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Re: My Experiments with magnetic energized water.
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: My Experiments with magnetic energized water.

Hello Pat and all,

I am new to this forum and have been reading the posts here for some time. Firstly, I did some research on the most recent debate on the relation of electricity and magnetism which you can read below. Below that is some info on how negatively charged water benefits the body.

Based on the below info I came up with some questions. . .

1.When water is negatively charged or (electrified) is it in effect random atoms, or neutral? As it states below. . .it becomes demagnetized?

2. If one takes in negatively charged water (not magnetized) to what extent does the simple act of stimulating our cellís electrical charge induce the cell's natural ionic forces (which are little magnetic channels) to take on the correct magnetic polarity permitting proper cell metabolism and function?

3. North Pole Magnetic therapy is believed to work because it manipulates/stimulates the electrical charge of our cells. But isn't that exactly what happens with electrified water?

Also. . .I am quite efficient with using a pendulum and thought would share what I have found for myself. After electrifying the water, the pendulum swings neutral. After magnetizing it with a zapper that emits north pole magnetism, it reads north pole polarity. Being highly sensitive to energy and having chronic candida/fibro I make the perfect lab rat--can tell within seconds if something is effective. I performed a test with my nephew that you can all try as well.

Pour three glasses of water. One magnetized, one electrified, and one plain. Now see if you can tell the difference. My nephew who does not have a chronic illness was able to tell the difference between electrical and plain.

I have found for myself the electified water to be the most easy to identify due to its effectiveness. (it seems to go right to the area of infection or toxicity) Magnetic does not seem to quite have the same punch for some reason. Is more subtle or diffuse.

Another tip: Instead of putting electrifed water on paper towel for external use, try Aloe Vera gel which is more penetrating. Paper towel dries out too fast. Aloe is absorbed into the skin and the effects can be felt for a longer period of time. Relieves pain and breaks up congestion anywhere in body.

I have found everyone on this forum to be very interesting. We all are on this journey of learning and healing, so I do think it is important that we share! Hope didn't ramble too much. . .


Read below research material taken from various sources.


The connection between electricity and magnetism was made by Oersted, a Danish scientist, in 1820. He had frequently demonstrated the nonexistence of a connection between electricity and magnetism. His usual procedure was to place a current-carrying wire at right angles to, and directly over, a compass needle to show that there was no effect of one on the other. One occasion, at the end of his lecture, he placed the wire parallel to the compass needle and saw the needle move to one side. When he reversed the current in the wire, the needle, to his amazement, deviated in the opposite direction. Thus a great discovery concerning electromagnetism was made quite by accident.

According to the theory, an electron moving in a fixed circular orbit around the proton creates a magnetic field with the north pole on one side of the orbit and a south pole on the other side. It is assumed that the orbiting electron carries a negative charge of electricity, which is the same as electrical current flowing through a conductor.

Current flow, then, is from negative to positive. When a number of magnetized orbiting electrons exist in a material, they interact with each other and form "domains," or groups of atoms having the same magnetic polarity. However, these domains are scattered in random patterns throughout and the material is, in effect, demagnetized.

Under the influence of a strong external magnetic field, domains become aligned and the total material is magnetized. The strength of its magnetic field depends on the number of domains that are aligned. In magnetic substances, the domains align themselves in parallel planes and in the same direction when placed in a magnetic field. This arrangement of the electron-created magnets produces a strong magnetic effect.

A magnetized field surrounds any conductor carrying an electrical current. The discovery of that fact resulted in the development of much of our electrical equipment. The "field of force" is always at right angles to the conductor. Since the magnetic force is the only force known to attract a compass needle, it is obvious that a flow of electric current produces a magnetic field similar to that produced by a permanent magnet. Not only is the field of force at right angles to the conductor, but the field also forms concentric circles about the conductor. When the current in the conductor increases, the field of force is increased. Doubling the current will double the strength of the field of force.

Oersted's experiment has been interpreted to mean that "around every wire carrying an electric current there is a magnetic field." The direction of this field at every point, like that around a bar magnet, can be mapped by means of a small compass or by iron filings. If a wire is mounted vertically through a hole in a plate of glass or other suitable nonconductor, and then iron filings are sprinkled on the plate, there will be a lining-up of the filings parallel to the magnetic field. The result shows that the magnetic lines of force or "lines of induction" are concentric circles whose planes are at right angles to the current.


Negative-charged water is used for healing and preventative health. When an individual is unwell, the Negatively charged water has shown to help rapidly heal. This water is highly useful for burns, scrapes, upset stomachs, and quick relief from poison ivy/oak. Negative water is also calming. If one feels upset, a glass of Negative water has shown to relax the individual.

Researchers, through the years, have identified that the healthy cell tissue quantitatively gives off a distinct high-negative, micro-voltage charge (potential). When trauma, stress or malfunction occurs, the cell changes from its healthy, strong-negative potential to a weak-negative potential, or in extreme cases, changes to a positively charged state. When this occurs, the nerve relay system immediately transmits a signal to the brain, which floods the problem area with healing negative charges to correct the chaotically charged cellular disorientation.

If the problem is chronic or long term, an entire cellular area can form a general disorientation of the weak-negative charge value, or in an extreme condition - a positively charged state. In this unhealthy cellular electrical climate, the cellís membrane and nucleus form inverse, incorrect charges, which prevent oxygen and the essential micronutrients from entering and correctly metabolizing in the cell. This long-term condition often leads to cellular damage, which can change the DNA creating many problems, including cancer.

It is extremely important to understand that health is determined by the electromagnetic vitality of the cells to maintain the perfect chemical balance. Cells transfer necessary elements and spent energy (waste) through various channels by little electromagnets.
Proper electrical vitality of the cell creates the natural DNA computer that arranges all the essential elements to properly organize and metabolize correctly. In the inverse, the weak-charged or wrong electrical climate slows and/or shuts down the correct metabolic process and chemical balance.

The negative field of a magnet is used most often to correctly stimulate (potentiate) and reorganize the electron (spin) charge which results in creating the healthy cellular charge state of a strong-negative potential.
The negative field is used in most treatments to help the body heal. When a cellís electrical charge is elevated from its stressed, improperly charged state to a highly-charged negative state, the cellís natural ionic forces
(little magnetic channels) are suddenly able to function properly and correctly metabolize all the necessary micro-nutrients.

The primary point is that the properly designed biomagnetic field can dynamically manipulate the electrical charge of the cellular tissue back to a normal, healthy condition - thereby a return to health.


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