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Thanks for the feedback
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Published: 18 years ago
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Thanks for the feedback

Thanks LP, Squirrel, and Tracey

First, thanks LP for the Zapper Plans, much help.

Secondly, Thanks for the support and feedback Squirrel.

Tracey, again...thanks for the feedback and support....

** hehe, yes I meant B&P's...I'm a bit odd it seems when it comes to words, as long as things sound the same they are just fine with me. I'm also a bit dyslexic, so I was coding it phonetically. Tanks for the info.

** As for the kidney stone, that was an odd story also. If you can imagine, I'm standing in my boss' office for at least an hour as he details our next project to me. When I leave his office I noticed that my lower back was a bit stiff. So, like the fool I was I grabbed my hips and lowerback and twisted...awaiting the pleasent and typical crack, pop, pop, pop....instead I got a CRACK!!! and an OH NO!! I barely made it to my room to lay down. I had the worst back pain and felt for sure I had done something VERY wrong. I had this intense pain radiating from the mid right back area (under lower ribs), down my side, across to the front along the hip bone, down through my groin and **UGH** right out my genital area. This was Saturday night. (so much for my night out with my girlfriend) and spent all of Sunday in bed.

On Monday I went to see a Chiropractor. After listening to my symptoms, he felt I likely had a STD or UTI. (It just so happened that my girlfriend and I after three months of dating had become physically intimate on Thursday evening). He performed some urine tests which couldn't prove anything but supported his suspicions. He adjusted my hips and back into alignment and most of the pain went away. I then, immediately went to a free clinic at a local college to get the other tests performed. Not very fun. Not to mention, dealing with a rather upset girlfriend when I informed her of what the doctor said, and suggesting just for safety on both our parts that we each get a testing done. Along the lines of "how could I even possibly think that was true"....anyway... she took offence when none was meant.

So, I started doing everything I knew of to fight a UTI. (l1.5-2 gallons of water a day, goldenseal, cranberry pills, echinacia and a few other herbs) and didn't put much energy into worrying if it was a STD. The overall pain really was only intense for another day. On Wednesday there was another incident of pain and panic as I was again put flat on my back, it lasted perhaps 30 minutes. That evening, I urinated out 2 stones. They were rather small (so I was told), 3mm diameter. All my pain ended and all my tests came back to show I was in good health and other than I did have a mild UTI, which cleared up, I was disease free. The Chiropractor was very surprised when I showed him my kidney stones, he said he had never seen the symptoms I presented related to kidney stones before.

I believe that the stones were there and that my wrenching my back, caused trauma to my kidney and it just pushed the stones through as a reaction. I wasn't on a cleanse at the time. ((Side note...the girlfriend never seemed to get over the "lack of trust" I displayed by even remotely thinking that it could be a disease from her. ::shrug:: I know that intercourse can cause a UTI in women and it's not either's fault or a disease that either had, the bacteria just happened to be present in enough numbers and managed to make it into the bladder. oh well.))

**Good to hear about the Gall stones getting fewer and smaller. It makes sense that some of the larger ones may well be a collections of smaller. Nice info.

**I will look into getting a zapper or something and start taking the parasite killing herbs. They sound like they might well be enough. I'm hoping to do a Liver Flush or more after my cleanse.

Again, thanks to each of you for your support and words of confidence.


PS...what does it mean that when on Day 5 of my cleanse, I have NO desire to eat anything, drink any lemonade, and barely forcing myself to at least drink the required water? It's like I dont need any calories?

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