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Help! Fecal Smelling Body Odor (Warning: Long Post)
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Published: 18 years ago

Help! Fecal Smelling Body Odor (Warning: Long Post)

Hello! After visiting these forums a couple of times over the past month, while hoping this odor would eliminate itself, I decided it is time to ask for suggestions/help.

In the past month and a half, I have developed a very obnoxious fecal smelling Body Odor . I am extremely sensitive to smells, so it is driving me almost to the point of paranoia. As an undergraduate in college, you can imagine I spend a great deal of time in packed lecture halls. When I first noticed the odor, I attributed it to someone else because I know I take impeccable care in hygiene. I have shelves filled with lotions, perfumes, you name it. When I began smelling this odor everywhere I went, I knew it was me. It takes a very high impact workout for me to sweat and since I definitely know what underarm/sweat odor smells like, I know this is not it.

The odor is fecal smelling like I have passed gas, but I know I have not been doing that. I can tell that my odor is making others uncomfortable and leaning away/subtley covering their noses during lecture. This is the most embarassing thing I have ever experienced, so much so that I have skipped the past two weeks of classes.

So far, I have tried drinking at least 12oz. of tomato juice a day (read it can help stabilize internal pH), switching to a deodorant soap, switching from Degree to Arrid XX-Dry, and taking My-Lanta daily. I also tried incorporating pure psyllium powder/husk into my daily routine, only to find out the I am violently allergic/sensitive to it.

Also, about a month and a half ago I switched from Zovia-1/35 (Demulen) to Yasmin birth control pill. This switch has helped me immensely with my chronic pelvic pain and crippling menstrual cramps. I hope this is not the case, but could Yasmin have anything to do with the odor? I could find nothing online about it.

Other information, in case these could impact the odor - I am a pack a day smoker, drink an embarassing amount of regular soda (I drank only diet soda up until about 2-3 months ago), drink a lot of milk, do not drink alcohol of any sort, have two short-haired cats (but no pet allergies), and I cannot swallow pills (i.e. products like Odor-Cleanse are out).

Right now, my plan is to try and incorporate more water and less soda, pick up some liquid chlorophyll and wheatgrass powder, and try very hard to decrease my dairy intake. I know I should quit smoking for a million reasons, but I am pretty sure that is not what is causing this (that is a more urine-like odor).

Has anyone had know of permanent success with these just mentioned treatments? If so, do I have to keep taking them forever? Is there any additional advice for dealing with this problem?

I apologize for writing SO much, but I wanted to be thorough about everything. Thank you for any comments!

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