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((LONG POST)) SO much more than a Physical Experience! A few questions?
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Published: 18 years ago

((LONG POST)) SO much more than a Physical Experience! A few questions?

I've spent the last two days reading as much of this site as I could. It is really full of great information. I know have a few questions, and concerns which I would like some more information on.

I found The Master Cleanse about a year ago, and this is now my third cleanse (day 4). My first fasts were just that, 4-7 days of water and or juiced watermelon.

I am happy to report that this one is by far my most relaxed fast so far. In fact I'll just share this little story before I go on. About four months ago I set my mind that I would go to a WESAK festival on May 15th in LA. I knew then that I'd want to cleanse, fast and prepare myself for the day. I've done my meditations, prayer and been extra mindful of my diet since then, but work was busy and I've worked 16-19 hours days the last two weeks. So this last Monday, April 14th I had this incredible headache, shivers and chills and overall moodiness. I decided to take a nice hot salt water bath to cleanse my physical and subtle bodies. While I was in the tub and thinking of what I did wrong to feel like this I heard myself thinking "you did nothing wrong, you're the one that said you wanted to do a month of clearing before the WESAK Festival" I was floored..or more exactly I sat up straight in the tub. So my body started detoxing..before? I started the fast? It makes since in a way and that was one of my questions. Anyone found that their body 'prepared' for the fast before you started it?

So anyway, that moment was the beginning of this cycle of fast and cleanse. I had started with the idea of staying on The Master Cleanse for at least long as after the Festival. I found this site on Tuesday and have been pouring over the many messages, reports and directions.

I'm 32 years old, passed my first kidney stone in January of this year (perhaps 2mm in size. One was black, brown and red and very smooth, the other was a light tan with sharp crystal points). I was lets just say, not very macho about the whole experience. From first pain (which literally made me nauseous) to stone out of my body was three days. It made me wonder how much more I might have in my body...and honestly scared me.

A little about me. I'll soon be 33 years old and I'm down from 260lbs four years ago to 200lbs. I believe that an optimal weight will be somewhere near 175-180, but I'm not so weight focused any longer. I'm a large muscular guy that ended up eating too much during my mid to late twenties. I'm a type O- blood type and I've tried to cut most if not all meat/dairy/wheat out of my life. I'm sure there are other things that I'll remove from my diet, but I'm trying to be patient. I have no known diseases and take no medications. My blood pressure is higher than I'd like but not as high as it was four years ago. 125/82 is a normal reading for me at the moment. I'm all for lower blood pressure though. I have pain in my right knee (old surgeries), both shoulders (dislocated either wrestling or football) and upper back (not sure of the source). That's really it physically. My work of passion is health care/SomaticTherapy/energy work and I'm doing these cleanses for myself as well as to allow me to attain a new knowledge and information.

So here I am, day four of the Master-Cleanse and I need to know more about the B&P. Why Psyllium (what's special about it)? I understand the properties of the Bentonite, so that is easier for me to understand. I want to cleanse right this time, but there are other questions.

Q) Between the lemonade drinks, S&P's, salt water flushes (AM), laxative teas (PM), what would be the amounts and schedule for these for a 200lb male?

Q) What is a highly recommended laxative tea? I've read that Senna is not good. I've not studied herbs all that much.

Q) Does the kidney cleanse cause me to pass more stones? I'm not sure I want to be in that much pain again. Is there a way around the pain or to lessen it?

Q) How is it possible to pass a golf ball size Gall Stone without pain? ((hehe, laughing at myself here)) From my studies in anatomy I had never thought the ducts could get that big voluntarily. I have not confirmed that I have stones...but I'm a betting man that I do and I'd like them removed.

Q) Does removing the Gall Stones increase the creation of other stones or make it easier for them to get large? My thoughts on this come from the fact that it seems that the people who have done 8 and up number of flushes, always report LARGER stones each time. If they keep getting larger and more and not smaller and fewer, doesn't that suggest that you're liver is making more now? Are there any stories of anyone finally NOT passing stones? Isn't that the goal?

Q) Ok, Parasites, bacteria, worms, OH MY!! First, ICK!! Now, alright let's get rid of them. From what I read, it seems almost foolish to start the killing process, until I have located a Zapper, and all the ingredients to kill them, since it seems that it can actually become more of a problem before it clears up. ie..killing the adults leads to all the eggs being called upon to hatch or released into the system. How do I find someone in my area that is trained in this (and not out to soak up money I definitely don't have). And how do you prevent those herbs from killing all of our good flora as well?

Q) Colon cleansing. I live with my friends in their house and I'm not too keen on enemas and the like within their home. They think I'm weird enough doing this cleanse thing :) What does a therapist charge and is there much better results from that than from the oral salt water flush?

hmm, I think that's it for now.

PS..I know many people hate to drink the Salt water (especially the Epsom Salt). I took the advice of a friend and after working it through, here is what I do. I make the mixture, then holding it between my hands I ask god/universal energy/ascended masters/my spiritual teacher/my angels and guides to assist me as I project LOVE, PURITY, HEALING ENERGY, COMPASSION and EFFECTIVENESS into the salt water. I spend about 30-60 seconds sending and feeling each of those qualities. I smile and believe that the water is good for me, I open my heart to the idea that it will be welcomed by my body for the purpose it was made. I then drink it. No longer do I gag nor does my body even resist. It's really quite wonderful. I wonder if this would work for others.

For those of you that believe there is no higher power, I believe this will work for you also. In some ways it requires more faith in yourself, so I applaud you. Just ask yourself, your soul, or just imagine sending out thought waves, EMF pulses, that communicate the properties I listed above. Trust yourself to know/think/feel these things are happening. I suppose it requires a belief that there is more around us and about us then we can sense with our physical organs. Many things like radio waves exist and who really knows if we are incapable of making those signals all by our self.

I'm not sure where I read or heard (and I cant guarantee that I'm not paraphrasing it horribly) this but it struck me as truth.

"All of mankind's creations, no matter how miraculous or grandiose, pale in comparison to the perfection of imagination. Something is always lost between the vision and the construction."

I suppose it's all about holding the vision. Even such a small vision as pure and healthy tasting saltwater. It has many other uses though.

Namaste and Be Blessed,

I look forward to responses to my questions.


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