far.

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New lower prices!
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Published: 20 years ago
Status:       RN [Message recommended for CureZone Newsletter!]

I am very happy with my results so far.

Update about results since my last post.

Liver Flush and bowel cleansing:

I had my second Liver Flush last week on Thursday. It was a complete success.
I did not feel sick. I could not sleep until 2:00 a.m. that day but I was prepared. I bought two magazines and I kept reading them until I fell asleep.

About 15 garbanzo size green stones.
About 30 green peas green stones.
About 200 hundred lentil size green stones.
Lots of something like white beach sand (more like couscous) .
I had a terrible allergy Thursday night. On Friday morning my allergy was gone!

I had had something bothering me below my right rib for one week. I was very bloated. It continued on Friday after my live flush.
On Saturday after lunch I went to the bathroom and I passed two ropes of mucoid plaque. One was about 10 inches long. The second one was about 8 inches long. They were different. The first one was lighter in color and more sticky. The second one was more rubbery, darker and harder. The sensation below my rib disappeared when I passed the ropes. I passed more MP on Sunday (about 10 inches).
I believe that the sensation was produced by the ropes being loosened by the herbs contained in Holistic Horizons. I think the ropes were glued to the walls of my colon.

I have been passing mucoid plaque in my bowel movements since then. Different shapes and colors. Some are more like chunks of it than a complete rope. (The deflated balloon description he ! he !, all folded ). Some are long ropes. Darker in color now, grey and dark green.
I examine my stool and I have mixed feelings. I am so excited about my cleansing that I feel very happy. But I am so disgusted realizing that all that s!! (sorry) has been such long time inside me!
Last thursday night I went to bed earlier than usual. At 2:30 I wake up thirsty. I took two glasses of water and I went to the bathroom twice.

I think this is the biggest bowel movement I have ever had in my entire life. I felt such a relief! I cannot tell how much mucoid plaque because it was mixed with more fresh feces. But the whole thing was about 1 * foot long.

What I have done: Since Tuesday I am taking Paragone. I think the combination of Holistic Horizons with Paragone is really wonderful! I think this combination has been better for me than P/B shakes because my bowel was very debilitated and almost with not peristalsis. This protocol is very gentle and effective for people with a weak colon. The bowel peristalsis is improving everyday and I don’t feel too bloated.
Additionally, I ate yesterday almost a whole pineapple. I love pineapple and it has good enzyme: bromelian that improve the digestion. I have been drinking organic apple juice also because it has pectin. I wish I could find fresh papaya because it has papain. (I decided to apply more strictly the candida diet later after the colon cleansing is over)

I feel much better now. I will continue with this protocol (Paragone/Holistic Horizons) for one month more at least (skin brushing included). Depending on the results I will continue with P/B shakes after this month since I believe Bentonite will scrub the mucoid plaque remaining. In some time I will have more specific treatment for candida (my original intention). But just with the cleansing I have improved a lot! My plan also includes another live flush in one month. I have yet a long way to go through. My journey for healing is just beginning.

Important: diet!
Since I am just eating vegetables, fruits and soups my cleansing has improved. Some fish for proteins. Lots of water and gentle herbal tea.

Other results:
1. My skin is better. I used to have very greasy skin with clogged pores. My pores are cleaner now. ( I think this is result of the liver flush).
2. My cellulite has improved remarkably. I look healthier since I have lost around 20 pounds. (Thanks God because I was overweighed.) I have not felt hungry at all.
3. My cravings for sweet food are gone!!
4. My energy has improved. I had to sleep almost 12 hours a day. Now I am sleeping around 8 hours and feeling better.

5. Dozens of websites and information read. He, He…Healing is a learning process. (Including, how to measure using inches, feet, cups, quarts, teaspoons and tablespoons, because I was used to metric system). Looking all the time in the dictionary since English is my second language!

And more important:
6. Lots of love in my heart for all of you guys!
Thanks for your support.!

O.K. I think that is all so far.

Good Luck with your cleansing.

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