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My experiences with bad breath
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Published: 18 years ago

My experiences with bad breath

I am so grateful for this site because I have gotten so much wonderful information from it. This is a long post, I hope that't ok. I wanted to share what's happened so far.

I have had bb all my life, but it's gotten worse in the last few years. Nothing seemed to help and I read all the "bb only comes from the mouth " stuff and I felt like some kind of freak until I found this site and realized that there can be other problems causing it.

Fot the past 6 months I have really studied my body and the effect things have on it. To make a long story not-so-long, I tried the Blis Throat Guard (which I learned about from this forum) which is an anti-bacterial mouth wash followed by probiotic lozenges. You do this for 3 days and it is supposed to last for 2 wks to a month. Well, it helped more than anything else has, but only for those 3 days and then I was right back where I started. This made me think that the bad bugs were winning the fight in my mouth. Also, I noticed my breath was better after I ate plain homemade yogurt. So I read a post on the Candida Forum about people really needing a LOT of probiotics, I had always taken a few acidopholous tablets and that's about it. So Mon I picked up 2 diff kinds, one chewable with Acididopholous and Bifidus, and another to swallow with about 4 diff kinds of probiotics in it and I started taking A LOT. Within 1/2 hour, the bitter taste and feeling on my tongue was gone. The next morn I woke up without feeling like something died in my mouth. The white coating on my tongue is so much better. I can hardly believe it. I don't know if this means I have candida or not? I'm going to work more on that possibility. Anyway, I know the subject of probiotics for BB has been debated a bit here before. I have certainly found that what helps for some doesn't help everyone. I felt I had to share this because the difference was so remarkable I think it's at least worth a try. ALso, for the mouth bb, the triclosan rinse from Breezecare really helps get my tongue feeling clean.

Now this doesn't mean my problem is gone because I also had bb coming from my body too. I have a really weird prob which I have never seen mentioned here. It is that the odor of anything I eat will come right out my pores, breath, urine, etc. This is especially true of supplements, for example, vit C, flax seed oil, grapefruit seed extract, magnesium. Each thing has it's own distinctive odor. I couldn't even take an eighth of a 500 mg vit c tablet without reeking; if I even ate ground flax seed, I reeked. Of course this means any food odors were coming right out too. I knew something had to be wrong that this was not normal. My guess (after reading this site) was the liver was not processing things properly. I did a liver cleanse, but decided to wait to do more till I wean my baby. So I started taking milk thistle and dandelion. I've been on that for about 2 weeks and it has really helped. I have some odor, I think it's the milk thistle, but nothing like before. I even took a little flax seed oil and vit c and no odor. I have had strange biley (light colored) looking BMs with little stuff in it and some pieces of BM that float right up (fat?) I think the herbs are actually cleaning my liver out! It has really made a liver cleanse believer out of me!! As soon as I wean I am going to go "whole hog"--colon cleanse, liver cleanse, parasites, you name it!

When I started on this "quest" to find a cure, I really just wanted a magic bullet and I was so frustrated and depressed that I couldn't find one. But in the long run, I know I will be healthier by having gone thru all this searching and I have learned so much. Thank you so much to all who have shared because I really needed to know I wasn't alone.

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