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Re: Love: Ideas. Intention, & Will
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Published: 20 years ago

Re: Love: Ideas. Intention, & Will

I had an experience several years ago of going into a tunnel. I don't think it was a NDE though, but there was a light at the end of the tunnel that drew me to it. I was working at the time and suddenly I was not at on the line at work, but was standing before a hugh cave with this being pointing toward the opening of the cave. The being wasn't talking to me with his mouth as I didn't see features, but I seemed to understand what he wanted without speech. I went into the cave and the front of the cave opening disappeared. I was standing in a room filled with darkness, which I could feel. It was different than being in a dark room. It was like the darkness had substance. I stood for a bit and then I heard sounds of people being in there with me. I was cold and frightened. I saw an exit, how I don't know, but I started toward the exit and a voice spoke to me and told me not to go through the door. I didn't pay any attention to the voice and went toward the exit anyway. When I got close to the door, it opened on it on accord. How I saw these things in total darkness is beyond me. As I stepped through the door, I saw a realy small light. It was a great distance from me, but I knew it was my way out of the cave. The light had warmth to it.

I was still not sure of my decision to go through the door so I turned to go back through the door I just came out of, and when I did, I became real cold. I turned back again and started walking toward the light. As I did, I realized that I was hungry. I looked down and on the floor of the tunnel saw small glow-lights that I hadn't seen before, why, I don't know. They didn't give light rays as lights do, but seemed to contain the light within themselves. I picked one up and ate it. I was full. I continued walking and became hungry again. This time I had to eat two glow-lights before I was filled. This process continued until I was eating more and more glow-lights.

The light at the end of the tunnel became larger and larger as I walked toward it. When I came to the end of the tunnel I realized I was dirty and raggy. My garment was torn in many places. When I stepped through into the light a transformation took place that stays in my memory even to this day: I became the light I had eaten. I don't fully understand all the meaning of my experience, but I do know after much research and study, that person become what he or she puts into our minds, and I think this must be what the being was trying to tell me.

I know there is a light and a tunnel for all of us to go through. Maybe we don't always see this tunnel while we are walking in the flesh, but even so, it is there.

I was drawn back to my work and realized that I had continued my work as if I had never left. It was an experience of a lifetime. My life changed dramatically after that and is still changing.


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