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Published: 19 years ago
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Thank you for the caution. I am in excellent shape "physically" in terms of being able to engage in intense exercise, and do so regularly. Also, I have done the Shulze 5 Liver Flushes a few times over the years, and recently The Clark Flush for the first time, so I know that I can tolerate this level so far.

Additionally, I am currently taking the Intestinal Formula #1, as before last time, to really get the bowels moving, and clean. I will keep up my electrolytes by juicing, and taking celtic salts in distilled water.

The way I see it is this,,,, when Dr. Shulze did this work with a lady that was already supposed to be dead 6 months previously according to the "Doctors", he begin with small amounts of olive oil, and then moved to the "big flush", and then did this with her, 4 or 5 days in a row. This is Dr. Richard Shulze telling the story about this, and he literally saved her life, and instead of having any problems, or complications, he saved her life!!!

So, I will be using some of the same "key" components, which is to keep the bowels moving, lot's of superfood and juices, and if necessary, massage or olive oil.

I have studied Dr. Shulze and a few other healer's methods, and they move from what one can tolerate to more aggressive healing standards.

It's so funny because in college, and even out, many people will drink an entire bottle of wine, or tequila, or eat an entire pizza, which is filled full of toxic chemicals, and brush teeth full of poisonous fluoride, etc. etc. and get a pat on the back from their buddies, or the dentist,,,, and these are the most toxic and poisonous substances to the body, compared to a little olive oil and grapefruit juice ;)

In any case, I appreciate your warning, however, Dr. Richard Shulze is World Renoun, and used the big flush with elderly, weak, and dying patients, in this case with a woman who was JAM PACKED full of gallstones/liver, and cancer of the liver.

I think I will be fine, but I will let everyone know, and post the results to the Liver Flush Forum , with the specifics on results, and exactly how I did it.

I personally do not wish to wait 6 months to a year before I get my entire liver cleaned out, and with Shulze methods, I see where with much more severly ill and diseased people, this is done in a matter of 4-5 days.

As an interesting side note, since my last flush almost two weeks ago, with no changes in diet of lifestyle, which were already healthy (if you consider a Type O Blood type healthy, and intense Tae Bo Kickboxing Aerobics Classes - I am a black belt), I went from 167 to 159. So, I have discovered last evening that without any change or effort, since the liver flush, I have lost about 8 pounds!!!

Thanks again for the warning, but I am following the protocals of Dr. Richard Shulze from the Save Your Life Videos, as much as I can afford in terms of herbs for now, and more toward detoxing, and Dr. Clark,,,,we must remember that between these two, Shulze is the herbalist and master of organ cleansing. I think I will be fine following his methods, although Clark is awesome too, as her quick flush demonstrates.

The point is this, they cannot publicly recommend anything other than what they do, and in private, it is clear that in more serious cases, they aggressively step up the protocals, and routines with natural methods. This is necessary and vital in "some" cases.

For my desires, needs, and current health challenge, I need to approach it one or two levels below what the lady dying of liver cancer did, but not too much less aggressively.

I am young, experienced to some degree in cleanses and flushes (Shulze routines), and more than prepared for this "big flush".

We will see how it goes. Best of luck to you as well, and I hope you will be back to health soon!

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