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My story (i'm new) and help
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Published: 17 years ago

My story (i'm new) and help

I was first told "your breath stinks" by a school friend when I was 13. After a couple of weeks of this abuse and ridicule I decided to go to my doctor. I was told by my doctor that I needed to see my dentist, who told me he could not see a problem and sent me back to the doctor. After a few weeks of being palmed off from dentist to doctor it was decided that my tonsils needed to come out. After waiting 6 months for the op and then recovering I went back to school pleased as punch and then remember having what felt like my whole world come to an end when I was told "you stink". After spending many a night crying myself to sleep thinking "why me" I went back to my doctor. I was then perscribed Antibiotics for a stomach infection and was then shot down in flames again at school when this failed.

I am now 29 yrs old and feel that I have led a 'relatively' normal life. How have I done this?? I have done this by combatting one of the major sources of my BB which has been my own paranoia. I like most of you have spent hours/days searching the internet for causes and cures and have read many many articles. These sites all have the same advice which is more food for your paranoia, as an example they say "how do you know if you have BB, do people offer you breath mints" do you not ever ask yourself why these people carry mints?? I am sure it is not in case they meet someone with BB!! NO, it is because they are worried about there own BB and if they have a mint they feel obliged to give you one. Another one is "Do people turn away or rub there nose when you talk" This also plays on your paranoia because everytime you speak and someone rubs there nose you think they can smell your BB. I really don't think this is the case, you only have to watch people from a distance to see people do this all the time. Of course they will do it more around you because of the seriously negative body language you are giving off as rubbing your nose is a bit of a nervous thing and when you are not looking them in the eye and you are talking away from them because you are scared of your BB this makes them nervous.

I feel personally and im sure most of you guys deep down know that if you can conquer your own paranoia you are 3/4 of the way to finding a cure.

One thing is true that these sites say is that the only way you are ever really going to find out is by asking someone close to you to smell your breath. I know that this will be the hardest thing you have ever had to do in your life as you know like me I have spent the last 16yrs trying NOT to let people smell my breath.

I hope this may help.

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