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Re: Body Odor Poll (please read).
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Body Odor Poll (please read).

Hi. I wasn't even closely suggesting conclusively that any of the things were the cause. With regard to pets, not all pets of course have parasites! That's why not all people with pets have odor. Although the time I used to start getting odor came at the same time the cats were brought into the house (it wasn't of my doing to have pets...grin).

With regard to sleep, I wasn't even suggesting at all that that's a primary reason, and am suprised to hear that Chinese herb docotors suggest it was the main cause! That's not something to easily dismiss either. The healthiest people however generally go to bed at sunset and get up at sunrise. The invention of electricity has contributed negatively to human lifestyles. Before it, we HAD to go to bed when the sun set. What else could we do, it was dark. Human's are naturally cyclical creatures, the cells replicate every 24 hours, women menstruate every 28 days in direct accordance with the time it takes the moon to orbit around the earth. So these small magnetic fields from the moon etc. and from the earth cause many positive things to happen to us (when we're outside) versus being at a computer. Now there are tvs, computers, artificial lights, all these things that keep us from sleeping at the proper time, but not only that, but the pulsed 60 hz. electromagnetic fields emmitted by computers and tv's actually cause our biology to not work properly as well. So it's a two-fold threat to human biological health.

Actually I don't think we all eat the same food like you suggested. I can see marked differences already in the choice of which meats to eat, for instance I don't like eating pork due to various worm possibilities yet you include it, and itsnotjust me has a lack of meat altogether and prefers tofu. And not to mention, my Body Odor is not much of a problem anymore except in extreme nervous situations, but not in normal life.

It's far to early to make any conclusions about anything.

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