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The Facts..
thesickone Views: 12,200
Published: 16 years ago

The Facts..

Fact is i have suffered from this for 3 years now and there seems
to be little or no hope for us. It has now driven me to the point
of being psychotic and im now taking pills to help me deal with
the anxiety. My life has been put on hold for 3 years eg. lost friends,
lost job, no school and im 21!

I hate to be negative there is some hope, being completely honest we
need medical help, and untill md's start looking at this seriously
we will continue to lose the battle. (mine just thinks im crazy)

Fact is, we very well may have TMAU. technically we should all get
tested for it. Google the symptoms and research it. TMAU is associated
with having many different smells to it. I for one have been told i smell
of B.O., Fish, but mostly feces.

On the bright side many of us werent born with this problem..
mine started at age 18, so theoretically something caused this, or
was triggered in our bodies. So Again, theoretically there should
be a cure or way to nuetralize this odor.. our problem is we dont
know what is causing it.

Fact.. I cant smell myself and
I dont always smell, as someone else said it usually gets worse
in stressful situatuions or line ups or social gatherings when my
anxiety rise's. Therefore it could be anxiety, stress related.
So basically if you're worried about your smell it will occur?

fact is my pits, feet, breath and genitals all have strong odors coming from them..
not a pretty picture i know but its tough when all your orifice's stink.

fact is I have the ability to stink up a 50 x 50 foot room within 5 to 10 minutes. how could this
be if i am showering twiced daily and using deoderant where necesarry? i thought about it and the only logical explanation was my 'breathing'. We can breathe in an
and out up to 30 times per minute, (roughly i counted) times that by ten im
exhailing 300 times in ten minutes, that might be a good explanation if you're
able to stink up entire rooms.

so its also possible i/some of us have respiratory infections or throat, tooth, mouth problems.. ie. dental abcess, gerds, the list goes on.

Im going to see an ear nose and throat specialist in may, and i was just
diagnosed with a mucus cyst which will have to be surgically removed, which
i hope will help.

Another thing i have had terrible allergies all my life.. Its frustrating for us i know, try to keep your heads up. I hope this helps a little bit.

And to the people who keep saing try a cleanse, well the fact is cleanse's take
time, knowledge and money, and have no evidence or proof of working, so untill
someone comes up to me and says this works i probably wont try it.

bye for now

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