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Re: !!BEWARE!! Crystal Clear Energized Water machine and John E. !! Beware of this machine!!
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: !!BEWARE!! Crystal Clear Energized Water machine and John E. !! Beware of this machine!!


First, I started this string on John E. for one reason and one reason only. He ripped off my parents, and he pissed me off with his attitude.

Now, I am a scientist as well. I have been working in big pharma for 15 years. I thought this machine was a waste of money before they bought it. I admit it.

My parents listened to his talk, and shelled out the $1700. John promised to send the pages of proof with the machine. The machine arrived with a broken light, so my parents called and they made them buy the light (never been used yet), but they believed his story. They got this UV light, and started drinking the water. NOTHING. The pool and spa; we made and dumped hundreds of gallons of water into this 45,000 gallon pool. John told us it would only take several gallons. We did HUNDREDS of gallons. We live in Florida, so we did it in the winter (no one was swimming in the pool. The pool turned green. I'm sorry John E., it did. Now when we told him of this with the spa, he told us we'd done it wrong, and we needed to empty it first, and then put in the magic water. So we did as instructed. It is funny; he didn't ask us to empty 45,000 gallons out of the pool for it to work in there. Now, we have all the bells on the filter system for this pool. It does not work.

My fatherís prostate is fine, according to his MD, so that was not the reason for the purchase. It was for health and to avoid the use of chlorine in the pool, and John E. knew this when he sold it to my parents.

I am sorry if anyone was offended by my language in my posts.

As for selling the machine, we don't use it any longer. My mother wishes to keep it in the attic. I have told her a couple of you have offered her $100 for it. She wants to keep the damn thing. After all her trouble, if you'd like to call her nasty names, go ahead. She has lots of other crap Iím going to have to toss out when they leave this life, so the Ellis crap will be one more Iíll put out. Itís her 1700 to store if she pleases, so NO, she is not interested, and NO $100 is not repayment for $1700. If she wants to use it for a bed pan some day, then that is her prerogative.

I am not ashamed of my postings. I say what I feel, and know to be true.

Those who have been helped, Fantastic!!! I have said it before, good for you, and I am glad you are happy with John E. and his machine. That must be great not only for your prostate, but your mental health as well. My parentís mental health was the reason I started this. They felt ripped off, and I talked to John E. myself, and he belittled them. No one does that to my parents without paying something. This string of true statements of John E. was payment for his attitude and belittlement of my good parents. It was also my way of telling John E. to FO. Yes, I know, I show such little class with my four letter words. Thanks, I still have a mother to let me know.

I put his water on the mass spec at work. Just so everyone knows.....nothing special in his water. Tried several other sophisticated methods on instrumentation that I know is validated and calibrated to perform this testing. I work with instrumentation that has to be run under GLPís, GMPís and ISO 9002. I do work for a large pharmaceutical company and am a scientist with the education to perform this testing. That is beside the point, and I didnít bring it up before now because it didnít matter. We wanted our money back because his machine didnít do what we bought it for. Itís that simple. If my father bought it for his prostate, and it worked I would be very happy to give my parents the cash. I almost did just that, but they would have known, and Iíd have been in some water I didnít want to be in. They can afford to lose the cash, but they work from principle, and itís probably why the have the money to purchase items like this in the place.

I will turn this string over to the rest of you. Beat me up if you want. Buy John E. another vacation house for his little sweetie. I hope your prostates shrink, and your health is well. I wonít post anything more in the future, but will just check in and read.
I have accomplished what I set out to do. I stopped several of you from making the same mistake my folks did. I canít help or convince everyone and its not my responsibility too. Read the string, buyer beware! John E., I still hope you turn up rotting under some infected rock. You deserve nothing less.


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