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Feces odor/bad breath
Witchy Julie 999 Views: 8,594
Published: 18 years ago

Feces odor/bad breath

My name is julie, I'm 17 and I have this feces Body Odor problem and bad breath at the same time. I dont know why, I mean, I shower and bathe, and brush and floss my teeth regularly, and always have. Although I think that the constipation problem that plagued me from age 5-15 might have something to do with all this. See, I used to just have bad breath. How do I know this? Well, family members would privately take me aside from a young age (5) and tell me "I dont know if you know this, but you have real bad breath". Yeah, I eventually just didnt care. Cause I brushed my teeth, but my breath still smelled. But as I got older this became an embarrising problem. Mean kids at school were always telling me "Oh! Your breath is kicking! You need a million pounds of tic tacs!!!!". This sometimes made me feel bad, but I usually just blamed myself, and I thought that I was responsible for the smell, just cause it was coming from me. So, when I started high school, I decided I wouldnt keep living in painful constipation any longer! So I went to the supermarket and boutght myself some fiber powder and mixed it in water as it was indicated on the package. And the product Worked! Yep, it did what it was supposed to, it made me go to the bathroom better. But the real main reason that I bought the fiber was because my doctor said that I probably just had bad breath cause I didnt eat enough fiber and drink enough water, so I got some fiber AND drank more water. But my bad breath didnt go away! IT JUST GOT WORSE! And guess what else happened!? I started to smell. As in, when ever I'd walk into a room, I would make it smell everywhere. Soon I heard my classmates complaning out loud in the middle of class and saying "God, it smells like shit over here!" And to my surprize, I was seated over in that area. I have been hearing comments like those for 2 whole years!!! I'm so tired. I dont even wanna live on anymore. I mean, my family cant stand the smell eighther. They even try to stay away from me as much as possible. Before the smell, me and my sister we unseprable. We were like best friends. Now she hates me. And we always fight and scream and we dont even ever say hi to each other anymore. We used to be so close, and now she just wants me to die. She's told me "You should just kill youreself julie, I hate you". And I think, god, this sucks. I want my life back. PLEASE HELP ME!

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