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Re: Beetlejuice:Please help
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Beetlejuice:Please help

there is really no right way and wrong way when cleansing. it is good to do the parasite cleanse and kidney cleanse before the liver but i wouls say half the people here dont and have no problems. unless your old (maybe 60's) or really kinda ill, you can do the liver flush for the bennafits and continue on with others. if you stink you have to realize that everything is wrotting in your body. a nice way to say it is that all the old food is fermenting, breading bacteria, and is stagnant. i would start with a liver flush and start eating NO dairy, (milk, eggs, butter, cheeze. NO bread, no white wheat or anything. ezeikial bread isnt that bad for candida if you have to have bread. No meat. this includes fish, untill you are all better. but its best to avoid meat and fish for ever, the rest of your life. it will cause you to stink again... eventually. 30-40 years from now. plus your gonna have to do more bowel cleanses because that crap doesnt move the protein from nut and berries and things like that. No sugar, i would say unless you can digest it really well, actually i would aviod all fruit, except things like lemmons, grape fruit, blue berries, you want things with a citric acid, and some vitamin C. like i wouldnt eat apples, bananas, pears, its all depends on how well your digestion is. i had to aviod ALL fruit all together and eat garlic, olive oil, onion salid greans, (kale broccoli, celery, tommatos, ramain). you wanna eat like you have candida. treat it like you have any other bacteria infection. take probiotics, prebiotics. a good cheap prebiotic is organic yokan syrup, almost no sugar that feeds the yeast/bacteria. you can do your own research, there are a lot of them, im still cleaning up im not quite where i want to be. im taking threelac once a day, when i eat fruit. eat small portions. real small portions, you kinda wanna fast almost. you need to digest all the undigested stuff, and cleanse. the list is endless, there is whole lot of things you can do. once you modify your diet and stop eating mucus forming foods you body will expell all of it. your stink may get worse for a short period of time before it gets better, its cleansing, die off problems. also high vitamin C lots of water and unrefined seasalt. kinda treat it like you have lime disease. i went through a lot of vitamin C and salt when i first started. though i was real bad, i had like dead skin on the bottom of my feet, they were always sweaty and had a smell that was undiscribabe. (and that my freinds is what a steady diet of, haha get this, im blood type O, i dont know if you follow that but i had the complete opposite of what i was supposed to eat. i had fruit loops with whole milk for breakfast, or pop tarts, or chocklote chip granola bars. for lunch, white bread bologna american chese, doritors. for dinner, steak, burgers, hot dogs, baked potatos, and i ate till i was full. inbetween all that mess was a mix of hostis(sp?) cup cakes ice cream by the pint(at least). orieos, clam chowder, every vegtable i ate was cooked. you wanna talk about Add, Depression, BO like you wouldnt beleive. oh and i have cups and cups of that hot chocklet as kid at snack time. constipation, i was a mess. and my parents did this to me. and to this day, my dad is still alive and he thinks im crazy fo eating the way i do. he still eats like i did. so we know where hes going. also aviod alcohol. its a life style change. i know it can be hard for people with parents like mine. and just to let you know. they feed off your dieing. if they have to feel sick eating that food then so do you. and beleive me no matter how "happy" they seem, they are not happy if they eat that. once you start eating right you will realize, how could they be. dont let them enable you to eat junk you know isnt good for you. if your having trouble. starting buying herbs good foods your OWN salt shaker. even if you have to use that refined salt there using. its better you dont even eat out the same cabonets they do. that way you wont even have to look at that stuff. (untill your ready to) get your own floride free toothpaste, own soap. go solo if no one else wants to join you. and at the end of the day if your feeling exausted trying to do this, come here and read and make posts and get your mind off the old eating habbits. well.... thats about it i guess. sorry for the long post but that pretty much sums up all my advise. if you need more i do a know a bit more. you cant do all this stuff at once so pick your choises. oh and i threw away my deoderant. even the odor from my arm pits is tolerable. i need more cleansing. and you dont really need doederant. i read some where is you mix some drops of oragano or somthing like that in some water you can spray in under your arms if you want or will be sweating a lot and that should work fine. plus you dont get the ulum stuff in your glands. any questions just ask.

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