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"Adrenals failed, Adrenals fixed" update
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Published: 14 years ago

"Adrenals failed, Adrenals fixed" update

I wrote the above mentioned post over two months ago, and have made amazing progress with one exception.

All of the instructions by my naturopath (Dr. Letitia Dick-Watrous, Spokane, WA) paid off, plus a few innovations of my own which included the more recent use of seawater for remineraliztion and pH, and the Budwig protocol have brought me from nearly dead to feeling better than before I got sick in 2000.

My naturopath found adrenal insufficiency by nothing more than looking at a couple of drops of blood under a microscope (adenal blood has a distinctive rounded checkerboard red and white appearance). My liver was congested, resulting is the most God-awful hives you can imagine. My kidneys were sodium-depleted and shutting down, so I was terribly swollen. My blood pressure was high (not low, as most others). My stomach acid was low and pH at 6 or below (it wasn't checked until months later), blurry eyes from adrenal-related conjunctivitis, low calcium and B vit deficiency. My thyroid crashed soon after before I really got into healing mode, so I gained an obscene amount of weight, my skin went to hell and my hair fell out. I had hypglycemia, brain fog and memory problems. About everything listed on this forum hit me. I got a back injury that wouldn't heal and developed inflammatory Arthritis in it, arm pains were probably caused by other related conditions, of course stress and anxiety were always there, and insomnia. I also developed "lumps" in the tissues of my face and thigh which were removed without benefit of pain killers with escharotic salves. It just went on and on.

The doctor ordered me to do a 3-day fast, put me on glandular protomorphogens, Sea Salt , told me to do hydrotherapy at home (blood circulation, immune system, detoxing), use nutritional yeast for B vits, supplement calcium, and I added other treatment protocols on my own such as parasite cleanse, liver-gallbladder cleanse, and detoxing programs. I finally happened upon seawater and the Budwig protocol in recent months.

The seawater did the most, as far as I can tell. I have a running account on my website but I ran out of testing pH strips this fall and only got them just before Christmas. Besides all of the remaining symptoms, some from prior to AI, that seawater seems to have conquered, I was finally able to again check my pH which hadn't budged from the 6 range no matter what I did, and it is now 7. I did add Budwig's sulfurated proteins + flax and flaxseed oil about a month earlier, so I can't say for certain it was all seawater that did it, but you'd have to fight me for my bottle these days. A complete range of organic, properly ratio'd minerals from seawater with essential fatty acids cover so many ills that I doubt I'll ever quit either one. Even when the benefits of seawater consumption level out, I will take a small amount daily for maintenance. Same with oils--fish oil is good, too.

The one thing I'm missing is sunlight, which is an essential part of Budwig's protocol for its effect on the body's electrical system as well as Vit D for calcium absorbtion. The next best thing to brief sunlight exposure is to supplement with cod liver oil, but I don't digest it well. For those who think sunlight is sure to kill them (this is moderate doses of sunshine, not for tanning or other abuses) take a look at what Ralph Moss,pH.D (alt. cancer researcher) found:

I still have a touch of hypoglycemia, which was there years before my adrenals and thyroid crashed, but that may take some specific treatment for candida (spit test in water showed positive traces), and weight to take off, and the hair loss hasn't reversed, but at least it stopped. I'm not bald--I just went from thick hair to very thin hair on top.

But the one setback I've had was after being exposed to a bad chemical fire in a fertilizer plant in the town where I was substitute teaching on that day last spring. I had head pain, followed by massive "floaters" so went to an eyedoctor, who found conjuctivitis and treated me with some drops, which cleared up most of that problem, but as soon as I stopped taking the drops, my eyes became very blurry, as they were before I got the adrenals handled. It wasn't until later that I checked the drops for content and discovered they were prednisone, which I had gone to all this trouble to avoid as treatment for low adrenals. Glandular protomorphogens treat sick glands and organs, but hormone replacement, such as cortisone (except when it must be taken in cases of complete adrenal failure and gland death) causes the gland to atrophy from lack of stimulation, and cortisone has terrible long-term side effects. Now I'm still struggling with the blurry eyes and believe it affected adrenal function, so I will back up and go through some of the self-treatment again. However, someone here mentioned epson salts for treatment (magnesium deficiency) so I'll try that first.

Blood pressure was mentioned here previously. My blood pressure came down considerably in the course of natural healing measures, but stopped at 130 (over ?) which is just at the top of the high normal range. As I mentioned before in my first posts, I tried the CD program for stress, etc. which takes something like 22 days (20 minutes a day) and afterwards my blood pressure tested right at 120 over 80, and that was in the middle of a classroom crisis that caused chest pains (I called for the school nurse and he took my BP). That program also seems to have had longer range effects on stress also. It just dialed me down a notch to where I feel mellowed-out and laid back--a blessing for a person with a stress-related illness, although there are many kinds of extreme stress that have nothing to do with emotional states--nutritional stress ( food intolerances ), chemical stress from toxins, physical stress from too much exercise, etc. Anyway, I'm sold on their program, but if anyone wants to order, it's very expensive full price. I got the program for almost half price for joining Kevin Trudeau 's website for one month, but this poor guy from Canada paid horribly for extra shipping, border costs, etc. and later found a website to order through at almost half price. I just checked it out and it offers a bunch of ebooks with the discounted purchase, so I wish I had ordered through there first but already had my program from the main site. (I don't sell anything, I do research and just pass on information.)

So...back to the "drawing table" to see if I can get my eyes fixed. Otherwise, recovery since 2000 has been a long, hard journey but mostly successful and constantly amazing. My website has more info on all important food intolerances (see the O.G. Carroll page), on how to do hyrdotherapy at home to improve your health, on glandular protomorphogens, etc. WARNING; very graphic photos after you enter the site from an intro page. I don't sell or allow advertising or "endorse" anything. I'm just relating what worked for me.


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