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Re: I've often wondered about my church & pastor
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: I've often wondered about my church & pastor

Well I personally don't feel that our bodies were made to digest things such as oil, White Sugar , white flour, pork and any other unnatural man made or chemically enhanced foods and ingredients. From what I've read the only oil that is good for our bodies is virgin olive oil because it's natural. If you ever go to a health food store, you won't find white Sugar and flour because it is bleached and bleach is seriously something we should not be ingesting in any form. In Whole Foods they have natural cane Sugar which is so good, brown Sugar that is natural with no added bleach to make it white and the same for flour. We all know that God told everyone to leave pork alone because it comes from animals like pigs, swine, hogs, etc., that do not sweat. A farmer once told me that these animals hold toxins in their skin because they don't sweat and if a snake bites them, the poison is immediately killed because their skin is so dense an toxic. He said when you eat pork you can be assured that you're eating worms.

Getting back to White Sugar , flour and any food that has been enhanced chemically with bleach, the body does not recognize anything white unless it comes naturally form the ground that color, like white potatoes. When we ingest things that our body was not programmed to recognize so detoxification can take place, it sends it to our heart and other organs as bulk. Unfortunately it is left in our bodies to rot until we take the necessary procedures to get rid of it like cleansing I guess.

So beetlejuice you're thinking in the right direction when you say we play God when we decide what's best for our bodies. We're not supposed to eat any seafood that doesn't have fins like lobster and clams because they are scavengers and eat anything. We aren't supposed to be eating anything that scavenges for that reason. It's okay for us to eat animals which graze because they eat naturally from the ground. To sum it up, God would rather us not eat anything unnatural because it's not good for the body and we can't expect to live long on the diet we consume. Why did the men and women in the bible live to be hundreds of years? Well for one, the food they consumed was natural and it didn't have pesticides and hormones in it. This food was valuable for nutrition to the body for proper functioning. Secondly, the oxygen back then was so so so much better than now because we have great things like air pollution, water pollution(which is not filtered that well), polluted seafood from the polluted seas,landfills which are a thing in and of itself and farming chemicals. Now don't get me wrong, there is plenty of oxygen in America to be consumed but a problem can arise when everyone packs into major cities like New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Detroit and others to name a few. Everybody is fighting to suck in the little oxygen in these areas on top of the other pollutants. That is why people in cities have a higher risk of cancer, allergies, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease and brain tumors.

I'm not so sure that my diet is the link to my body and breath odor but if it is, then I'll just have to make some changes. I will need to consult my doctor before I administer any flushes to my organs because I don't want to screw anything up.

So keep researching and keep moving.

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