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Re: Andi-Body Odor Diet and Lifestyle
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Andi-Body Odor Diet and Lifestyle

Wow meeeee steady. First of all, where are you gettin your facts about skin cancer in Africa. It has been reported as fact from several researches and studies that the highest levels of skin cancer appear in Africa and Australia where UV radiation is highest. These countries are closest to the sun so one can accept the validity of this finding. Also white males are more proned to skin cancer than white women in the United States and all races for that matter who have pale or light complexions. Mexicans, hispanics and blacks were least likely to develop skin cancer over a lifetime because we are of a darker hue. Also, I have been on this earth for 30 years and have never met a black or non-white with skin cancer. Seemingly though, I have known several whites that I have worked with over the years who have been diagnosed with some form of skin cancer. A study also noted that skin cancer was high in Texas as opposed to Minnesota where the sun is not as popular. President Bush had surgery in his first term to remove a non-melanomous skin lesion which if left untreated would eventually turn into cancer. His doctor reported that it came from years of being in the hot Texas sun for extended periods of time. I'm sure this was a "lifestyle" for him.

Most people don't develop skin cancer until after the age of 45 after years and years of exposure to the sun. I'm sure alot of those people had "lifestyles" out in the sun. Just to add, white south Africans were more proned to attaining skin cancer than black south africans. Hmmm, I wonder why?

In short meeeeee, research the facts. You will be surprised. Oh yeah, if the sun doesn't cause wrinkles then Louisiana was never flooded. Come on!!!!!!!! Stop taking the vitamin D supplements and just rely on the sun and tell me about the bags under the eyes and the porous skin then. I'll bet you will have a different testiomny. Vitamin D in a tablet and Vitamin D from the sun are two different things. Do you get UV radiation in that lab made synthetic tablet? If your skin didn't tighten up until you started taking those supplements coupled with going outside then it's probably the supplements. The sun has been in your face all your life so acccording to your theory, you should have great skin without taking the supplements. You have been absorbing the sun all your life so it should have been enough to keep everybody's Body Odor at bay. We should never stink for that matter. I am for getting sunlight throughout the day but the word "lifestyle" change makes me think surfing, kyacking, hiking, etc. as everyday recreation. I think everyone gets a fair amount of sunshine when we take those long commutes to and from work. Even walking the dog or watching the kids plays in the yard will give you sufficient sunlight. Noone has to alter their lifestyle to get more sunlight. The sun is always there just less of it in the winter time. Unless someone is a serious recluse or house bound, I wouldn't say that a lack of sunlight is a cause of Body Odor . These people may go into a "shock" when going out into the sun only because they haven't been out in the sun for a period of time. Most people absorb the sun everyday and it's hard not to because it's there. No matter the distance that one drives or how far one runs, the sun will be right there in your face in the same damn place unmoved for several hours. So unless you never leave the house then I would suggest one to take Vitamin D supplements. But most of us do leave the house to do work, errands, etc.

If we all ate correctly we wouldn't have to take supplements anyway. God put everything on this earth for us to consume so our bodies would be in tip top shape. Every vitamin known to man is sufficient in these foods for us to live long and healthy. It's what man has done to alter the taste of these natural foods that causes us so much trouble. So since you have changed your diet considerably, those vitamin D pills have got to be a waste of your money.

By the way, when we were made to be naked individuals like flower children in the garden of eden, it was a perfect world. The garden of eden was like heaven so no form of cancer or anything harmful to man was known. It wasn't until the "sin" was commmitted and disobedience took front and center over God that "the curse" was placed upon man and woman. So now we live in this imperfect world where things like skin cancer, AIDS, heart disease and the such are prevalent. In a perfect world the sun would cause us no harm, the fruit would always be in season and the lamb could sit down with the lion. This was the garden of eden and Adam and Eve did a good job of ruining that. So now here we are thousands of years later guarding ourselves from the sun's evil rays to avoid squamous skin cells. There have been enough cases of skin cancer in this lifetime to convince me that a "lifestyle" of sunlight is harmful to even my black skin.

Good day and I'm through.

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