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Re: oxygen elements plus
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: oxygen elements plus

Do not know if this helps answer your question. I can send you more info through email if you like.


Oxygen: More Valuable than Gold

Since the earliest days of scientific study, researchers, doctors, trainers and biologists have dreamed of a "miracle nutrient"—a substance that would help the human body fight disease and assist in healing should the body be damaged. Now, these same researchers are realizing that the answer may be right under their noses.

What is this "miracle" substance? Oxygen—the most important nutrient of all! We can literally live for months without food, days without water, but only minutes without oxygen. After about six minutes the brain starts to die. Since oxygen is most important to life, it is reasonable to conclude that each of us should strive to be well oxygenated. What exactly is oxygenation? Oxygenation means an abundant supply of oxygen made available to the cells of the body so that, among other things, energy can be created. About 90% of the energy that the body uses, and that you feel, is produced from oxygen.

Oxygen is critical to our life's blood. Oxygen helps to keep that lifeblood alive, pure and clean, to carry oxygen and other vital nutrients to every cell in the body for maintaining life and energy. Optimal oxygen in the body promotes vigorous health and vitality. Oxygen deficiency causes subnormal or ill health. If the deficiency is allowed to continue over a period of time, degenerative disease inevitablly follows. If a totally adequate supply of oxygen is made available to all the cells of our body, disease can diminish. Well-oxygenated cells are not as likely to get sick.

What if you could also get the most remarkable trace elements available today? And what if you could also get enzymes, amino acids and a blend of other ingredients that assist in oxygenation of the body? Would you expect that kind of product to be patented? Would that interest you and should you care?

Oxygen Elements Plus has a patent pending, and is a trace elements product that contains what we believe to be the finest blend of these elements available anywhere. Trace elements have been vital to all life forms for the last two billion plus years and will continue to be vital for all the coming eons. These elements are not a fad or a trend; they are critical to life if we wish to enjoy good health.

Enzymes, amino acids and oxygen are essential to everyone's well-being. Without enzymes, you couldn't even form a thought. Without amino acids, cell regeneration would break down. Without oxygen, life ceases quickly.

Oxygen Elements Plus is a fast-acting product that has been developed with a special ionic suspension that allows it to be completely absorbed into the body. Oxygen Elements Plus's revolutionary delivery system ensures that nutrients are absorbed at the cellular level where you need them. The elements in Hydoxygen Plus are immediately available to repair damaged cells and transport toxic waste out of the body.

Oxygen Elements Plus is acclaimed by sports professionals and coaches as "the difference that is making the difference." Oxygen reduces lactic acid in your muscles, enabling the body to eliminate toxins through respiration and perspiration. Oxygen Elements Plus is made from the finest natural ocean and plant substances, all of which are approved by International Amateur and Professional Athletics Associations.

Oxygenate with Oxygen Elements Plus for fast, effective results. You can be assured?Oxygen Elements Plus is the best nutrition value we know!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Copyright 2002 Global Health Trax, Inc.

Nobody has Enough Hydrogen or 02, Not on this Planet
Your body can't use vitamins and minerals without hydrogen, oxygen and enzymes. If we keep doing the same things, our bodies are going to fall apart. This is evidenced by the diseases running rampant on this planet. We live in a stressful world, eating over-cooked and processed foods. We throw in a multivitamin and think our nutritional requirements are fulfilled. You may be fooling yourself if you think you're healthy. Most of us think if we are feeling good, then nothing is wrong with our health. The reality is . . . we don't get the oxygen or the minerals and enzymes we need. Or the amino acids and electrolytes. It is imperative that we supplement our diets with all of these nutrients so that we can enjoy long, happy lives.

We need oxygen in our bodies. The air we breathe formerly contained 50 percent oxygen. But today, we only have about 20 percent in our air and there is even less in large cities. The medical profession has confirmed that most viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungus and pathogens are anaerobic—they CANNOT live in oxygen. If we are not getting enough oxygen, our bodies become fertile breeding grounds for disease.

The current "buzz" word in nutrition today is "hydrogen." The purpose of hydrogen is to give structure to the body. What do you get when you bubble hydrogen through vegetable oil? You get margarine! Now, imagine hydrogen without oxygen. Your cells could become like margarine. The technology used in Oxygen Elements Plus supplies the body with the appropriate hydrogen to create structure, balanced with oxygen to keep your cells supple and flexible.

Oxygen Elements Plus synergistically combines oxygen, hydrogen, minerals and enzymes that work together so that all the vitamins and other nutrients you ingest will be highly absorbed by your cells. You can spend more money on more products, or you can achieve the same results with just one bottle of Oxygen Elements Plus.

Enzymes are critical to life itself. You cannot live without enzymes. We are all born with a finite amount of materials in our bodies to create enzymes, and when we run out of enzymes, we die. Digestive enzymes obviously digest your food. Metabolic enzymes support your immune system and are critical to every function of the body. In the absence of digestive enzymes, food that is sitting in your stomach signals your body to convert metabolic enzymes to digestive enzymes just to digest your food. Oxygen Elements Plus has metabolic and digestive enzymes to help alleviate this problem.

It takes 11 months for the cells in your body to rebuild themselves. Think how healthy your body could become, if you gave it all the proper building blocks: water, oxygen and hydrogen, all the major and trace minerals, all the enzymes, amino acids, electrolytes and nutrients. Oxygen Elements Plus should be the cornerstone of your nutritional foundation?The Crown Jewel of your health program!


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